Healthy diet: 10 Essential Tools for Success


Tools for success!

At Isolator Fitness, we are health and fitness professionals and enthusiasts who work day and night to bring you all of the tools you need to build a healthy diet, live a healthy lifestyle, and achieve your health and physique goals. Here are 10 tools you need to get started and KEEP going!



1. Start preparing your food with help from our step- by- step meal prep videos:

On our site, you will find endless resources for all of your healthy meal prep needs. In our blog section, we have a full length step- by- step meal prep video with an article outlining the instructions. This will give you ideas on how to prepare your food for the week in less than 2 hours, and help you navigate the potential barriers to your healthy diet.


Find it here.

2. Healthy recipes on our site:

Just getting started on a healthy diet can seem overly complicated and confusing in regards to what you should eat. On our site, we give you lots of easy, healthy recipes to simplify things and keep you from getting bored with your food prep.

low carb pasta





encyclopedia of meal prep

3. Meal Prep Encyclopedia:


This e- book tells you everything you need to know about food preparation for your healthy diet. Page 71 tells you how to break down nutrition labels, so that you can stay on track when you don’t have prepared meals.


4. Meal management bag:

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t eat anything left at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Most lunch bags are not equipped to keep your food at safe temperatures for the entirety of your day, which could seriously limit your healthy diet options and potentially sabotage your healthy efforts. Our ISObags can hold anywhere from 1 to 8 meals, and they are designed to keep your food COLD for up to 12- 16 hours.



Find the one that fits your lifestyle here.

Taking the time to prepare your food and carrying it with you will save you money! When it comes to maintaining a healthy diet, many of us perceive the expense at the checkout counter as being larger than the amount of money you spend during the week while eating out. Really, the opposite is true.


Consider that if you eat most of your meals out of the house, 5 days per week, you are going to spend at least $30 per day, adding up to around $150 per week, if we are being conservative. We tend to also spend more money on the weekends, as food (and often drinks) become socializing centerpieces, so consider that you are spending at LEAST $200 for yourself, in this case, which adds up to $800/ month. When you dine out, you pay for service, preparation, and convenience. When you prepare your meals yourself, you could literally cut that number in half (at least), and still have your grande nonfat no whip caramel macchi-something.


5. Meal prep containers:

In order to carry your food with you, you will need durable containers to accommodate your insulated bag. Our meal management systems provide you with BPA- free, dishwasher- safe, microwave- safe containers in 4 different sizes when you purchase a bag. Now, we even offer multicolored containers, one for every day of the week, making it easy to organize and separate you and your family’s different menu items. This is especially handy for families with varying dietary needs and allergies.

Carrying your fresh foods with you is essential for any healthy diet.

mealprep5Find them here

mediterranean shrimp

6. Focus on protein:

Protein should always be the centerpiece of your meals. Protein helps to boost your metabolism and is more thermogenic (burns more calories when digesting) and satiating than carbohydrates, even though 1 gram of each yields 4 calories. On our site, we provide you with several high protein recipes, especially with an emphasis on low carb options, to make adding protein into your diet a delicious and healthy endeavor.



7. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculator:

Use the BMR calculator on our site to determine approximately how many calories you need to maintain your current weight. Knowing how many calories you need just to maintain your weight on your healthy diet gives you a good baseline from where to subtract from to lose weight, or add to for weight gain.



8. ISOPASTA and our recipes on the site:


Adding protein into your healthy  diet is easy with low carb, high protein ISOPASTA. One huge serving contains only 7 net carbohydrates and 30 grams of protein. This healthy, GMO- free pasta tastes just like whole wheat pasta, and comes straight from Italy, in fusilli, penne, and rice varieties. You can use it to replace all of your formerly high- carbohydrate pasta dishes, and simultaneously increase your dietary protein intake. Due to the high protein content, and because this is a whole food product, many people have abandoned their protein shakes in favor of the much more satisfying ISOPASTA. Get the low carb mac and cheese recipe here.

meal lunch box


9. Journaling:

Studies show that the people who are most successful with reaching and maintaining their goals are journalers. Journaling doesn’t have to be in the form of an electronic food log; you can also use a good old- fashioned notebook. I like the notebook approach for many people because it allows you to document how you felt about your food choices, and offers you the opportunity to go back and reflect on your decisions and make future decisions about your food.


10. Methods for staying motivated

You must find what motivates you! It isn’t the same for everyone. Do you need an empty gym? Busy gym? Diet/ workout buddy? Do you need “aggressive encouragement,” or unconditional encouragement? Do you need to be part of an online community? Studies have shown that the most common and effective mode of motivation for most people was being part of a community. Whether you get involved in a fitness class or simultaneously begin a healthy diet endeavor with a peer, find a way to keep yourself accountable and find what keeps you going!

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