Cooler Lunch Box

When a product is more attractive and/or impressive than another it often bears the title of being “cooler”. And while Isolator Fitness lunch boxes are cooler than the competitors in this sense of the word, they are also cooler in the more traditional sense of the word. These lunch boxes boast an impressive 16+ hours of cooling capacity, which is easily four more hours than the closest competitors. With the ever increasing hectic schedules of today’s world, everyone could use an extra four hours of food safe temperatures, even if it is just for peace of mind.



A healthy and nutritionally balanced diet is crucial to maintaining a fit and active lifestyle. A body that is not fed properly is a body that will not perform properly. Eighty percent of a person’s fitness is determined by what they eat, while only twenty percent is determined by how frequently, and how intensely they work out. These numbers help us to understand why having a cooler lunch box is so important to our health. When you are out of the house working, running errands, hitting the gym, or chasing after the kids, knowing that your next meal is within arms reach anytime of the day is comforting. It helps take the guesswork out of eating correctly, and it takes away the threat of temptation.

Cooler Lunch Box – Keeps Food Colder Longer

Why is it essential to have a cooler lunch box, capable of keeping temperatures low for longer than any other fitness lunch box on the market? Because storing food between the temperatures of 40° F and 140° F is dangerous to your health. This is called the food temperature danger zone, because between these temperatures is where bacteria thrives. Keeping food out of the food temperature zone, during all stages of storing, is the only way to prevent harmful bacteria growth and infection. Any other fitness lunch box on the market is capable of protecting your food from this danger for six to twelve hours, but the cooler lunch box from Isolator Fitness can protect your food for over sixteen hours.

food danger zone

Life is full of unpredictability and this cooler lunch box guarantees that no matter what your day holds, your food will remain at a safe and healthy temperature for the entirety of it. More often than we like to admit the plans of our day go awry due to circumstances beyond our control. When this happens, having a fitness lunch cooler that can stand up to the heat and keep its cool is vital. Even on days when we have the best intentions to head straight to the gym after work, and right back home afterwards, it is easy to be kept away from the modern conveniences of electricity and refrigeration at home for longer than we planned. Things come up, and we have to roll with the punches. Which is why the implications of having a longer lasting cooler lunch box reach farther than convenience.

Cooler Lunch Box – More Attractive Than The Rest

Keeping up with the latest styles and the newest fashion trends is appealing to some, but providing a product that is timeless, classic, and lasting holds more interest for Isolator Fitness. They have designed and created their lunch boxes to be more attractive than their competitors, by ensuring that they don’t go out of style from year to year. Because of this commitment to a timeless design, the manufacturing of Isolator Fitness lunch boxes is more stable and reliable. Companies that are more interested in making sure that their products match the current season’s style or design do not focus on quality products. By the time their products begin to fall apart it is their hope that a new fashion trend is enticing their customers to buy again.

The philosophy of Isolator Fitness is a bit different, in that they strive to make the best possible products that will last their customers years, and never go out of style. Their reputation of being a quality company with quality values and remarkable dedication to customer service is what sets them apart from the rest, and for this they do not need gimmicks or tricks. By making a higher quality, and cooler lunch box than any other company, they set themselves apart from the rest, and invite repeat customers who value functionality and durability over impracticality and unreliability.

A Cooler Lunch Box – By Design

There are seven different design styles of the Isolator Fitness lunch boxes, and each one holds specific value and purpose for its intended user, but the one thing that they do have in common is that they are all designed to be the most efficient way to carry your daily nutrients and meals with you wherever you go.



If what you’re looking for is a cooler lunch box for your kid, that will stand up against the daily beatings they are guaranteed to put it through, and never go out of style, then the IsoMini is the perfect choice. This bag comfortably holds one to two meals, and an IsoBrick to keep them cold in the front insulated main meal pocket. The top zippered pocket is also insulated incase your little one wants to take along a few extra healthy snacks for their day. Utensils, napkins, and small personal items can also fit in this top pocket. On either side there are also mesh pockets, that are the perfect size for small water bottles or room temperature condiments. Included in the purchase is also a padded shoulder strap that can be attached for easier carrying.

Three Meal Cube

lunch box cooler

If you or your older child are in the market for a cooler lunch box, you’ll want to look into the slightly larger three meal cube. This bag can hold three to four meals in the front insulated meal pocket, as well as an IsoBrick to keep them cold. There are two side mesh pockets for convenient water or supplement shake storage, as well as a top insulated flap that can be used for storing utensils, napkins, or additional healthy snacks. This bag is perfect for teenagers and adults that are often out of the house for most of the day, as it can carry enough meals to satisfy an entire day’s worth of hunger. This lunch box also comes with a padded shoulder strap that can be attached or detached by personal preference.

