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Isolator Pull-Ups with Dana Linn Bailey

Dave Vollmer: Hi, Dave Vollmer here at, along with Dana Linn Bailey. She’s going to demonstrate doing pull-ups with the Isolator. First, she takes the dumbbell holders and places them over the handles taking the carabiner, clipping the two O-rings together.

DV: Then clip the bicep ring. Dana prefers just to do the bicep ring when doing pull-ups. If you’re a heavier individual, we recommend hooking to the front ring as well similar to the lat pulldown.

Isolator Reverse Chest Press with Dana Linn Bailey

Dave Vollmer: Hi, Dave Vollmer here from Isolator Fitness along with Dana Linn Bailey. Today, we’re walking around the gym in a new light, looking at the machines trying to figure out different exercises to use with the Isolator. And today we found a hammer strength back row machine, which we looked for, dumbbell holders and our adjusting straps too. And now Dana is going to demonstrate a bench press using a back hammer strength machine.

DV: And it’s a single arm rotation here.

Isolator Seated Cable Row

Dave Vollmer: Hi. Dave Vollmer here from along with Dana Linn Bailey and today we’re going to demonstrate a seated row. Also a quick note on the adjusting straps. You want to keep the super lock towards this machine. This weight here, if you have our carabiner on this end, it may catch on your clothing, your Isolator or something. It’s best to have it hooked on to the machine and have all carabiners at the base.

DV: She’s demonstrating on a double cable machine. If you do not have this, we’ll show another video hooking it to a bar to do this same motion.

DV: For the rows, place the carabiners on the bicep rings only, adjust the adjustable straps, and remember not to rock, straighten your back, and pull with your back.

Isolator Shoulder Raise

David Vollmer: Hi, David Vollmer here of along with Dana Linn Bailey. And today, were going to demonstrate an advanced shoulder workout where we turn the isolator rings similar to the back position. We’re going to be hooking to forearm ring and she’s going to be doing a delt raise on a double cable row machine.

DV: Make sure the rings are in the direction of pole. Make sure your adjusting strap is tightened so you have some pressure on the bicep up. Start with extremely light weight.

DV: Here’s a slight variation on a single cable of the same exercise.

DV: Here’s the same variation of the delt raise with using a 25-pound plate. She threads the 30-inch adjusting strap through the holes of the weight hooked to the forearm rings. Make sure the plate is deep and the straps are even. Step forward, shoulder, leg apart, your feet, slowly raise and pull apart.

DV: Slowly control movements so the weight doesn’t bounce off the depth.

Isolator Shoulders with Plate Holder

Dave Vollmer: Hi, Dave Vollmer here with, along with Dana Linn Bailey. She’s going to demonstrate some side raises using our nine inch aluminum plate holders, which are available on the website.

DV: Now you want to hook to the forearm ring.

DV: She’s demonstrating with a bent 45 degree angle. Another variation is the straight up.

DV: And then she can rotate her arms, and do a shoulder press. Remember, slow and controlled movements to prevent the waist from swinging.

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