How To Increase Stamina

Increase your stamina and not only will you improve the quality of your workouts but you will also improve the quality of your sex life. Stamina affects more than just how long you can work out, or on what intensity level you can exercise. It affects every aspect of your life, from the weight room, to the boardroom, to the bedroom.


Consider this: sex is a natural act that cannot be separated from the rest of your life. It makes sense then to holistically increase your stamina and performance in the bedroom by first increasing your stamina and performance in your everyday life. The best ways to do this are to look at, and improve, your diet and exercise plans. While things like stress, and sleep quality can have an impact on your ability to improve your stamina, fixing your diet and working out will often help to naturally solve those problems.

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1 diet

By eating a nutritiously balanced diet you set yourself up for success in all aspects of life. You will feel better, look better, and be able to perform better in the office, on the field and in the bedroom.

2 switch up routine

Nothing is worse for stamina than a stale routine. When your fitness plateaus your body is no longer able to perform at its peak. That’s why it’s so important to switch up your routine and avoid muscular boredom.

3 hydration

Make sure that your body is getting the hydration that it needs. For most people that means about 48-64 ounces of water per day. Your body is comprised of about 65% water, so making sure that you replenish that stock every single day is imperative.


4 stabalize blood sugar

When your blood sugar is too low you won’t have the energy needed to complete any stamina increasing exercises, and when your blood sugar is too high it won’t be safe to exercise at the intensity needed to improve your stamina.

5 destress

If you are distracted by outside forces in your life while you’re working out, you will have a harder time performing at your best and an even harder time increasing your stamina capacity.

6 alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant, not to mention is severely negatively affects your training abilities. Alcohol has also been known to have an adverse affect on sexual performance.

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7 protein

As your stamina improves and you start to push yourself harder and faster you’ll need to up your protein intake to help your body produce more energy for output.

8 sleep

Make sure to get to bed at a reasonable hour, especially if you have to wake up early the next day. Not only do you want to get an adequate amount of sleep but you also want to get quality sleep to help your body repair and heal. A lack of sleep equates to a lack of preparation for the next day’s training.

9 bad habits

If you smoke, or drink, or eat chocolate every single day you’re going to want to quit those bad habits. Remember that the healthier you are in your exercise and diet the better equipped you will be to increase your stamina levels over time.

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increase stamina

As with anything in life, if you want to see results, you’ll have to put in the work, and you better have the right tools for the job. If you are a fairly sedentary person simply starting a workout routine may be enough to help kickstart your stamina, but you’re still going to want to focus your energy on a few specific workouts to help amp up the energy and get your desired results. As for those who are already fairly active, and may have just hit a plateau in their fitness, fear not. In time, by switching up your routine and including the following exercises, you will begin to see results in your overall stamina.


1 squat and lunges

Increase your balance and stability with squats and lunges while also strengthening your leg and butt muscles. All of these will aid in easing the difficulties of different training techniques as well as improve sexual performance and stamina.

2 stretching

To avoid injury, make sure you take time before and after your workouts to stretch and warm up. If you skip this you will be more likely to injure yourself which will put a huge damper in your progress.


Remember that old saying “sometimes less is more”? Well when it comes to increasing your stamina, it’s true. Amping up the intensity for quick bouts of exercise enhances your endurance which in turn helps improve your stamina.

4 running

Adding in cardiovascular activities help keep your lungs and heart active participants when working out, and without their help, you’ll get nowhere, fast. Running is a great cardio workout for anytime of year, and the best part about it is it’s completely free.

5 swimming

Whether it’s outdoor laps in the summer or indoor training in the winter, swimming is another great cardiovascular activity to keep your heart and lungs healthy and involved. It’s also a great idea if you have joint problems or are overweight, since the buoyancy of the water takes pressure off of your joints.

6 weight training

When you want to strengthen your muscles, joints, and ligaments, turn to weight training to help you do it. The stronger you are, the more effective any workout will become, and the harder you will be able to push your stamina training.

7 yoga

When you’re working hard to amp up your stamina it’s beneficial to also learn how to cool off and calm down.


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