Food Prep Bags

There are a few items that are necessary for successful meal prepping. They consist of physical items that are designed to make the process easier and more rewarding. For instance, having food prep bags to carry your meals with you throughout the day, and keep them cold, makes sticking to a regimented diet easier because you don’t have to worry about what, when, or where you’ll be eating next. Having a quality set of food prep containers is also incredibly important to successful meal prepping. These containers should have a number of qualities such as: BPA free, freezer and microwave safety, stackable, and most importantly they should fit easily into your food prep bags for easy storage. After all, the easier that you can make meal prepping on yourself, the more likely you are to sustain it as a healthy lifestyle choice.


food prep containers

Food Prep Bags Save Time, Money, and The Environment

The importance of food prep bags can not be stated strongly enough. Without a proper storage area for your food prep, it is unlikely that you will continue down the path to daily nutritional eating. It’s worth stating that eating healthily every once in awhile isn’t going to be enough to see or feel any significant differences in the way that your body looks or performs. Isolator Fitness has created seven different food prep bags that fit a variety of different lifestyles, so that no matter what your level of fitness is, or how large your future fitness goals grow, there will always be a bag that has been specifically designed and manufactured to help you to achieve them.

Food Prep Bags



This is the largest of the seven food prep bags made and sold by Isolator Fitness. It is ideal for the avid gym goer, as it combines the necessity of meal storage with the convenience of a full sized duffle bag. Carrying multiple bags is a thing of the past, with this two in one bag.


If versatility speaks to you, then the IsoPack is likely the bag for you. Designed with both the convenience of an everyday backpack, and the prerequisite of a food prep bag in mind, this multifunctional bag was created to store anything from school books, to gym clothes, and anything in between.

Full Size Six Meal

6 meal isobag

As the most popular of all of the Isolator Fitness food prep bags the full size six meal’s sole purpose is to store enough food to last an athletic individual the entire day, while also providing additional storage for performance shakes, and cold beverage options in two insulated side pockets.

Six Meal Cube


Space efficiency was the goal with this slightly less bulky six meal bag. Without the side insulated pockets for additional beverages it has a sleeker and more conformed look and feel than its full size cousin, without losing any of the main storage space.

Full Size Three Meal

3 meal isobag

The average person eats about three to five times per day, depending on their meal choices. This means that not everyone is in need of something as large as the six meal bag options, which is why the three meal bags were designed. The full size offers two insulated side pockets to keep mason jar meals, or beverages cold throughout the day.

Three Meal Cube

3 meal management bag

As far as food prep bags go, this may be the most comfortable size for the general public. It is the more compact version of the full size three meal option, which means that the main meal storage remains intact, while the extra bulk of the insulated side pockets is removed, allowing you to carry everything you need for the day, without wasting any space.


lunch box cooler

This is the smallest of the seven food prep bags by Isolator Fitness, and holds just one to two meals. It is ideal for school aged children, as well as adults who do not have the additional meal storage needs of the other bags. The compact design makes it easy to carry, even if you have other bags to manage as well.

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