Full Size Three Meal

specialty diets

For people who life a more active lifestyle the full size three meal would be classified as a cooler lunch box style, because in addition to the interior meal pocket with enough adequate space for three to four meals, this bag also has two side insulated pockets that can hold mason jar meals, cold supplement shakes, or additional healthy snacks that require a cooler temperature. Remember that the more active that you are, the more calories your body requires to function, thus the more meals you may need to consume. There is also an insulated pocket on the top of the bag that provides convenient storage for napkins, condiments, utensils, and small personal items. The two side mesh pockets also provide additional storage, while the detachable padded shoulder strap can be used for hands free carrying.

Six Meal Cube

6 meal management bag

Professionals in the fitness world, whether athletes, bodybuilders, trainers, or nutritionists need not look any farther for a cooler lunch box than the six meal cube, especially if space efficiency is a factor when it comes to purchasing decision. This lunch box is designed to carry six to eight well portioned meal prep containers, as well as three IsoBricks to keep the food cold, within the front insulated pocket. It is a minimalist in its sleek design with only two side mesh pockets for beverage carrying, and a top insulated pocket that can be used to store utensils, additional healthy snacks, or napkins. An optional shoulder strap with padding is even included to make long term carrying a breeze.

Full Size Six Meal

6 pack lunch box

Fitness professionals that love the six meal cube, but need a little additional space for their supplement shakes, or additional meals are the most likely to spring for a cooler lunch box in the full size six meal style. With the same amount of interior space for six to eight meals in the insulated pocket, as the six meal cube, the same side mesh pockets, and the same top insulated flap for extra storage this lunch box boasts only one difference than its smaller companion, but it’s a significant one. This bag offers two side insulated pockets that can be used for the cold storage of even more food and beverages. Also equipped with a detachable shoulder strap with padding, this bag is just a bigger badder version of the six meal cube.



A cooler lunch box option than most, the IsoDuffle, is a multifunctional bag designed for travel. It doesn’t much matter whether that travel is down the road to the local gym or halfway across the world to a foreign country, without a gym. The most important aspect of this duffle bag that allows it to stand out from the rest is the insulated meal area that can only be accessed from an exterior zipper area. This unique design guarantees that your meals will never be spoiled by any scent that may be coming off of any other packed items. It also ensures that your packed clothes, toiletries, and other personal items will not end up smelling like lunch. The meal pocket itself can comfortably fit six to eight meals, which depending on your activity level and necessary nutrient intake could last you the day, or the weekend. The amount of space left over after meal packing may surprise you, but this bag was made to hold enough of everything to get you through your travels, and that it does.


lunch box cooler backpack

Every college student, hiker, camper, or generally active person should consider the purchase of an IsoPack as it is the coolest lunch box option available by Isolator Fitness. This bag is designed to look, feel, and work just like a traditional backpack with one major caveat: it’s also a lunch box. It has a lower compartment that is insulated and capable of keeping meals cold for over sixteen hours, with the help of an IsoBrick or two. The meal pocket is large enough to fit four to six well portioned meals within it, so whether you’re on the trail for the day, in a tent for the weekend, or holed up in the library all day, you’ll have plenty of food to get you through. The side mesh pockets are especially important on this lunch box option, especially if you plan on taking it out into the woods and away from running water, so that you can stay healthy and hydrated.

A Cooler Lunch Box – With The Coolest Accessories

Without the addition of some seriously cool accessories a lunch box can’t exactly boast the title of the best, the coolest, or the most functional. So here are the two coolest accessories that are available to kick up the cool factor of your Isolator Fitness lunch box.

The Sidekick

For some people the appeal of the multi-functionality of the IsoPack or IsoDuffle is strong, but not strong enough to actually give up their dedication to their single functioning lunch box. Still the idea of having additional storage space for non food items interests them. For these individuals the sidekick provides the perfect solution. It is a small cylindrical duffle type bag that can be added to any of the three or six meal lunch boxes available from Isolator Fitness, by way of the harness, to create the ultimate lunch cooler. The sidekick is even available in a variety of colors so that you can match it to your existing IsoBag.

The Harness

The harness can be used with or without the sidekick, to create a backpack type feel for any of the three or six meal lunch coolers by Isolator Fitness. The bag simply clips to the bottom of the backpack style shoulder straps, and away you go. If you want to add the sidekick to the package as well, for an overall more efficient carrying system that bag would be clipped to the harness directly above the meal management bag. Since each IsoBag comes in a variety of colors, so does the harness, so that you can seamlessly color coordinate.meal management accessories

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