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As the rates of eating disorders and obesity cases rise in America, the focus begins to shift away from the ideal body size and instead onto a fit body composition and healthy lifestyle habits. People are becoming less concerned about the numbers on the scale, and more concerned with the nutritional value of their foods. Instead of working out in order to fit into a certain “ideal” size, they are working out to physically feel better. Healthier goals are starting to be implemented as people begin to pay more attention to their overall health and fitness. With more information available people are beginning to understand that fitness is related to more than just one aspect of your entire personal health profile. It takes eating right, exercising, and giving yourself time to rest to really start to see the improvements that living a fit life can provide.


There are many ways that a person can begin their journey into the fitness world, but one of the most useful things that they can do for themselves is learn how to eat correctly, and then implement a meal prep plan and schedule. Living a healthy life dedicated to fitness takes effort and commitment. Considering the fact that eighty percent of a person’s overall fitness level is determined by their diet, and it’s easy to see why this is such a difficult situation to navigate. People eat for a number of different reasons from comfort and enjoyment, to socialization and celebration. The one reason that people should be eating though, for nourishment, is rarely discussed. People would rather eat what makes them feel good and then spend hours in a gym trying endlessly to melt away the calories they just consumed, than to simply consume the right types of food.

There is a chance that the reasoning behind this lies in the fact that many people are unaware, or at the very least confused, about what the ‘right’ things to eat are. It seems that doctors have a different opinion on the newest healthiest and unhealthiest foods for you every month, and often times these discoveries contradict each other. In addition to that people are also bombarded daily with advertisements and celebrity endorsements of diets and supplement products that just don’t work, or are simply unrealistic, that no one knows what to believe anymore. Educating people about what healthy living is truly all about is one of the main goals of Isolator Fitness. Providing each individual with the tools that they need to be successful in their own personal fitness endeavors is the other.

With the help of fitness bags, meal prep containers, and the encyclopedia of meal prep, it’s possible that everybody can take control of their own health and fitness, and grow into the person that they desire to be. Fitness bags are a relatively new take on an old concept. While lunch boxes have been around for quite some time, as well as duffle bags, and backpacks, fitness bags are unique in the fact that they combine these concepts into an entirely new product that makes the lives of the fitness motivated exponentially easier. While there are fitness bags that are strictly designed for food storage these bags also differ from traditional lunch boxes in size, shape, cooling capacity, and utility. The types of people that generally use fitness bags are also a slightly different group than those who use traditional lunch boxes.

Although everyone is capable of using fitness bags, there is a group of people that are more likely to use the bags in their intended fashion. Those people are athletes, bodybuilders, nutritionists, trainers, and other physically active, adventurous, and generally fitness minded people. If maintaining a nutritiously balanced diet is not especially important to someone, they will probably not have much interest in using a bag that has been specifically designed to help individuals stay on track with their health and fitness goals. On the other hand anyone who has any interest at all in starting, maintaining, or otherwise engaging in a meal prep practice and healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise will benefit greatly from the inclusion of the use of fitness bags in their daily bags

The bags themselves are a tool to make healthy lives easier to live, by giving people a place to store enough healthy meals to last them an entire day so that they don’t have to worry about either staying close to home for a healthy meal, or trying to find something while they are on the go at a fast food establishment or other type of restaurant. Because these bags provide enough space to fit an entire day’s worth of food within, they must also provide adequate cooling capacity to ensure that the meals will not spoil, or become contaminated by the bacterial growth that occurs when food is allowed to rest between 41° F and 139° F. A traditional lunch box is designed to hold one meal (often lunch) and to keep it cold for only a few hours. Fitness bags from Isolator Fitness though, are designed to hold anywhere from one to eight meals, depending on the specific bag, and keep them all cold for 16+ hours.

Types Of Fitness Bags


lunch box cooler

The IsoMini is the smallest fitness bag manufactured and sold by Isolator Fitness. It most closely resembles a traditional lunch box because it’s meal storage capacity is only one or two meal prep containers, depending on their sizes, and the overall size and shape of the bag is similar to that of a child’s lunch box. The main difference is that the IsoMini was designed not only for adults, but with adults who are interested in balancing their nutritional profile in mind. It was created for the beginner who is used to going to work and swinging by a convenient store or fast food place on their lunch break for a quick bite to eat, who wanted to start packing their own lunches to take to work in an effort to be healthier.

