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Best Gym Bag Ever

Question: What is the best gym bag ever?

Answer: The best gym bag ever is the IsoDuffle.

Determining what makes a gym bag the best one ever is the first task to determining which one should hold that title. The qualities that make up the best gym bag ever are simple to define, if you know what you’re looking for: a bag that stands out above the rest, is unique in design, highly functional, comfortable to carry, capable of holding all gym necessities, and most importantly able to store pre- and post-workout meals, snacks, and shakes.


Qualities Of The Best Gym Bag Ever

  • Stands Out
  • Unique Design
  • Functional
  • Comfortable
  • Space for Gym Necessities
  • Space for Food

The IsoDuffle by Isolator Fitness has all of these qualities, with a few added benefits.

best gym bag ever

Stands Out

Of course the best gym bag is going to stand out above the rest, because it is the best. The IsoDuffle isn’t shy about showing off its unique qualities that make it worthy of the title. It is available in three different colors including black, red, and fuchsia, all chosen for their ability to make a powerful statement.

Unique Design

best gym bag ever

The design of the IsoDuffle is certainly unique not only to the other bags made by Isolator Fitness, but also to the design of other bags on the market. The soft and pliable material of the bag allows the bag to bend and stretch without breaking or tearing, which makes it easier to pack and transport. The separate entry ways for food and clothing means that they never have to come in contact with each other and you never have to worry about one smelling (or tasting) like the other.


best gym bag ever

Any gym bag worth its salt will be functional enough to be used solely as a place to store your extra gym clothes and shoes. The best gym bag ever is able to not only easily store your gym clothes, shoes, toiletries, and other personal items, but it can also hold six to eight meal prep containers packed with nutritious meals and keep them cold for up to sixteen hours, to last even the busiest people for the entire day.


best gym bag ever

The design of the IsoDuffle attributes to its lightweight feel, which is important when you start to consider just how many things you are about to stuff into that bag for storage and transport throughout the day. The detachable padded shoulder strap adds carrying comfort whether you throw it over your shoulder or grip it in your hand.

Space for Gym Necessities

best gym bag ever

The actual duffle bag area of the IsoDuffle is large enough to fit enough clothes, shoes, toiletries, and accessories for a long weekend trip, which means that a single day at the gym, or even a few days worth of gym necessities isn’t going to have this bag tearing at the seams. The extra room allows for weight distribution and potential extra storage.

Space for Food

best gym bag ever

The IsoDuffle has a separate compartment designed specifically to hold six to eight meal prep containers packed with nutritiously rich meals, enough to fuel any bodybuilder for the entirety of the day. The thermal lined insulation of this pocket works in conjunction with IsoBrick ice packs to ensure a sixteen hour cooling capacity, keeping your meal preps cold and fresh from dawn to dusk, and then some. That’s a total of four hours longer than even the closest competitors numbers making it not only the best gym bag ever, but also one of the best meal prep bags ever.

The most important added benefit that the IsoDuffle by Isolator Fitness provides you with to make it the best gym bag ever, is that aside from having all of the core necessities, and in some cases going above and beyond with them, it is not only affordable but also less expensive than its top competitors products. Most impressively, is that it achieves this feat all while being made in America by a team of in-house sewers in their Reading, Pennsylvania plant.

best gym bag ever

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