What Meal Prep Bag Is Right For You?

What Meal Prep Bag Is Right For You?

Trying to decide on what meal prep bag is right for you? If you are serious about your health then this is the most important decision you’ll ever make! But don’t stress! We are here to help! This guide will help you choose the best bag for your lifestyle. Let’s first take a look at the key features every meal prep bag or meal prep lunch box should have before you buy. 

Key Features To Look For In a Meal Prep Bag 

  • Heavy Insulation (keeps food fresh for at least 12 hours)

  • Durable (quality zippers and stitching)

  • Comfortable (straps and weight)

  • Versatile (function and style )

  • Additional storage for personal items

  • Safe (made with non-toxic materials)

Choosing the Best Meal Prep Bag

Before selecting a meal prep bag you should determine whether you will be using it for work, travel, school, gym, or outdoor activities? Another factor to consider is whether you’ll need additional storage. Will you be storing gym gear, school books, laptop, etc? Lastly, how many meals do you need during your day? It’s good to keep these questions in mind when looking at your options below. Let’s get started by exploring specific features of our Isolator Fitness bags so you can choose the best meal prep bag for you! 


The ISOBAG is our most popular bag, and perfect for everyday use. It serves a range of lifestyles. You can even choose from the  3 MEAL ISOBAG ® or 6 MEAL ISOBAG ® depending on the number of meals you need each day.  It’s durable, safe, trusted, and keeps your meals fresh all day. It also comes in more than 30 different designs! 


If you are a meal prepper with an active lifestyle then the ISODUFFLE™ is perfect for you! Whether you’re headed to the gym, yoga class, or a sporting event you have extra storage for your additional gear. Both the high-quality insulation and chilling packs (ISOBRICKS) keep your meals fresh for up to 16 hours. The ISODUFFLE is the best multi purpose meal prep bag that allows an organized space for both your gear and meals.


This is the best backpack if you engage in outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping. The RUGGED ISOPACK™ provides room for your meals, a pocket for a water bladder, and space for your personal items. 


The ISOPACK is the ONE bag that can hold everything!  No need to lug around heavy bags that put unnecessary strain on your body! You will never need to pack or carry multiple bags again. It is a comfortable bag that is designed to fit: 4-6 Meals, gym gear, laptop, phone, keys, and water bottle. If you carry a days worth of items around with you then you’ll be all set with the ISOPACK.


Our smallest meal prep lunch box that you can take anywhere! The ISOMINI is a lightweight meal prep bag on the go; family trips, travel,  or school! You can even use it as a temperature controlled medicine carrier. The ISOMINI can also be used when you need just one or two meals for the whole day.


The ISOCUBE is a slim, lightweight meal prep lunch box. This compact bag is perfect for day to day. The ISOCUBEhas a slim design so you can meal prep in style. The ISOCUBE still features 2 fully insulated compartments to keep your food cold for 12-16 hours! Along with 3 mesh pockets to hold small personal items. 

Why it’s worth the investment

Investing in the right bag will save you time and money in the long run. Bags that are made with cheap materials quickly fall apart. That’s why Isolator Fitness meal prep bags are made with high-quality American made zippers and stitching. We also use non-toxic materials and offer a lifetime warranty! Choose a bag you can trust! 

Still not sure? Checkout some of our happy customers below!

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