Three Meal Cube

lunch box cooler

Slightly larger than the IsoMini, and able to hold three to four meals in the interior insulated meal compartment, the three meal cube was designed with busy professionals with an interest in health and fitness in mind. Those who would use these fitness bags are most likely rushing from home, to work, to carpools and pta meetings, out to the gym, and back home again at the end of the night, never stopping to properly nourish their bodies. These individuals therefore need more meal packing space than their those with less hectic schedules because they consume more of their meals while they are on the go, and have less time at home to prepare and enjoy their food.

Full Size Three Meal

3 meal isobag

For busy professionals that look at health and fitness as more of a lifestyle than a hobby there is the full sized three meal, that not only boasts enough space for three to four meals in the main insulated meal pocket, but also has two insulated side pockets that can be used for additional healthy snacks, mason jar meals, condiments, or protein/supplement shakes. The additional storage is necessary for the additional caloric fuel that is needed since theses individuals are often more physically active at home, on the job, or at the gym than the average person may be. The full size three meal fitness bags are large enough to fit the daily dietary requirements of most people, while remaining compact enough to be a comfortable carry all day.

Six Meal Cube


Athletes and bodybuilders are more likely to find the value in the six meal cube than most people because of their increased nutritional need throughout the day. Physically pushing your body to the limit requires adequate and proper eating habits, that cannot be established and maintained without the help of fitness bags to store and keep your meals cold for you throughout the entire day. Others who may find the storage capacity of six to eight meals convenient and helpful include families, and frequent travelers, as it is the perfect bag to carry and keep enough food cold either for a single day for the entire family, or for the average physically active person for two or three days.

Full Size Six Meal

6 meal isobag

If six to eight meals doesn’t sound like it’s going to be enough to last you the entire day, or you have additional food or beverage items that you need to store cold and upright, such as: cold condiments, mason jar meals, supplement or protein shakes, healthy snacks, or even baby bottles then the two extra insulated storage pockets on either side of the full size six meal fitness bags make them the perfect choice for you. This is the most popular fitness bag manufactured and sold by Isolator Fitness, and that is simply because it has the widest range of users and offers the most diverse possible usage options. It doesn’t matter if you are a bodybuilder training for your next show, a business professional on an overnight trip, or a family headed out on a day long adventure, the full size six meal is big enough to cover all of your needs.


meal management backpack

Whether you are an avid hiker, camper, or simply just a student trying to consolidate your hectic life, the IsoPack is equipped with everything you need, and more. The main top pocket functions much the same as a traditional backpack, with room for books and folders, an extra change of clothes and shoes, or even your camping essentials. The smaller front pocket is ideal for small personal items that you may need to access more frequently, such as your: wallet, cell phone, map, flashlight, keys, or even a few healthy snacks that do not need to be chilled. There is even a back pocket specifically designed for your laptop or tablet. This fitness bag also has an underside insulated area to keep your perishable food items, that fits four to six meals. In addition there are two side mesh pockets for hands free water carrying, that also provides easy access when necessary.  



When people think of a fitness bag, a traditional duffle bag is what most often comes to mind, but the IsoDuffle is much more than a normal duffle. In addition to having plenty of space for all of your gym equipment, including: extra clothes, extra shoes, toiletries, and every other piece of workout equipment you may need, this bag also has an interior insulated pocket designed to keep six to eight meals cool for 16+ hours, while you are out living your active life. The meal prep area has an exterior entrance only, to keep the smell of food off of your gym clothes, and the smell of the gym away from your food. While this bag is perfect for the avid gym goer, it also works extremely well as a travel bag that will fit everything you need for a weekend getaway, including your healthy meal preps. Never again will you have to rely on eating meals from a restaurant or fast food establishment while you are on the road.

Common Traits

6 meal management bagDespite all of their basic differences each of these fitness bags also have a few common traits that are worth mentioning. Each bag comes with a set of meal prep containers, IsoBricks, utensils, and a padded shoulder strap, so that from the first day that you have your IsoBag you have everything that you need to begin meal prepping. The size and style of the bag that you purchase will determine how many (and of what sizes) meal prep containers you will receive. The number (and size) of your included IsoBricks will also depend on the size of the bag that is bought. Plastic utensils are also included in your purchase so that you do not have to worry about ever losing your good silverware again, when you prep and pack your daily meals. Because you may need, or want more of these items they are also for sale on the Isolator Fitness website so that you can stock up and meal prep as far ahead as you want. The padded shoulder strap that comes with your bag will not be a generic strap, but rather a color coordinated stylish and functional addition that matches your bag perfectly.

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