Meal Prep Backpack

It is not just athletes, bodybuilders, and trainers that need a little meal prep in their life. Meal prep is beneficial to anybody and everybody who puts in the time and effort to manage it. By spending a few hours, just one day per week, planning, shopping, cooking, and packing your meals for the week you can save an average of two hours per day that would otherwise be spent cooking. With that additional time you could start a new hobby, reinvest yourself in an old one, or spend more time making your family and/or friends a priority. An extra two hours per non-meal prepping day, equates to an average of twelve additional hours in your week that can be spent on any activity that you may choose.


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No matter where you choose to spend your extra time, or what activity you decide to participate in, chances are good that you will want and/or need to take gear along with you. Whether you are headed to the gym, on a hike, for a bike ride, or just to the park for some family fun a meal prep backpack will store all of your necessary personal items, as well as any healthy meals or snacks that you want to take along to keep your energy at peak performance levels. With enough insulated space for four to six meals you will be set for a full day of solo activities or an afternoon of fun with the family. Needlessly spending money on fast food, or restaurant meals, when you find yourself out of the house all day long, is a thing of the past when you invest in a meal prep backpack.

The Meal Prep Backpack – An Outdoor Activity Pack


The beauty of meal prep is that it makes deciding to leave the house and be active the hardest part of going. Now you do not have to stop to cook yourself some food first, or run to the store for some healthy non perishable snacks to shove in your backpack. With meal prep you can just open your refrigerator, grab a meal prep container that has been pre-packed with healthy and delicious meal options, throw it in your meal prep backpack, and head out the door. Going on bike excursions, afternoon hikes, and weekend camping trips becomes much easier when food is already prepped and ready to go, before you walk out the door. The main reason that people use for avoiding outdoor physical activity revolves around a perceived inconvenience that can be eliminated once adequately prepared for the situation at hand.

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The traditional backpack model has been used for decades when traveling outside for physical activity, whether it is for a hike through the mountains, a camping trip in the woods, or even just an afternoon bike ride on your favorite trail. It is good practice to pack your backpack with everything you may need while on these excursions. In the past this meant having the essentials such as: a first aid kit, bug spray, and a water bottle packed away with less essential equipment such as a hat, an extra pair of clothes, and non-perishable and healthy snack options. Now that the Isolator Fitness IsoPack has come out on to the market as a perfect meal prep backpack though, everything has changed. This backpack not only has enough space for your past necessities but it also has an added lower compartment, designed with food in mind. It is fully insulated and can keep four to six meals cold for over sixteen hours, so that no matter where you go, you can carry your food along with you.

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The IsoPack meal prep backpack has the same main pocket of a traditional backpack that can be used to carry hiking or camping equipment and extra clothes. It also has a smaller front pocket that can be used to carry small personal items that you may need to have quick access to, such as: keys, a wallet, first aid kits, bug spray, an ipod and headphones, or even a compass or gps. There is even a narrow back pocket that was originally designed to carry a laptop or tablet in a separate compartment from school books, and folders, but can also be used as extra dry storage, or storage for a hydro bag, during outdoor activities. The meal pocket is located below the meal prep backpack and is accessible from both sides of the bag via fold down zippers. The exterior access makes it easier to both pack and unpack your meals. There are also two mesh side pockets that make carrying water bottles conveniently hands free during both short and long excursions.

A Meal Prep Backpack – Adventure Awaits

Those who meal prep are more likely to pay closer attention to their daily dietary requirements than those who cook their meals on a daily basis. This is because having food readily available and on hand, reduces the risk of giving in, to the basic temptation and the convenience of unhealthy fast food options. Even people who watch their caloric intake, and study the nutritional values of the foods that they prepare can be caught off guard and at risk for unhealthy eating behaviors during travel, purely out of the on-the-go convenience that restaurants, convenience stores, and fast food establishments offer. With the IsoPack meal prep backpack that argument is rendered null and void however, because the most convenient meal just happens to also be the healthiest meal, that is prepacked into the insulated meal pocket of your bag.


The IsoPack meal prep backpack is small enough to be used as a carry on during flights meaning that you will never again have to choose between having healthy food to eat on the plane, or something fun to occupy your time, because you will be able to fit both. Loss of luggage is a real concern, especially for frequent travelers, so being able to fit an extra change of clothes, and a toothbrush in their carry on, along with in flight entertainment such as books, puzzles, or electronics is important, for those just in case circumstances. This backpack not only has ample space for all of that in its large top pocket, and thin back pocket, it also has a front pocket that makes keeping track of important travel documents a cinch. As if all of that were not enough the most important facet of this backpack is the meal prep storage area, the insulated compartment that allows the bag to be called a meal prep backpack.


