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How Long Will Your Cooked Fish Stay Fresh?

by Admin Isolator July 25, 2016

How Long Will Your Cooked Fish Stay Fresh?

One of the hardest things to determine when eating fresh, natural, and healthy is how long certain foods will stay fresh once they’ve been cooked. You can finally stop guessing because we’ve compiled freshness lists of the most popular vegetables, meats & poultry, and fish used in cooking for you to reference anytime you need it.

The following lists solely contains cooked foods.

Find Your Fish In The Refrigerator In The Freezer
Arctic Char 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Bluefish 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Carp 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Catfish 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Clams 3-4 Days 3 Months
Cod 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Crab (Still In Shell) 3-5 Days 3 Months
Crab (Out of Shell) 3-5 Days 3 Months
Crayfish (Crawfish) 3-4 Days 3 Months
Flounder 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Frog Legs 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Grouper 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Haddock 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Halibut 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Lobster (In Shell) 2 Days 3 Months
Lobster (Shell Removed) 3-4 Days 3 Months
Mackerel 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Mahi-Mahi 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Monkfish 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Mullet 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Mussels 3-4 Days 3 Months
Octopus 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Octopus 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Orange Roughy 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Oysters 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Perch 3-4 Days 4 Months
Pollock 3-4 Days 4 Months
Rockfish 3-4 Days 4 Months
Salmon 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Scallops 3-4 Days 3 Months
Sea Bass 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Sea Trout 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Shark Steak 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Shrimp 3-4 Days 3 Months
Skate 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Smelts 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Snapper 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Sole 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Squid/Calamari 3-4 Days 3 Months
Striped Bass 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Swordfish 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Tilapia 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Trout 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Tuna 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Turbot 3-4 Days 2-3 Months
Whitefish 1-2 Days 2-3 Months


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