Transformation Story: Whitney Bell

“I’ve been working out while eating right for the past year now. I started at 184lbs and I am currently at 162lbs! I am a full-time student so I didn’t have time to cook daily. Meal prepping has been the best way for me to stay on track and have all my meals properly prepared. I prepare 4 days worth of food at a time and I have been using Isolator Fitness containers to store my meals in… the containers keep my food fresh and clean a lot easier than other storage containers.”

colored meal prep containers

Transformation Story: Rebecca

I started prepping for a bikini competition in April and it’ll be my first one! I stepped on stage for the first time August 22, 2015, but that was following a one year transformation. I’ve battled anorexia and binge eating and have fought off and on with poor body image. Last year I finally broke free of the eating disorder and got a better image of myself–but I knew I could do better. I got to work and started mastering meal prepping in addition to beach body home workouts and running, I got back into the gym.  In one year I went from 155 healthy-ish weight for my 5 foot 2 frame, but I’m a naturally stocky build, to currently sitting at 128 lbs and 5 weeks from competition. The mind plays a powerful part and once I dialed in with the nutrition and got portion sizes down pat, it all came together!
colored meal prep containers

Edward Whaley

I was working in a factory 58 hours a week and was eating poorly. I was given some weights and a rowing machine, started using those and then saved up for an Olympic set. I lost my house to Hurricane Sandy and moved a few miles from a gym where I found a job. They gave me a free membership for being an employee and since then I’ve dropped 75 lbs and look forward to competing soon.

colored meal prep containers


I started working out and eating clean on April 1st. I was miserable with my body image, I didn’t even like getting dressed up, I’d have much rather put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I have no dropped 4 pant sizes and wear medium/large instead of XL! I’m so proud of my accomplishments, but I still have a long way to go!


colored meal prep containers

Deanna Lucey

Posting the first photo for the world to see was very hard for me, to put myself out there like that, but I wanted to show everyone that I have worked so hard to be where I am today. I’m not perfect, I know that, and I have a long way to go to be where I want to be, but I’m so happy with how far I have come already!

Dany Minchow

I have always been bigger, but once I hit college, drinking and fast food got the better of me.  I gained over 20 pounds– proof of how bad excessive alcohol and fast food can be for your body! During this time, I was also a an athlete playing basketball at the collegiate level.  I never realized — or didn’t want to realize– that I had gained so much weight until I saw a picture of myself in my basketball uniform from behind.  I had hit 200 pounds and I knew I needed to make a change.

Ryan P. Brooks

I abused my body every day by eating crappy food and drinking beer daily.  I was ready for a change and my body told me I needed to change what I was doing to it.  About 7 months ago, I had a choice to make, either let it run my life or fight and take back control and do something positive and healthy for my mind and body. I’ve always been into fitness and the gym, but when I started my transformation in January, I never planned on getting on an NPC stage.  However, my dedication, determination, and motivation took over and I was able to accomplish things that I thought would take 6+ months in mere weeks or months.  Every morning I got up around 4-5am to meal prep for the day and get my first meal in before 6:30 am.  Then I’d hit the gym and go to work. When you see those changes, big or small, it’s not only gratifying, but it puts more fuel on the fire!  My transformation started January 2, 2015 and ended June 27, 2015, when I stepped on stage at the Victory Classic.  Get your mind right and DO WORK!

colored meal prep containers

Maggie Noble

I have been using the 6 Meal ISOBAG to help reach my fitness goals since January! I am a night shift critical care RN and I had gained a lot of weight since starting the night shift. When I reached 145 pounds, I said enough was enough. I am now 126 pounds, and I have lost 12% body fat! I am currently striving to compete in my first NPC Bikini competition next spring. I am proud of how far I have come and where I plan on going!

colored meal prep containers