Scientifically approved methods for faster weight loss.


 The weight loss battle continues to demand every bit of attention from all fields including science. They describe weight loss as an easy and absolutely attainable task. Meanwhile, it has proved to be an uphill task for people who struggle with weight loss, with no success.

Well, if you are sailing on a similar ship, you should borrow these scientifically tested and approved hacks. They insist on embarking on healthy homemade meals and a lot of exercises. Here are more details on effective methods that will leave you fit and healthy.


Drinking water.




Scientifically approved methods for faster weight loss.


Water is basically the cheapest and the simplest way of attaining your desired weight goal. A majority of you know this and have probably used this, but it does not seem to reciprocate results as well as you would wish.

For efficient results, scientists have recommended that you should drink water at least one hour before taking your meal. This ensures that you eat fewer calories as it fills your stomach.

Secondly, it is agreeable that water helps in pumping up your metabolic rate by 24-30%. With this, you will burn extra calories, effortlessly. More importantly, to ensure that you drink plenty of water from wherever you are, you should carry it around with you on the Isolator Gallon water Jug Cooler. The IsoJug eases portability of your water to the gym, beach, morning jog and to all outdoor activities. Therefore, ensure you drink enough water throughout your day and watch your weight wash away in the most fashionable way!

Scientifically approved methods for faster weight loss.


Black coffee it is.


With no doubt, we all love how coffee elevates our energy levels. There are numerous goodies that the magical black coffee brings to the table.

As the caffeine gets absorbed into our systems, it boosts our metabolism by 3-11%. The best part is, it burns 10-29% of your excess fat. This is definitely a delightful fact as far as getting fit is concerned. However, we should watch out for the sugar levels as an excess of it will only set us back. This is why it is highly recommended that you drink home prepared coffee to limit the amount of sugar. You can also maneuver around with your healthy homemade coffee in the Iso

However, we should watch out for the sugar levels as an excess of it will only set us back. This is why it is highly recommended that you drink home prepared coffee to limit the amount of sugar. You can also maneuver around with your healthy homemade coffee in the Isopack. Remain assured that you will not only enjoy your homemade cup of coffee, but also the scaling down of your weight



Cooking with coconut oil.



It is certainly disheartening that most cooking oils are armed with content that leaves us with nothing but unfit and fat bodies. We all want to avoid the weight battle, but if you are already fighting it, coconut oil is the effective weapon for this. I know this because science has proved that the triglycerides fats contained in coconut oil pump up our metabolism.

Needless to say, having a homemade meal is the surest way to achieve this. Whether you are going to work, a picnic, traveling, family outing, special meals or carrying out outdoor activities, there is no better way of carrying the meals in an orderly manner than by using the Isomini, 6 Meal Isocube, 3 meal Isocube, and the 6  meal Isobag. 

This way, you can enjoy your home cooked meal from wherever you are. The coconut cooking oil helps to trim down the weight and in keeping fit while ensuring that you consume healthy food.


Limit the added sugar.


It is definitely hard to imagine your tea, coffee or juice with less sugar. Sugar goes a long way in ensuring that you enjoy your drink, but it is also a good reason why your scale won’t go down too! As if this is not enough, sugar also puts you at a risk of being unfit, getting diabetes, obesity and not forgetting to mention, heart diseases. To kill all these birds with a single stone, it is certainly the high time you refrain from added sugar as doctors recommend. Frankly, the body will adjust before you know it.



Aerobic exercise.


Exercising remains the unbeaten technique of attaining body fitness. If we all know this, we are also aware that aerobics does a good job at helping us shed weight evenly throughout our bodies. The scientist cannot agree more. Up to three thorough aerobic sessions a week, will do nothing but justice to your excess weight. An Ice cold water after a well-deserved and thorough aerobics session sums up the amazing feeling. The Isolator Gallon water Jug Cooler understands this need and will keep the water cold. The quenched thirst at the height of your metabolism will get you fully energized and ease the weight loss process.

Eating more fiber.


Scientifically approved evidence supports the fact that fiber is an important tool in helping you tone your weight down. To begin with, fiber eases digestion which leaves no room for storage of fat as the majority of the food will be passed down as waste. Fiber also keeps you satisfied longer which in return makes you eat less. With this, you will keep your weight in check for a longer time. As you prepare your meal, ensure that it is rich in fiber to quicken the weight loss process.


Eat more vegetables and fruits.


This is also an undisputable weight loss technique that even non-scientists will agree with. I know this because I always eat fruits and veggies and it has never gone short of my expectations.

Fruits and vegetables are a one-shot that will help you to attain satiety, a quenched thirst, fibers, lots of nutrients, just to mention a few. Eat fruits instead of that pack of potato chips or crisps and you will never look back. With that said, you could save a few pounds by carrying your garden fruits and homemade vegetable salad very easily on the Isolator bags. Within no time, you will attain a healthy looking body, a flawless skin and weight gain will never be your portion.

Eat more proteins instead.


Protein lovers will agree with me that even a little content will easily fill them up. Well, scientists are in support of this fact. They have evidenced a metabolic boost of up to 80-100 calories a day as a result of consuming more proteins. It may be hard to believe but, they have further studied a trend whereby, consumption of 25% of protein calories has reduced the habit of thinking about food by 60%. Well, do not be haunted by guilt for adding a little more proteins to your plate. It does more good than harm.



Understanding and implementing the above does not feel like rocket science to me as it should not to you. Do not miss a chance to redeem your fitness with the Isolator bags because they were manufactured solely for this purpose.

Scientists have assured us that attaining your desired weight goal has everything to do with healthy eating. Therefore, do away with the crazy weight loss myths and uphold a culture of eating a homemade food. There is certainly no better way of accomplishing this than by grabbing your own Isolator bag. It will be in your favor to fix these tips into your routine right away for ultimate results.