Cooking With Oil 101

Sure, by now you know that cooking with the unsaturated fats of oils is better for your health than using the saturated fats found in butter, but did you know that olive oil isn’t the only kind of healthy cooking oil out there? In fact, there are at least ten cooking oils that you should be using on a regular basis depending on what you’re making (and how you’re preparing it). You see, different oils are better for different uses because they don’t all share the same qualities. Oils you may use in frying you wouldn’t want to try in baking, and oils you bake with you wouldn’t want to use to make your salad dressings.

Stay On Track This Holiday Season

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The holidays are here and with them comes the hardest season to stay on track with your diet and fitness goals. Between the holiday office party, social obligations, and family celebrations it’s hard to stay away from the fat, sugar, and starch, and stick with your healthy eating habits. Learn how “Junk” food changes your hormonal profile and why cheat meals are devastating to your health. To avoid destroying your hard earned progress here are the best tips to stay healthy this holiday season, and fend off those extra pounds.

Healthy Chicken Soup Recipes for the Crock Pot

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Now that the weather is getting colder, it’s time to break out your slow cooker. We’ve got five healthy chicken soup recipes to get you started with your winterized meal prep. Whether you want something traditional or a soup with a little more spice, you’ll find something to fit every taste on our list. And since you won’t have to spend any time tending to your crock pot soups, you can spend that extra time shopping, decorating, and getting ready for the holidays.

High Protein Snacks For On-The-Go

High protein snacks rule the world. Whether you need a pre workout snack, a post workout snack or a midday snack just to help get you through the rest of your workday without crashing, a high protein snack is most definitely the way to go. The importance of protein in your diet cannot be overstated. Without it your muscles would struggle to rebuild themselves after a workout, your hormones would struggle to remain regulated and your energy levels would plummet. To make sure none of that happens to you, make sure to always keep a few high protein snacks for on-the-go packed in your meal prep bag.

The Perfect Workout Week

We all have the same amount of hours available to us in any given week, it is how we choose to divide them amongst our priorities and use them that makes us different. Chances are that no matter how hard you try if you have a family and/or a job you aren’t going to be able to spend the majority of your hours working out in the gym. That’s why it’s so imperative to maximize the efficiency of your workouts, so that you can accomplish the perfect workout week every single week.

Am I Sore or Injured? – How To Know The Difference

So you’re done at the gym for the day and you’re basking in that post workout glow, but something feels off. You made sure to eat a well balanced pre workout meal and you loaded up on the healing powers of protein during your post workout snack, but your muscles are still in a bit of pain. Could it be that you just aren’t recovering as quickly as you think you should, or did you perhaps cause a serious injury to your muscles during your latest workout? Do you need to keep your muscles rested, iced, compressed and elevated to help them heal or can you chalk this pain up to classic post gym soreness? Are you sore or injured? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you tell the difference so that you know how to best recover.

The Best Benefits of Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga

All Bikram yoga is hot yoga, but not all hot yoga is Bikram yoga. In order for hot yoga to be called Bikram yoga it must follow the teachings of Bikram Choudhury. Bikram yoga must be practiced in a room kept at 40% humidity and 105 degrees F. The same 26 postures must be followed within a 90 minute class and no participants are to speak. The rules of hot yoga are much more relaxed. Temperatures can vary from 80 degrees F to 110 degrees F, classes are between 60 and 90 minutes long and the poses are less regimented. The benefits of hot yoga and the benefits of Bikram yoga are similar though.

Set Realistic Goals To Achieve Realistic Results

In general, when it comes to fitness people tend to jump out of the gate with unrealistic goals for their body composition, eating plans and workout regimen, which can lead to dissatisfaction in their progress. When you come to realize that fitness is not a journey focused on the end destination and is instead a commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle you will be more like to reach your fitness goals. Learning how to set realistic goals and achieve realistic results is one of the best things that you can do to keep your healthy lifestyle going.

Why Your Weight Fluctuates Daily

Do you want to do one thing that will drastically change the way you look at your personal fitness? If so, go find your scale and toss it in the trash. Let go of the idea that the numbers on the scale mean anything when it comes to your health and focus instead on the way you feel. And if you can’t bring yourself to throw out the scale just yet at least read on to learn about why your weight fluctuates daily so that you don’t drive yourself crazy trying to hit and maintain that magic number.

Stretches To Relieve Sore Legs

When it comes to staying active, fit and healthy there is nothing more important than keeping your muscles limber and free from injury. After all, if you’re in too much pain to move, or your muscles are too tight to function then you’re never going to be able to get in the workout that you or your body deserves. Unfortunately tension, pain and injuries are all a part of the game though so it’s important to be prepared with some helpful stretches to get you back in the saddle. Whether your legs are sore from a particularly straining workout or a day of travel resulting in physical inactivity and tension we’ve got the perfect stretches to help relieve sore legs and get you back to feeling great!