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Valentine’s Day–Swolemate Style


Dinner, a movie, some flowers and chocolates. This is the recipe for every boring, cliche, overplayed, not to mention unhealthy, Valentine’s Day date ever created. This Valentine’s Day why not mix it up a little bit, and add a little bit of fitness fun to your celebratory festivities. It doesn’t matter if you live in a cold or warm climate, there are always outdoor fitness options. And if you prefer indoor activities, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too. Afterall once you’ve found your swolemate, it should be nothing but the best for you and them.

valentine's dayvalenitnes date

1 take a classNo matter what your cooking abilities level is there’s always room for improvement. Take this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity for you and your swolemate to learn new cooking techniques in the kitchen to make your meal prep faster and easier in the future.

2 couples massage

You and your swolemate work your bodies hard all year round whether you’re at the gym, on the field, or hitting the pavement, so reward yourselves this Valentine’s Day with a couples massage. Let a professional work out all of the knots in your sore muscles so that you can work them harder.
3 hike

hikingGo For A Hike – Getting outside and going for a hike with your swolemate is a great way to be active, without working up a sweat (especially if you live in a colder weather climate). Find a local trail and get exploring! Be sure to bundle up if you live in a cold weather climate to avoid hypothermia.

4 hit the gym

For some swolemates hitting the gym means taking a trip down memory lane, to the place where they first locked eyes, across the rows of sweaty bodies doing squats and bench presses, and fell in love. What better way to spend the most romantic day of the year, than back where it all began?

5 bike to gymBike To Dinner – If you live in a larger metropolitan area and choose to dine out for Valentine’s Day, pick a local cafe that features organic and healthy options, that’s close enough to walk or bike to. Forgo the fancy attire for some comfy sneakers and take advantage of the commute as a chance to get a little extra cardio into your day.

6 cook a romantic meal

couples cookingInvite your swolemate into the kitchen for a little cooking excitement. Plan, prep, and cook a delicious and nutritious meal together to enjoy by candlelight. To add a little extra spice to your night check out the top aphrodisiac foods that you should focus your Valentine’s Day menu around.
7 winter sport

February is the perfect time to go ice skating or skiing with your swolemate. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t cold outside where you are, as long as there are indoor ice skating rinks or indoor snow parks near you, you can enjoy the excitement of winter sports, without having to travel north.

8 dancingIt doesn’t matter if you have rhythm for days, or can’t tap your toes to a simple beat; dancing is all about having fun, and being active. You can sign up for a dance class or even hit up a local dance club, if that’s more your speed.

9 run togetherDon’t let all of your time in the gym go to waste. Put all of your hard work and training to the test this Valentine’s Day by competing against your swolemate and strengthening your heart by participating in a local race.

10 yoga

Let go of your inhibitions and get flexible with your swolemate in a couples yoga class. If you’re looking to turn up the heat a little try out hot yoga, where the temperatures easily reach 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. During a time of year when we pack on the extra layers to stay warm, it’s nice to have another reason to shed a few.

11 water sportsIf you’re lucky enough to live in an area where the weather permits engaging in watersports year round, take advantage! Shake things up a bit and take your swolemate out on the water this Valentine’s Day and go kayaking, surfing, rafting, or water skiing together.

12 horseback riding

horseThere’s nothing more romantic than horseback riding on the beach, don’t you agree? Even if you don’t live anywhere near the beach you can still enjoy the relaxation of taking a romantic ride on the back of a horse with your swolemate, through the setting of your choice.

13 amusement parkIf you and your swolemate are a couple of adrenaline junkies then an amusement park might just be the perfect setting for your Valentine’s Day date. Ride a few coasters, and play a few games, but most importantly pack your own snacks and meals because nothing’s worse for your progress than a day of binge eating cotton candy and funnel cakes.

14 play game twoAtennis little bit of competition never hurt anyone. Bond with your swolemate over a nice game of golf or tennis to get your heart rate up. Practice your own form and be sure to get behind your partner to help guide them towards their perfect swing too.
15 rock climbing

Strap on your harness and get ready for some action! Never been rock climbing before? No problem. Just hit up an indoor rock climbing gym and let a trainer show you how it’s done. Of course, if you’re more experienced and would prefer climbing outdoors there are plenty of great spots for that too!

16 fitness game

If you’re stuck inside, or just don’t feel going out for Valentine’s day, you and your swolemate can always stay active, and up the competitive ante by playing fitness themed video games on a Nintendo Wii, Playstation Move, or XBox Kinect.
17 go to warGet out all of your pent up aggression with a nice healthy game of paintball or laser tag with your swolemate. Team up against the world, or take on each other and see who comes out on top!

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