25 Gift Ideas For Your Fitness Fanatic Friend

25 Gift Ideas


The holiday season is upon us and deciding what to buy for people can be one of the most enjoyable and stress inducing activities you face this time of year. We’re here to help! This list will give you our top 25 gift ideas for the fitness fanatic, gym guru, routine runner, and workout warrior in your life. (And we’ll even show you where to get them!)

1.) Isolator Fitness Meal Management Bag

We all know that a balanced diet is the most important aspect of fitness. What better way to help your friend stay on track than to buy them a meal management bag? Help them say goodbye to poor diet decisions and excuses for surrendering to temptation. Trust me, they’ll love you for it! Available in multiple sizes and styles you’re guaranteed to find something they’ll love using everyday.

Iso Bag 3 and 6 Meal Prep Bag

Iso Bag

The ISO BAG 3 and 6 Meal Lunch Coolers are the standard of excellence in the meal prep bag industry. 27 colors available


Iso Backpack


The ISO Backpack holds 4-6 meals and features a separate laptop compartment. It's perfect for work, hiking and leading a healthy lifestyle


Iso Duffle

Duffle Bag

The ISO Duffle is the "must-have" gym bag for today's serious athlete. Features a removeable meal compartment for added duffle storage space


Iso Cube Lunch Box
Lunch Box

The Iso Cube is a soft-sided, lunch box that comes in 3 and 6 meal varieties. It is the perfect lunch cooler for up to 7 meals.



2.) Garmin Forerunner 910XT

Perfect for the extreme fitness addict who understands that it’s about more than living a healthy lifestyle it’s about performance passion. They bike, run, swim, climb, hike, and compete. They’re always striving to be better, so help them accomplish their goal with this all-in-one GPS-enabled device. It tracks their running/biking/hiking distances, paces, elevation and heart rate. The easy to read display shows swim metrics and is water resistant up to 50 m (164 ft). (For a more affordable option without as many features check out the Forerunner 15.)


3.) GoPro Hero 4

Help your friend capture their most exciting adventures with a GoPro Hero 4. Does their trek up the mountain, white water kayak experience, or scuba adventure even count if they don’t capture it on video? Well, yeah I guess so. But getting to relive the glory through video will be a gift they’ll remember forever (and if they don’t you’ll have the video proof).


4.) Finis Neptune V2

Music increases performance during workouts, but swimmers have always had to go without that extra inspiration, until now! Get the Finis Neptune for your friend and give them the gift of motivation. Using revolutionary bone conduction audio transmission every swimmer you know can now hear the highest quality sounds underwater, without the use of earbuds.


5.) Umoro One Shaker Bottle

Help your friends lighten their gym load. Normally they would need to carry along a shaker bottle for their post-workout shake and a separate water bottle for hydration, but the Umoro One Shaker Bottle holds the shake powder in a separate compartment than the water until they’re ready for it. They can use it as a water bottle until they are ready for their shake then at the press of a button the powder and ball will release to turn the ordinary water bottle into their post-workout shaker bottle.


6.) Nuun (stocking stuffer)

Does you friend tend to get dehydrated during their workout pursuits? Is water just not enough sometimes? Help them rehydrate so they can regain their lost electrolytes, essential vitamins and energy. These tablets can be added to any water to create the perfect drink for their personal needs. Available in active, energy, all day, natural, and plus to accommodate every lifestyle.


7.) WaterWeek Water Bottles

For the gym guru that’s constantly carrying their water bottle everywhere they go, WaterWeek has created fun and creative reusable water bottles. They come in packs of 5 so that your friend won’t have to wash and refill the same bottle every night before bed so that it’s ready for the next day. Now they can just reach in the refrigerator and grab the next colorful bottle and go. (Also available in kid friendly sizes.)


8.) Due North Foot Rubz (stocking stuffer)

After a long run or an intense workout at the gym your friend may ask you for a foot massage, but honestly who wants to touch someone else’s stinky, sweaty, gross feet? No one. So get them the Due North foot rubz massage ball and let them relieve their own foot pain by rolling over this Asian-acupressure-inspired rubber ball.


9.) Kinesiology StrengthTape

Even the most conditioned athletes injure their muscles, joints, and tendons every once in awhile. Before your friend inevitably works something too hard and injures themselves, buy them some Kinesiology StrengthTape to help minimize their healing time when it happens. They will be thankful that you did when they have the support and stability for their muscles, joints, or tendons that they need.


10.) TrailHeads Cold Weather Hat with Ponytail Opening

Being a fit-girl can be difficult in the cold winter temperatures. Girls want to keep their head and ears warm with a nice fleece hat but their ponytail makes it almost impossible to keep their ears covered. Invest in a TrailHeads ponytail hat that has been specially designed to ensure a secure and comfortable fit while providing your friend with a cut-out to slide their ponytail through and they’ll be sure to stay warm during workouts this winter.


11.) Indo Balance board

Balance training uses a variety of muscles and enhances coordination, two key components to any fitness repertoire. Help your friend increase their core strength, improve their posture and aid in their overall fitness goals with the gift of balance. The Indo Board is simple but functional and has been endorsed by professional athletes, world champions and olympic medalists.


