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When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, nutritional eating is everything. No amount of exercise will make any difference if dietary discipline is not also incorporated on a daily basis. It is estimated that eighty percent of a person’s overall fitness is based around their diet alone. That figure accounts for absolutely no additional physical activity aside from living a normal, sedentary lifestyle, complete with a desk job, a long car commute, evening television or computer time, and general inactivity. With such a strong influence on dietary nutrients it is essential to not only learn what foods are best for you, but also learn how to cook them for maximum benefit.


Cooking healthy, well balanced meals every day can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you are away from the house for any meals. With each additional meal added to the day, it becomes even more difficult to maintain healthy eating. For an athlete or bodybuilder that is averaging six to eight meals per day based on their fitness and body composition goals it becomes almost impossible to cook each meal to order everyday. Meal prepping thus becomes incredibly important for these individuals. Due to the practical nature and ease of meal prepping though, it is also an incredibly useful habit for anybody and everybody to adopt.

There are a few basic requirements needed prior to the introduction of meal prepping.

  • The Encyclopedia of Meal Prep
  • Meal Prep Containers
  • Meal Prep Bags

The Encyclopedia of Meal Prep

The Encyclopedia of Meal Prep is a completely educational manual that describes cooking techniques, how to guides, and even recipes. With as much information as is packed into it, it is truly beneficial to people with all different background knowledge about cooking, from the beginners to the professionals, everyone can learn something new. It helps take a task (cooking) that can be cumbersome, time consuming, and inconvenient and turn it into the cheapest, most convenient, and tastiest option available. Which is exactly what people are looking for when they are hungry and tired.

The Best Meal Prep Containers

If there is one key to meal prepping that is vitally more important than any other piece of knowledge, it is that it is absolutely imperative that the best meal prep containers available are used, so that the food does not become spoiled, or is not otherwise ruined. But what makes the best meal prep containers? Is it the material they are made from, or does it have to do with the location that they are made? Does their durability or space efficiency matter more, or is their weight what really matters? Yes.

Qualities of the Best Meal Prep Containers

  • North American Made
  • Virgin Polypropylene
  • Eco-Friendly
  • BPA Free
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Space Efficient
  • Color Coordinated
  • Freezer, Refrigerator, Microwave, & Dishwasher Safe

North American Made

american made

The best meal prep containers are North American made for a variety of reasons, but first and foremost for safety regulations. Prop 65 is a California law that requires that products which contain toxic chemicals known to cause birth defects, and other reproductive harm, as well as cancer, must be labeled as such. Meal prep containers that are made in North America are guaranteed to be prop 65 compliant, while containers from overseas are not.

Virgin Polypropylene

virgin polypropylene

Polypropylene is a type of plastic that is used in the manufacturing of items like lawn furniture, gasoline containers, and yes, even containers meant to carry food. It is a recyclable plastic, although gasoline containers cannot be recycled to make any other type of object, because of its toxicity levels. Unfortunately the same rules to not apply to other plastics that may contain bacteria and irritants that do not share the same toxic qualities of gasoline. What this means is that meal prep container that are made from recycled polypropylene may be an infected site of harmful bacteria or other foreign matter. The best meal prep containers however are made from virgin polypropylene to insure cleanliness and public safety.



The health of the Earth is as important as the health of those living on it, so the best meal prep containers will be reusable, recyclable, and above all eco-friendly. Isolator Fitness distributes meal prep containers that are slim in design not only to save space and to provide a lightweight product, but also to guarantee that no unnecessary plastic was used in the making of these containers.

BPA Free

bpa free

BPA is a shortened term for bisphenol A, which is an organic synthetic compound which has been used in the manufacturing of many plastics since the late 1950’s. The FDA has spoken out about its potentially hazardous nature and the danger that it presents to fetuses, infants, and all children. Although its effects on adults is unknown, the use of products containing this compound should be halted immediately, to avoid possible BPA poisoning. The best meal prep containers will have BPA free logos displayed proudly either on their packaging or directly on the product itself.


A lightweight design is optimal for the best meal prep containers so that they can be seamlessly incorporated into the daily uses of packing meals for on the go travel, to avoid the consumption of unnecessary calories while away from home. Being lightweight will allow them to comfortably fit within a meal prep bag without adding extra weight, causing added stress to both the bag itself, and the carrier.


