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Three years ago I decided I didn’t want to live the

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The picture on the left was taking a year and a

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It took until I was 23 years old to even begin

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From a size 14 to a size 4, I’ve lost over 65 pounds and feel absolutely amazing!! I realized I was headed down a path that I didn’t want to be on, so I made the change to start living a healthier life. I was sneaking drive-thru food late at night, never working out, and making an excuse every single day as to why I couldn’t be healthy and active. A friend of mine introduced me to AdvoCare, a supplement company, and in less than 1 month, I dropped 2 pant sizes!


For many of my teen years, I struggled with having an eating disorder– I would get really skinny, just to turn around and “puff” back up. I maintained this pattern for many years never thinking about the consequences of my actions and how I was hurting myself, my body, and my self-esteem.


The photo on the left was taken in December and I weighted 279 pounds, the photo on the right was taken the first week of July and I weighed in at 23 pounds. 46 pounds down in 6 months time!


Hi my name is Ann Smith, I asked for the Isolator

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