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ISOBag: Not Just For Personal Fitness

It’s likely that you’re a meal prepper and don’t even know it. That’s because meal prepping is really just about cooking food ahead of time, to eat at a later date or time. A small scale example, that many can relate to is preparing and packing a daily lunch for yourself or your children. On a larger scale meal prepping for the entire week can save you a ton of money and time, but can be overwhelming if you’re just starting out, so some choose to meal prep two or three times per week in the beginning instead. No matter what level of meal prep that you are already engaged in, having an insulated bag that keeps your food cold while you’re away from home is important. But other than meal prep, there are a few cool and unique ways to use your ISOBag that you may not have already thought about.

Note: The size of the meal bag that you use may be different than those suggested depending on your own personal needs, so plan and pack accordingly.

Unique Uses For Your Smaller ISOBags


If you or anyone else in your house has any medication or supplements that require refrigeration, traveling can be cumbersome and difficult, since you need a way to keep everything cold. The IsoMini is compact in size, and capable of keeping the interior insulated space cold for up to sixteen hours, making it the perfect medicinal transportation bag during any sort of travel. Keeping insulin and other prescribed refrigerated medication at the proper temperature could alter the effectiveness immensely. If you live in, or are traveling to, a humid environment keeping your powder supplements in your IsoMini keeps them cool and dry so that moisture clumps do not form.

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Three Meal Bag

Family Outing

If you have a smaller family, and will only be out of the house for a single meal, the three meal ISOBags may be just the right size to fit all of your needs. With enough interior insulated space for three to four meals, and the capacity to keep them cold for sixteen hours, these bags are often thought of for individual needs, but can also be used for families of two or three, during short trips away from home.


Specialty Diets

These ISOBags are especially useful if someone in your family has a dietary restriction such as: diabetes, a food allergy, or a personal aversion to meat. A smaller family, of two or three, is easily able to fit their lunches within this bag for convenient carrying no matter where the day may take them, which is incredibly important when considering specialty dietary requirements. A three meal ISOBag may also come in handy if you are looking for an easy way to carry your baby or toddler’s meals around with you for the day, without worrying about whether or not they’ll stay cold. As with any other ISOBag, with the use of IsoBricks, the three meal bags will keep the contents cold for up to sixteen hours at a time.

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Romantic Picnic for Two

A romantic picnic has never been easier to plan and execute as it is with the help of a three meal ISOBag. These bags are small enough, and easy enough to carry to your picnic destination, with enough interior insulated space to hold three to four meals, or snacks for your romantic picnic for two. Since the bags are designed to keep food cold for up to sixteen hours, if you want to stay out all day, but picnic under the stars, you don’t have to worry about rushing back home to pack and grab your picnic food before you venture out at night.

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Unique Uses For Your Larger ISOBags

Six Meal Bag

Whether you have the full size six meal bag or the six meal cube, the main insulated meal pocket is the same size, and thus will hold the same amount of goods. Although many people don’t realize it when they buy a six meal bag, due to capacity alone, this is one of the most versatile meal prep bags that you can own. Since both bags hold between six and eight meal prep containers depending on the size of each container, they are the go to meal prep bag for bodybuilders and athletes so that every meal and snack they need during any given day can be packed neatly away in one convenient location. The average person often overlooks this bag as something ‘too large’ for their individual needs, and while that may be true, they certainly are not too big for the needs of a family.

Family Picnics

The six meal bags are making ordinary picnic baskets obsolete. The cooling capacity of a wicker basket does not even come close to matching the cooling capacity of a six meal ISOBag, which can keep enough food for a family picnic cold for up to sixteen hours. That means that you can pack any refrigerated foods that will fit within the bag, in the morning, and head out for the entire day without worrying that any of the food will go bad.

