Top 5 Back To School Must Haves

As the summer starts coming to a close it’s time to start getting ready for another school year. Before you get too bummed out about having to get back to all that learning though, remember that back to school means back to school shopping! And who doesn’t love shopping for a host of brand new back to school necessities?! Add these top 5 back to school must haves to your shopping list this year so that you don’t get left behind.



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Between sports commitments, and academic requirements, family obligations and a social life, the school year can be exhausting. But it doesn’t have to be. Stock up on Nuun tablets to add to your water and create a refreshing flavored beverage that does more than just re-hydrate you. They are created to restore your natural electrolytes, essential vitamins and energy. With five different types of tablets choose between active, energy, all day, natural, and plus to accommodate your specific lifestyle needs.


Slow Cooker

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A slow cooker may not be a back to school requirement for high school students but it is an absolute must have for any college student. Staying healthy in college is difficult. Between greasy fast food, calorie loaded dining hall food, and of course party snacks, staying on track with your nutrition can be a chore. Do yourself a favor and get a slow cooker. You can cook a week’s worth of healthy dinners overnight, while you sleep. The best part is, that due to the unique way the food is prepared in a slow cooker, you can buy the cheapest cuts of meats for your meals and they’ll still turn out juicy and delicious.


New Workout Attire

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Back to school shopping often involves picking out a fresh new wardrobe for the coming year. Don’t forget that while you’re getting your new shoes, tops, and jeans, you should also buy a few new pieces of workout gear. Pick up a new sports bra, some running pants or shorts, a new moisture wicking shirt or two, and of course a new pair of workout specific sneakers. Once you have the new clothes, you might just find that you’re more likely to work out because you don’t want all of your money to have gone to waste on attire you never wear.


Activity Tracker

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Staying physically active during the school year is important. Studies show that people who wear activity trackers tend to be more physically active than those who do not. It is believed that this is because the activity tracker keeps you accountable for your movement, or lack thereof. If you’re already super active, an activity tracker likely won’t change your behaviors but it can help you to monitor your heart rate during exercise and keep track of how many calories you’ve burned during the day. From basic models for about $20 to technologically advanced options well over $200, there is a design, style, and practicality for everyone.  



No matter what your nutritional needs are this school year there is an ISOBag that is perfect for you. The ISOMini is a small lunch bag that holds enough food to get you through the school day. The ISOPack is a backpack that can hold all of your school supplies AND your lunch plus a few after school snacks. And the ISODuffle is a full sized duffle bag designed with space for all of your sports gear, and enough food to keep you energized in the classroom and on the field. Check out the configurator to custom design your ISOBag for a one of a kind personalized back to school look that will make all of your friends jealous.


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