Stretches To Relieve Sore Legs

When it comes to staying active, fit and healthy there is nothing more important than keeping your muscles limber and free from injury. After all, if you’re in too much pain to move, or your muscles are too tight to function then you’re never going to be able to get in the workout that you or your body deserves. Unfortunately tension, pain and injuries are all a part of the game though so it’s important to be prepared with some helpful stretches to get you back in the saddle. Whether your legs are sore from a particularly straining workout or a day of travel resulting in physical inactivity and tension we’ve got the perfect stretches to help relieve sore legs and get you back to feeling great!


All of the stretches on this list can and should also be used as warm up and cool down stretches during your daily or weekly workouts. Do not limit your stretching to times of exercise though. If you find that these muscles become tight or painful and cause you to have sore legs at random intervals throughout the day, go ahead and take a moment to stretch them out. Your body will thank you for it, trust us.

Relieve Sore Thighs

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Unless you’re one of those people that skips leg day (please don’t be one of those people), you are going to occasionally find that your thighs are tight and uncomfortable. To loosen up your sore legs and ease the pain stand tall with both feet firmly planted on the ground hip width apart. Slowly lift your left foot back and up towards your butt, keeping your thighs and knees parallel to each other. Grab your left foot with your left arm and pull up slightly increasing the stretch in your left thigh muscles. Hold this position for at least thirty seconds before releasing your foot and returning to a full standing position. Complete the stretch again, this time using your right foot and right hand to stretch your right thigh.  

Relieve Sore Hamstrings

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To complete this stretch and relieve your sore legs stand up straight with your feet about hip width apart. Bend your right knee and lower your body slightly while stretching your left leg out straight keeping your heel on the ground and your toes pointed upwards. Gently lean your upper body forwards to deepen the stretch on your left hamstring. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds before returning to a standing position and repeating with your left leg bent and your right leg outstretched to leave pain and tightness in your right hamstring.

Relieve Sore Calves

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If you’ve ever gotten a Charley horse then you know just how important it is to know the proper technique to stretch out your calves, because when that pain hits you want to make sure you can relieve it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Relieve the pain of your sore legs and calf muscles with this easy, upright stretch. Stand straight up with your feet hip width apart. Place your hands on your hips for stability and step your right leg slightly forward and bend your right knee, keeping your left leg straight. Keep your back upright and straight while you push your left heel into the ground, making sure not to bend your left knee. Hold this position for at least thirty seconds to stretch out your left calf before returning to a standing position. Repeat on the other side to stretch out your right calf too.

Relieve Sore Hip Flexors

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Many people tend to forget that their hips need to remain stretched and limber in order for their legs to feel good. This hip flexor stretch will relieve the tension in your hips so that your sore legs might get a bit of relief as well. Start this stretch standing with your feet facing forward and hip width apart. Step your right leg forward keeping your back leg straight. At this point the stretch closely resembles your calf stretch. Now slowly bend your right leg and sink into the stretch pushing your buttocks forward. You should now feel the stretch loosening up your left hip joint. Hold this position for at least thirty seconds for a deep stretch and come back to a standing position. Repeat again with the left leg out front to stretch out your right hip joint.

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