Fitness Backpack

Due to the immense versatility of the backpack, it has become a staple baggage option in the average American’s life. All backpacks share two common traits: they have two shoulder straps for even weight distribution during carrying, and a large storage pocket for carrying various items. Due to the beneficial physical attributes of the design, a backpack can be used for any number of different things. While students may use a scholarly backpack to transport their books, notes, and homework to and from class, an avid traveler may use their jet setting backpack as a carry on item, or even full luggage. Busy moms and dads have even been known to use backpacks as diaper bags, or activity totes for their little ones. An active adventurer is likely to use their fitness backpack in unique and interesting ways, whether their hiking, camping, biking, or just spending the day in nature. An ordinary backpack can be used for any one of these purposes, although a backpack specifically designed for each specific use is often preferred.



A true fitness backpack, for instance, is designed with different storage compartments that better suit the active lifestyle, than a traditional unspecified backpack. Isolator Fitness has manufactured the most useful fitness backpack available, by attaching an insulated meal storage compartment to the bottom of the bag. The added compartment is specifically designed to hold four to six well portioned meals, and keep them below the food temperature danger zone for sixteen hours. This means that outdoor enthusiasts now have a suitable location to keep their healthy food so that they do not have to rely on the minimal nutrition and energy provided by granola, and protein bars.



Packing A Fitness Backpack

Due to the multifunctionality properties of fitness backpacks, their users are free to explore the world with nothing but a single bag packed with everything they may need. It doesn’t matter if you’re backpacking your way across the country, hiking the appalachian trail, or camping out in your own backyard, a fitness backpack is an invaluable tool. The large top storage pocket is the perfect size for packing extra clothes, binoculars, a quick dry towel, and/or the emergency shelter of a tarp or reflective blanket. The smaller front pocket has interior compartments built right in to help organize items that you may need to access effortlessly during your excursion, such as: a first aid kit, utensils, a compass or map, and a flashlight. There is even a long and narrow back pocket that can be accessed from the side, that makes a great storage compartment for a hydration pack. The two mesh side pockets are also convenient for storing beverages, sunscreen, bug spray, or any other items you may need to access quickly and easily during your outing.

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Most importantly, you have a specialized, thermal lined, insulated, meal compartment on the bottom portion of this fitness backpack in which to store up to six pre-made healthy meals of your choosing. By cooking and packing these items ahead of time to take with you, you can maximize the amount of time that you spend exploring the great outdoors, because you won’t have to worry about getting back to civilization to acquire your next meal. With the exceptional sixteen hour cooling capacity of this fitness backpack, you can leave at the crack of dawn and not return home until after nightfall, knowing that your food will be kept safe and free from bacterial growth for the entire day.


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