Basil Avocado ISOPASTA Recipe: Adding Carbs to ISOPASTA

How to Add Carbs to ISOPASTA

When we first started using our low carb pasta as a staple in our diets here at Isolator Fitness, we had some difficulty figuring out how to meet our carbohydrate goals per meal. At only 7 net carbs and 30 grams of protein, the ISOpasta became our new protein source, rather than our carb source.

Because many of us are athletes, we need to meet a minimum carbohydrate intake daily; not all of us follow low carb diets, but we still love the ISOpasta. That meant being creative by adding carbs to our pasta (how strange, right?). We came up with a few ideas, but rice seemed to work the best in this dish.

In this video, we used a quinoa brown rice blend, mixed it with 1 serving with cooked ISOpasta, a bit of chopped salmon, and some basil. The end product definitely exceeded our expectations.

Let us know how you add carbs to your pasta!


Basil Avocado Salmon ISOPasta


2 servings of ISOPASTA, divided

1 avocado, divided

4 oz salmon, divided

Several tablespoons of pureed basil

1 serving rice, as needed to meet your macronutrient needs

(½ cup plain averages 21 carb)

Salt and pepper to taste



Separate ISOpasta evenly into 2 bowls.

Add ½ of the salmon, avocado, and basil to each bowl. In one bowl, add the rice. Mix the contents of each bowl separately and store separately.

Now, you have an easy food prep solution for one carb- containing and one very low carb dish, using our high protein, low carb pasta.

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