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Beach Day

As the summer approaches, more and more people will be taking beach trips with their friends, families, or significant others, and no matter who you’re going with a six meal ISOBag should definitely be on your “must bring” list. Tourist attractions, like beaches and amusement parks, not only offer less than nutritious meal options, but they offer them at outrageously high prices. One of the best ways to save both your waistline and your wallet is to pack your own meals and snacks that way you never even have to leave the beach. A six meal size will ideally hold enough for you and everyone you’re with, but since they are relatively compact compared to other coolers, you can easily pack more than one if necessary, without adding too much extra bulk to your beach accessory list.


Specialty Diets

Spending an entire day away from home with the family used to mean that you had to purchase and eat meals out, often sacrificing nutrition for convenience. If anyone in the family happened to have any dietary restrictions even the convenience angle went out the window. For families with diabetics, vegans, vegetarians, or anyone with food allergies, eating out could easily become a nightmare. And if you wanted to pack your food for the day, you were likely going to have to pack a giant, heavy, hard sided cooler filled with a ton of loose ice to keep everything cold for the day. The six meal ISOBag makes packing and taking on the go meals for your family lighter, easier, and more space efficient than ever before. Only three IsoBricks are needed to keep your family’s food cold for up to sixteen hours within either soft sided, fully insulated six meal bag, leaving ample space to pack six to eight meals for the day.


The ISOPack was designed with outdoor adventurers in mind, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be a hiker or camper, to enjoy all of the benefits that this bag provides.


The ISOPack is the perfect size for an all inclusive carry on item. With pockets for your laptop or tablet, entertainment, and travel documents, it seems that this bag couldn’t possibly get any better, but then it does. The underside of the ISOPack is a fully insulated compartment that can store four to six full size meals, and keep them cold for up to sixteen hours. This meal storage feature sets the ISOPack apart from other travel gear, and puts it at the top of our list for must have travel items, no matter your preferred mode of transportation.

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School Bag

These days kids have enough to carry back and forth to school; between books, homework, lunch, and after school activities equipment, it’s easy to forget a small lunch bag in the mix, and be stranded at school with no food, and no cash for lunch. The ISOPack eliminates that possibility by providing a lunch bag built right into the backpack. As long as your kid remembers to grab their backpack for school, they’ll also have their lunch bag with them. Isolator Fitness has thought of, and provided enough space for everything, including their: books, notes, homework, laptop/tablet, and food.

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Commuters Work Bag

As a work commuter, carrying everything that you need for the day can be a hassle, especially if you take public transportation to work, or commute by bike. Often a nutritiously packed lunch if forfeited so that you have enough hands/space to carry your laptop bag, portfolio, tool box, purse, gym bag, or any other equipment that you may need for the day. The genius of the ISOPack is that it combines the functionality of all of these bags into one, and adds an insulated meal pocket that is capable of keeping your food cold for sixteen hours, without compromising space efficiency. With separate pockets for your electronics, gym clothes, personal items, and food, you’ll never need to carry more than one bag to work again.

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Duffle bags are often thought of solely as gym bags, but it is our hope that we’re able to give you a few ideas about what else you can do with your ISODuffle bag to make your life easier.


The ISODuffle is small enough to be allowed on most flights as a carry on bag, but large enough to hold all of your travel needs for a week long getaway, plus six to eight nutrient rich meals for the trip. When you have to be away from home, it’s always nice to know that your health and fitness doesn’t have to suffer. Pack your clothes, shoes, and toiletries in the traditional duffle pocket, your travel documents in the large front zippered pocket, and all of your cold snacks and meals in the large insulated meal compartment that sits neatly within the duffle bag area, with its own separate entrance for sanitation purposes, and easy access to your food.

Family Outing Day Trip

Taking the entire family on an outing to an amusement park, a concert, the ski slopes, or anywhere else that an extra pair of clothes or shoes might be necessary is a breeze, when you pack everybody’s stuff in the ISODuffle. Since this ISOBag can carry six to eight meals (enough for the whole family) and all of their additional gear, it’s the perfect accessory for a fun family day trip, where you’ll be needing more than just a few balanced meals.

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