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Meal Prep Accessories To Simplify Your Life

by Admin Isolator October 17, 2016

Meal Prep Accessories To Simplify Your Life

Seasoned vets and first time meal preppers alike could all use a few tips on how to simplify the process and cut down on time spent in the kitchen. Which is why we’ve put together a list of some of the best meal prep accessories out there that were designed to make your goal of a living a healthy lifestyle and eating well as easy and efficient as possible. So without further ado here are the top eight essential meal prep accessories every meal prepper needs.


Meal Prep Accessories

1. Meal Prep Containers


First and foremost you will need meal prep containers if you expect to succeed in your meal prep endeavors. These are lightweight plastic containers that hold perfectly portioned meals without taking up precious space in your freezer or refrigerator. When it comes to meal prep accessories you cannot overlook the perfect meal prep containers. They should be BPA free, prop 65 compliant and made of virgin polypropylene. They should also be freezer, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher safe. Isolator Fitness guarantees all of these qualities in their meal prep containers as well as the added bonus that they are lightweight, durable and leak resistant. As if all of that weren’t enough they even come in a variety of colors to help organize your meal prep.

2. ISOBag

meal prep lunch bag

Once your food is prepared and carefully portioned into your color coordinated meal prep containers you will need a well insulated meal prep bag to store your daily meals within while you go about the business of your day. A bag that has been manufactured in the United States, with impeccable craftsmanship and superior insulation tested to keep your food cold for at least ten hours. You might wonder why you could find a bag with such impressive qualities but you can stop your search because it’s right here at Isolator Fitness. All ISOBags are guaranteed to keep your meals cold and fresh for at least ten hours when used in conjunction with ISOBricks. And with the addition of MyISO, you can now completely customize your ISOBag to create a design that suits your personality and style perfectly.

3. ISOBrick

meal prep lunch bag

You could keep your meal prep cold while in your ISOBag with any number of ice packs but to keep your food out of the food danger zone it takes special meal prep accessories like the Isolator Fitness ISOBricks. These ice packs are made to remain in flat form regardless of the position in which you freeze them or pack them in your ISOBag. This keeps them from taking up precious room in your meal prep bag that could otherwise be used for actual meals. They are also created with specific materials designed to maintain a cooler temperature for a longer period of time which is half of the equation for keeping your meals cold as long as the ISOBags can. Since these ISOBricks are the best ice pack possible for your meal prepping needs each Isolator Fitness meal prep bag is sold with as many as are needed for keeping that specific bag within the correct temperature range for at least 10 hours.

4. The Sidekick

meal management accessories

Meal prep accessories are not just the containers and bags that you put your meals into when you leave the house for the day, they are also things that help promote a healthy lifestyle. The sidekick is one of those very items. It is a small duffle bag that can be attached to an ISOBag using the harness. It is the perfect size to hold a single set of gym clothes and shoes so that all of your materials are combined in a single package.

5. The Harness

meal management bag

Of course to make the sidekick work you will need the harness. This piece attaches to your ISOBag and the sidekick to create unique meal prep bag that has the best features of a meal bag, a duffle bag and a backpack all combined into one convenient package. Both the harness and the sidekick come in a variety of colors to match your ISOBag whether it’s an original, a 2nd generation or even a custom MyISO bag.

6. Mini Duffle

mini duffle bag

Just because an Isolator Fitness mini duffle does not have an insulated area designated for meal storage doesn’t mean that it isn’t an important addition to our meal prep accessories list. After all, meal prep revolves around a healthy lifestyle and what’s healthier than eating well so that you have the energy to stay fit and active? Nothing besides actually putting in the work to stay fit and active of course. The mini duffle helps you to achieve that goal by providing you with a space efficient bag to store your gym clothes and shoes so that you can take them with you for the day, increasing the likelihood that you will actually head to the gym to put in a good workout when you are finished with your daily responsibilities.

7. Shaker Bottles


Isolator Fitness has paired with PerfectShaker and is now offering 100% leak-proof shaker bottles for your pre workout, post workout and protein shakes. These shaker bottles come in five different styles each featuring a different superhero. These superheroes include: The Hulk, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman, so you can sport your favorite hero around the office and gym, no matter who they are. One of the most important features of a shaker bottle is the agitator, that is the piece that combines the ingredients of your shake into a drinkable liquid form. These bottles have an interior rod that holds the agitator in place ensuring an even consistency, making them a high quality product that produces high quality results.

8. The Jug Cooler


Staying hydrated is one of the top three most important parts of staying healthy. It’s right up there with eating a balanced diet consisting of nutritionally rich whole foods and making sure that you maintain a regularly scheduled workout routine. We here at Isolator Fitness understand that it can be difficult to stay hydrated though, especially in the warmer months when it’s harder to keep your water cold while you’re sweating it up on the field. That’s why we’ve come up with the jug cooler. An insulated carrying case for your gallon of water that, when paired with a 7 oz. ISOBrick is designed to keep your water cool for the duration of your sporting event or gym workout.

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