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Dany Minchow

Dec 01, 2015
Dany Minchow

I have always been bigger, but once I hit college, drinking and fast food got the better of me.  I gained over 20 pounds– proof of how bad excessive alcohol and fast food can be for your body! During this time, I was also a an athlete playing basketball at the collegiate level.  I never realized — or didn’t want to realize– that I had gained so much weight until I saw a picture of myself in my basketball uniform from behind.  I had hit 200 pounds and I knew I needed to make a change.


The past 2 years I have been alone in my fitness journey and I have made huge progress!  I researched healthy foods and workouts and cut alcohol and fast food out of my diet and lifestyle.  This journey has been very hard for me, I was mentally and physically exhausted, and I wasn’t losing weight the right way.

Finally, I started hitting the gym HARD and eating in a way that helped me achieve my goals.  My weight didn’t change, but my mind and body did. I fell in love with the process and with the gym.  I am motivated from wanting to prove to everyone, and to myself, that I can have the body that I want and that muscles do look good on females!  When people tell me I can’t, it makes me that much more motivated to prove that I can!

I have wanted to compete in a show for a while now, and a few months ago I realized I really could do it!  I was at a stable point in my life, mentally and physically.  I now have a fitness coach who is taking me to my first figure competition in 6 weeks!  I have seen a huge improvement and I can’t wait to continue this fit journey, prepping meals, and finally hitting that stage!

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