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Growler Beer Koozies: Repurposing The Jug Cooler


It’s national beer day, and we’d like to take this opportunity to share a unique feature of the Jug cooler with you, that may help you celebrate the occasion. The Jug cooler was originally designed to carry and keep a full gallon of water cold all day, since this is the average amount of water you need to consume daily to stay hydrated. It just so happens that a beer growler also fits quite nicely within a Jug cooler, and it can be used to keep your beer at an optimally chilled temperature until you are ready to enjoy it, or at least until a refrigerator is available for use.



What Is A Growler?

Growlers are environmentally friendly reusable beer containers that are often filled with on tap micro-brews, as a to go option. They hold anywhere from thirty two to sixty four ounces of beer, and are used to keep beer fresh for twenty four to seventy two hours. The inconvenience of them though is that they are not created to keep the beer cold enough to last more than an hour or so outside of a refrigerated area, which can cause problems or concerns for those who travel for their favorite beer, use growlers to store beer for parties, or beach trips, or for anyone who doesn’t plan on going home immediately after filling a growler with their favorite beer.


A Gallon Or A Growler

We’re all about recycling, and repurposing here at Isolator Fitness, so we aren’t ashamed to admit that after a full week of carrying gallons of water in our Jug coolers to stay hydrated both at work and at the gym, we occasionally use them to store our growlers of beer during the weekend for an outdoor BBQ, camping trip, or beach get away. Simply unzip the cooler, and slide your growler right in (the same way that you would insert your gallon of water) and then close the zipper. Don’t forget to include your IsoBricks, because without them you’ll just have a really fancy beer koozie that won’t keep your beer very cold at all.


Keep Your Growler To Yourself

Aside from the fact that this magical creation can keep your beer (or water) cold for up to twelve hours at a time (with the help of two small IsoBricks) it also makes for a fairly convenient carrying case. Not only does this case have a rubber grip handle, but it also has a padded shoulder strap that you can attach for safe and secure, hands free carrying. Now you can carry your beach bag, towels, and chairs, without worrying about dropping your beer. You can even strap this bag on for any outdoor party or BBQ and know with full confidence that no one will be drinking any of your favorite beer without your permission.


The Colder The Growler, The Better The Beer

While it’s true that you could go out and buy beer koozies that were specifically designed to be wrapped tightly around your growler, they still wouldn’t actually keep your beer as cold as the Jug cooler by Isolator Fitness. On top of that, your beer wouldn’t stay cold for nearly as long in a beer koozie as it will in the Jug. As if you need another reason to forgo the over priced neoprene sleeve, it’s worth mentioning that the only thing that you can fit into a growler koozie, is the growler that you bought it for, while the Jug can easily hold most gallon sized containers, including: a variety of shaped growlers, gallon water bottles, performance hydrating sports drinks, and even milk or juice for a small child.


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