The meal prep storage area is located on the bottom of the bag and can be accessed by two zippered flaps, one on each side of the bag. Since this area is located outside of the bag, rather than inside, the meals are more easily accessible and convenient for travel. The insulated area was designed and built to store four to six meal prep containers and keep them cold for more than sixteen hours, which is at least four hours longer than any of the competitors meal prep backpacks. Preventing your food from reaching any temperatures higher than 40° F, so that it will remain free from bacterial growth is the most important aspect of a lunch bag, and with the IsoPack you can travel from morning to night, and never need to worry that your meals are any less safe at the end of the day than they were when you began your trip.

School Meal Prep Backpack – From Classrooms To Field Trips

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As if the IsoPack meal prep backpack does not already offer plenty of benefits, it also doubles as a traditional school backpack, that just happens to have a lunch box attached to it. This serves as an advantage for students who might otherwise forget their lunch box (if it were not attached). It is also a useful bag for those students who already have to carry an exorbitant amount of stuff to and from schools, whether it is for their classwork, sports team, or other extra curricular activities. These students can cut down on the number of bags that they have to carry around, packing their lunches with the rest of their school essentials, in their insulated meal prep backpack. It is important to note that since the meal prep backpack is a two in one bag, it is a bit larger than a traditional backpack and therefore it is best suited for high school, and college aged students.


The main top pocket is relatively similar to a traditional backpacks large top pocket, providing enough interior space for books, folders, and homework assignments. Since the use of laptops and tablets in schools are becoming more prevalent and common, there is also a narrow padded pocket in the back of the bag that is specifically constructed for the safe and padded carrying of these types of electronics. The smaller front pocket is perfect for stashing small personal items that you may need quick access to, including: a set of keys, a wallet, an ipod and headphones, pens, pencils, a calculator, or even non perishable healthy snacks. The two side mesh pockets are also incredibly convenient for carrying water bottles or any other type of beverages to and from class, while maintaining free hands.

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The insulated meal pocket is what makes this a meal prep backpack rather than just a regular backpack. It is located on the bottom of the bag with exterior access via zippered flaps on either side which makes for easier packing and unpacking of the meals. Since many students spend the majority of their days away from home, whether it is at school, or practice for a sport, or just hanging out with friends the meal pocket is made to hold four to six meals and can accommodate additional healthy snacks as well. The IsoBricks work together with the insulation of the bag to create a cooling capacity that is second to none, keeping meals cold for more than sixteen hours. This is key to helping keep the meals safe from bacterial growth so that the students can avoid infection and remain healthy.

Meal Prep Backpack Accessories



Three main types of accessories are included with the purchase of each meal prep backpack sold by Isolator Fitness. They are: meal prep containers, IsoBricks, and plastic utensils. These are included so that upon receiving the IsoPack in the mail, you are immediately equipped with everything you need to successfully begin and maintain meal prepping.

Meal Prep Containers

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Each meal prep backpack comes with eight meal prep containers in four different sizes, to accommodate a variety of meal prepping options. The sizes are as followed: twelve ounces, sixteen ounces, twenty eight ounces, and thirty eight ounces. Two of each of these sizes is included with the IsoPack. To provide the safest and healthiest meal storage possible all of these meal prep containers are leak resistant and BPA free. They are also freezer, refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher safe, to provide the utmost convenience to the user.



IsoBricks are ice packs with a unique design which allows them to remain flat whether they are frozen or thawed. This design makes freezing simple, and storage within the meal prep backpack a cinch. Since they are perpetually flat, they also take up less space within the bag than a traditional ice pack would, and they are less likely to pop, crack, break or leak. Two of the twelve ounce sizes are included with every meal prep backpack, and should be utilized together in order to create the longest lasting cooling capacity possible.

Plastic Utensils

Isolator Fitness also includes a set of plastic utensils with the purchase of each bag. They are made with a specific type of plastic, which is stronger and more durable than traditional store bought plasticware. This means that they can be washed and reused. They are also cheap enough to be a disposable option, so that you do not have to pack you more expensive household utensils are risk losing them.

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