12.) HapiFork

Do you have a friend who loves to workout but has a little bit of trouble when it comes to portion control? The HapiFork is an electronic fork that will help them monitor and track their eating habits. It will alert them when they are eating too quickly and help them to improve their eating behavior. A good diet isn’t just about eating the right foods it’s also about eating the right amount of food and not eating too fast. Help your friend reach their fitness goals by helping them focus on correcting their eating behaviors, before it’s too late.


13.) Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Any fitness enthusiast knows that it’s more effective to strive for a certain body fat percentage or body mass index rather than a weight goal. Weight fluctuates based not just on the amount of fat you’re carrying but also on your muscle composition. A simple weight scale isn’t going to mean anything to your fitness fanatic friend, so get them the Withings Smart Body Analyzer and let them focus on the numbers that really matter.


14.) Lifting Belts

If you have a friend who likes to lift but doesn’t use a lifting belt, do them a huge favor and invest in one for them. Without a lifting belt they could be doing serious damage to their back muscles. They might be worried that wearing a lifting belt will weaken their core, on the contrary, it will actually just protect the muscles they have, while helping them to more safely and comfortably build them.


15.) The Isolator Lifting Straps (Isolator ProForce and/or The Cuff Edition)

Do you have a lifter in your life? This is literally the best gift that you could get them. Lifting straps help isolate specific chest, back, and shoulders muscles. They eliminate the strain and stress on hands and secondary muscles which in turn increases desired results. Your friend will be forever grateful when they use their Isolator Lifting Strap to significantly improve the quality of their workouts and see incredible results. (Add The Cuff Edition to help your friend enhance the effectiveness of their workout even farther.)




16.) BlenderBottle GoStak Twist n’ Lock Storage Jars

Fitness guru’s like to carry their snacks with them, and not all of those snacks need to be kept cold. For those that can be kept at room temperature, the BlenderBottle GoStak Twist n’ Lock Storage Jars are the perfect solution to the plastic bag problem--when your friend has multiple half empty plastic bags in their hand or car with crushed nutritious snacks in them. The GoStak offers a more secure and environmentally friendly option for snack storage. You can even surprise your friend with their favorite color!


17.) Suddora Wrist Wallet

Provide your friend with the security of knowing that their money, house keys, and other valuables are safe and secure during their daily workout (whether they’re hiking, running or at the gym) because they’re as close as their wrist. These pouches are small enough to not inhibit their workout routines but large enough to hold the essentials.


18.) Yikes ID Wrist Elite

One of the most important things in life is safety. Fitness addicts know this and cover themselves with reflective objects while working out during dusk and dawn, they monitor their heart rate, make sure they’re form is correct and invest in clothing and shoes specifically designed to prevent injury. Sometimes injuries happen though, so make sure your loved one can be identified and taken care of with the help of a Wrist ID.


19.) LifeStraw

Some people were born to be out in the wilderness experiencing nature. If this sounds like someone you know, this is the perfect gift for them! The lifestraw is a personal filtration device that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and parasites from water sources. Getting lost on a hike or camping trip isn’t just inconvenient, it’s dangerous. Protect your loved one from the dangers of dehydration and unfiltered water with the gift of LifeStraw.


20.) Atolla Armband

We don’t go anywhere without our phones these days, after all they aren’t just phones anymore. They’re our music players, weather resource, and GPS system so it makes sense that we even carry them when we work out. Give your friend the gift of hands free, and worry free, workout time with the Atolla Armband cell phone carrier so they can focus on their fitness and forget about their cell phone.


21.) Nutri Ninja Pro

Smoothies and protein shakes aren’t just a delicious treat for the fitness lover in your life, they’re also a major source of nutrients. Help them get the most out of their blended creations with the Nutri Ninja Pro. With 900 Watts of professional power, it crushes through ice, seeds, stems, and the skins of any fruit or vegetable they toss in, creating a smooth and even consistency without losing any precious nutrients.


22.) EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

Anyone who meal preps needs a kitchen scale. It’s no secret that eating healthy isn’t just about eating nutritiously packed foods, and that it’s also about proper portion control. Upgrade your workout warrior’s meal prep routine with the gift of an EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale. With this they can easily and accurately portion their weekly meal prep without the guesswork of a mechanical kitchen scale.


23.) ActionPie Sports Wireless Headphones

Wires get in the way. It’s a fact of life that everyone has embraced as evident by the fact that everything is wireless these days. Bring your friend into the 21st century with a pair of wireless headphones that won’t get in their way during their daily workouts, whether they’re at the gym, on their bike or out for a run. These ActionPie Sports Wireless Headphones provide a lightweight and compact design that are both sweat and water resistant.


24.) Smartwool Running Socks

Smartwool running socks combine fun fashion with fitness functionality. They are durable enough to go the distance with your routine runner, while providing the comfort and cushion that their feet crave. These socks are designed with breathable zones specific for ventilation to promote fast-drying and moisture-wicking during their workouts and runs. They come in a variety of colors and styles for both men and women.


25.) Paderno Vegetable Spiralizer

So many recipes include the use of noodles, but many health hounds avoid the unnecessary carb intake they yield. That’s why the Paderno Vegetable Spiralizer is such a great gift idea for your fitness friend. Now they can make their own noodles out of any vegetable they want and substitute veggies for pasta in all of their favorite recipes. It’s designed for easy use and lasting durability.