With 5 meal compartments in the large bag, and 3 meal compartments in the small bag, there is no excuse for not having your meals on the go. Each 6 PACK® Bag comes with its own meal trays (5 in the large bag and 3 in the small bag), storage compartments for protein shakers, water bottles, and other miscellaneous foods, and a top organizer for all of your supplements and vitamins. Every 6 PACK® Bag also come with 2 ice packs to ensure that your food stays cold. All the compartments are foil lined to help keep the bag insulated.

Whether you choose a soft sided or hard sided cooler, you will never get the convenience and organization you find in a 6 PACK® Bag. Sure, you can stack containers in a regular cooler, but you have to pull them all out to get to one on the bottom.  The containers can move around and if you put fruit in the cooler, it can get squished. On top of all that, soft coolers can be unstable and don’t keep things as cool. That is why the 6 PACK® Bag is the ultimate cooler. There are many diets which require you to eat food you prepare yourself.  These remarkable food organization systems let you create personalized meals you can take anywhere. 6 PACK® Bags allow you to maximize the benefits of whatever diet you are following.

6 Pack Bags