What is Meal Management?

Question: What is Meal Management?

Answer: Meal management is the combination of meal prep, meal planning, and meal storage all working together in synergy.

what is meal management

If you are wondering “what is meal management?”, then it is likely that you have heard about meal prepping, which of course is the process of planning, shopping, and cooking the meals that you are going to eat throughout the week ahead of time. Meal prepping tends to take a fraction of the time as daily cooking, and ensures that you will never be without a homemade meal. Meal management certainly encompasses that practice, but it is about much more than that as well. Once the meals have been prepared and packed away in your refrigerator the meal prepping step is over, but meal management has just begun.

what is meal management

To successfully answer “what is meal management?” not only do you have to know what you are going to eat for the week, but you have to have, and follow, a plan for when you are going to eat. This schedule is often based on your level of physical activity, age, weight, and gender. For instance a 30 year old female who is overweight and leads a fairly sedentary lifestyle, will not need to same amount of caloric fuel as a 30 year old male who is fit and regularly physically active. Learning what your basal metabolic rate or BMR is can be a great starting point to help you figure out how much food you will need to consume in the course of a day, to meet your fitness goals. Once you have that information, all you have to do is figure out the timing breakdown for your meals.

There is one more important factor to answering the question “what is meal management?” though, and that is meal storage. Since most people spend the majority of their day outside of their homes, meal management can seem overwhelming, when they try to factor in how in the world they are going to carry all of these meals with them and keep them fresh and cold. That is where meal management bags come into play. Isolator Fitness makes the best meal management bags, and with seven different sizes and styles they have got something for everyone regardless of current fitness levels, and future fitness goals. These bags are designed and manufactured to keep anywhere from one to eight meals (depending on the bags size) cold and fresh for sixteen hours, with the use of IsoBrick ice packs.

what is meal management

So, what is meal management? In short, it is the combination of knowing what you are going to eat, when you are going to eat it, and how you are going to safely carry it with you throughout the day. Meal management can be described as packing pre-cooked meal preps into meal management bags (specifically designed to carry multiple meals), that will be eaten at pre-scheduled intervals, in order to keep your glucose levels steady, and your energy levels high all day long. Basically meal management is the best process by which you are able to gain complete control over your dietary habits.


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