Bodybuilding Lunch Bag

The concept of a lunch bag is not foreign to anyone, although the idea of a lunch bag made specifically for a bodybuilder might be. A bodybuilder lunch bag functions in much the same way as a traditional model, except that it is explicitly designed to withstand the demands of a bodybuilders diet, and lifestyle. Since a bodybuilders main fitness goal is to cut fat while gaining muscle mass they must pay special attention to their dietary intake, and insure that their percentages of carbohydrates, fats, and protein all align to specific dietary requirements set by professionals. They must also workout on a regular basis, continuously pushing themselves past their own comfort levels in order to increase their gains. To accomplish all of this, the caloric intake must often times be increased significantly passed that of the average person, and thus the number of meals they will consume in a day doubles from what is frequently considered the ‘norm’.

Isolator Fitness set out to make the ultimate bodybuilder lunch bag, and ended up making three.


bodybuilder lunch bag

Even if you’ve never seen an IsoDuffle before, when you think of the ultimate bodybuilder lunch bag, something similar to its design might very well come to mind. A full size gym quality duffle bag met a meal prep container with an interior insulated capacity capable of holding six to eight meals, and created a bag worthy of bodybuilding excellence. Since the insulated meal prep storage compartment has a separate entrance and is completely isolated from the rest of the duffle bag, you never have to worry about your clothes smelling like your food, or your food smelling like the gym. Within the traditional duffle bag storage space there is enough room to fit extra clothes, shoes, toiletries, and other personal items, for a long weekend getaway, which means that you’ll never have to fight to close your gym bag again, and if you need a travel bag capable of keeping your food nice and cold you’ve always got that too.

Full Size Six Meal

bodybuilding lunch bag

This is the most popular bodybuilder lunch bag made by Isolator Fitness, and it’s no surprise why. The main insulated meal compartment is large enough to fit six to eight meal prep containers of various sizes, packed with nutritiously balanced meals for bodybuilders to enjoy all day long. The two side insulated pockets can be used for anything from additional mason jar meal storage, to pre-made supplement or protein shake storage, or even just to keep your water cold. All of these insulated pockets have been tested to keep meals cold for up to sixteen hours, with the use of IsoBrick ice packs. As if all of that weren’t enough this bag also has two side mesh pockets for water bottle storage, and a top shallow compartment to hold utensils, napkins, condiments, healthy snacks, or small personal items.

Six Meal Cube

bodybuilding lunch bag

If the full size six meal bag seems a bit big for you but you like the idea of being able to carry six to eight meal prep containers packed with delicious homemade meals with you wherever you go, then the more space efficient six meal cube version is likely the perfect bodybuilder lunch bag for you. The only difference here is that the two bulkier insulated side pockets have been removed to provide a more slimming and compact version of the full size six meal bag, without compromising on style, function, or main meal storage. The two mesh side pockets for water, and additional shallow pocket for utensils, snacks, and personal items, remain in tact for this condensed variant on the most popular bodybuilder lunch bag.

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