Meal prepping is not just a diet plan to aid in weight loss, or muscle gain, it is a way of life, designed to make eating healthy easier and more convenient. Given that it is not a short term goal, and rather a lifelong commitment to your health, the best meal prep containers will be durable and sturdy enough to stand up to daily use, for an extended period of time. Ideally a meal prep container should last you hundreds, if not thousands of uses; from freezer, to refrigerator, to microwave, and through the dishwasher.

Space Efficient

food prep containers

With ordinary tupperware, cabinets quickly become overrun with containers and lids thrown haphazardly around, often times without any knowledge as to whether or not the entire set even exist anymore. Nothing stacks nicely into anything else, and therefore more space is used than is necessary. The best meal prep containers are space efficient and stack within each other so that no more space is used than is needed. Not only do the containers stack together, but so do the lids, and the containers fit nicely over the lids so that only a small sliver of cabinet space is occupied by meal prep containers.

Color Coordinated

colored meal prep containers
When every meal prep container looks exactly the same, it is easy to take the wrong meal if you’re in a hurry. That is why the best meal prep containers are ones that come in a variety of color options so that you can organize your meals by separating each color into a certain day. Isolator Fitness meal prep containers are offered in seven different colors, so that each day of the week can be held in a certain color, so that grabbing the wrong meal on the wrong day is nearly impossible. The color options include: orange, purple, green, gold, blue, red, and black.

Freezer, Refrigerator, Microwave, & Dishwasher Safe


To save time and avoid using more plates than necessary, buying meal prep containers that are freezer, refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher safe is the best option. This means that from beginning to end there will be only one container that is used, which will inevitably cut down on the amount of time spent washing and putting away dishes at the end of the day. It also means that the food will not need to be transferred into new containers every step of the way, which means that no other dishes will need to be purchased to make this a sustainable way of life.

Lifestyle Balance

Meal prepping is imperative to healthy living. Whether the goal is to gain muscle definition, lose fat, or just maintain a healthy diet, meal prepping healthy, nutritious meals will get you there. Additional benefits to meal prepping include: saving money, having more time for your friends and family, and less daily stress. These factors all combine to create a balanced lifestyle with overall wellness, including: a better social life, strengthened emotional bonds, sharper mental acuity, and increased professional proficiency.

Save Money

By meal prepping with the best meal prep containers it is possible to save money in a few different ways. First of all, meal prep containers will be purchased less frequently because having the best means that they are less likely to: chip, break, warp, or otherwise fall apart. Secondly, since meals will be bought, prepped, and packed ahead of time, trips to fast food establishments or other restaurants will be limited or avoided altogether, saving additional money. And last but not least, healthy, well balanced meals means that there will be less temptation to snack on unhealthy packaged foods that are often fairly expensive.

More Time

There will be more time to spend with family and friends when meal prepping is established as a regular routine and lifestyle commitment. The best meal prep containers help save even more time due to the fact that they are freezer, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher safe, saving time every step of the way. In addition their organizational color options helps to save precious moments in the kitchen every morning, while loading a meal management bag with every meal for the day.

Less Stress

Since meals will be prepared ahead of time and stored safely, conveniently, and efficiently in the best meal prep containers, there will be less to worry about come meal time. Stressing over what to eat, or where to eat will no longer be an issue because healthy, homemade meals will be available any time or the day. Daily shopping and cooking will be a thing of the past, and clean up will be a breeze leaving more time for relaxation after work.
food prep containers

Meal Prep Bags

Meal prepping is beneficial whether days are spent at home, on the road, in the office, or at the gym. Being away from home and meal prepping requires one extra piece of equipment that being at home doesn’t: meal prep bags. Meal prep bags are bags specifically designed, manufactured, and sold to aid in the practice of meal prepping as a healthy lifestyle choice. They are more than a simple lunch bag and keep meals colder for longer periods of time than a traditional lunch box. They provide a solution keeping meals fresh when there is no refrigerator access, and they make meal prep dedication simpler to adapt to and continue to follow.

There are many reasons to meal prep. It does not matter whether it is a dietary choice or necessity, a way to save money and time, or a masterful way to avoid the temptations of unhealthy foods. It only matters that the choice has been made, and the execution must now be followed through. To make a real lifestyle change and incorporate healthy eating into a daily habit the right tools and equipment make all the difference. The Encyclopedia of Meal Prep provides the technical know how, while the best meal prep containers provide peace of mind in knowing that food will not be spoiled or poisoned. Having a meal prep bag to carry food along no matter what the destination is critical to staying on track with healthy eating, and not giving in to the temptations and convenience of restaurant or fast food meals.
colored meal prep containers

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