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The most important aspect of fitness is nutrition. Nothing else matters, without a balanced diet of good carbs, healthy fats, and plenty of protein. You could spend all day in the gym on every machine known to man, but if when you step into your kitchen your healthy habits stop, then you have essentially wasted your energy for nothing. Meal prepping is one of the most helpful ways to ensure that you stay on target with your health and fitness goals. It guarantees that you have nutrient rich foods ready and waiting for you everyday, to make eating healthy the most convenient option available to you. After all, the most popular reason for eating unhealthy foods is because it’s quick, easy, or convenient. By making eating healthy even more convenient, you are significantly increasing your chances for nutritional success. Meal prep containers are a vitally important aspect of meal prepping, and without quality, durable, and affordable meal prep containers to assist in your healthy meal preps, success is not sustainable.


We all have our own reasons for meal prepping:

  • Special Dietary Needs – Whether you’re vegan, diabetic, obese, an athlete, or a bodybuilder, you have special dietary needs that can not always be easily met by restaurant menus or daily cooking.
  • Allergies – It’s hard enough to have life threatening allergies that you have to deal with, without having to worry about whether or not every little thing that you want to eat contains even trace amounts of that allergen. Packing your own meals is the only way to be sure that you don’t accidently ingest something that will make you ill.
  • Budget Restrictions – Eating dinner out even on occasion is expensive, and the expenses add up faster than you might realize when you include lunches out of the office, and coffees on the way to work. Cutting out even one of these regular expenses can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars every year.
  • Time Restrictions – It seems that everybody is looking to add a little bit of order to their life, while carving out some free time for themselves every night. The first step to succeeding with this life goal is to start practicing weekly meal prepping.
  • Temptation Avoidance – One of the hardest things to do is walk away from a candy bar, bag of chips, or other unhealthy but tasty treat, when you’re hungry. It becomes increasingly easier to avoid that temptation the more satisfied that you are by your basic nutritional intake however.

But the benefits are the same for everyone.

  • Feel Better – When your body receives the nutrients that it requires to function properly, you will be amazed by how much better you feel. Breathing will become easier, exercise will become more efficient, and your digestive system will even become more effective.
  • Live Cleaner – A person who meal preps is a person that cares about themselves. This  means that they will be less likely to gorge themselves on unhealthy sweets and treats, and more likely to fuel their body with fresh ingredients.
  • Stay Healthier – The more balanced a diet becomes, the healthier that person becomes, and the healthier a person becomes, the more likely they are to continue participating in healthy activities. This means that once a person makes a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, they tend to stick with that commitment and remain a healthy individual.
  • Think Clearer – Sugar has an interesting effect on the brain. When the body gets too much sugar, blood sugar levels quickly spike which causes disorganized thoughts and makes focusing more difficult. Unfortunately rather than returning to normal levels after the sugar is used the blood sugar tends to drop dramatically causing lethargy and increasing distractibility. Packing meals and bringing them along with you wherever you are helps to eliminate the sugar spike and crash associated with high and low glycemic levels in the blood, which makes thinking clearly a much easier task.  
  • Increase Energy Levels – Meal prepping allows you to focus less of your attention on the mediocre tasks of the day so that you have more energy to focus on the important things. Eating correctly will create symbiosis between the systems in your body so that they will not have to work as hard to maintain basic functions, which will also leave your body with more energy.


Meal Prep is also about Economy of Time

What’s the last thing you want to do after a long day at work, and often the first thing you have to do? COOK! Cooking can easily take an hour or more out of your day, that you could be spending relaxing, working out, spending quality time with your family, or catching up on extra work. That doesn’t even include the time you might have to spend at the grocery store, to pick up ingredients for dinner, or the time you spend afterwards cleaning up the pots and pans used to make the dinner. After all is said and done two to three hours of your free night has the potential to be interrupted simply in trying to eat. It isn’t any wonder why so many people opt for faster, but less healthy options such as restaurant or fast food meals instead. All of the work that goes into a daily meal is exhausting to even think about.

Without a proper meal prep plan a multitude of problems arise from the lack of desire to spend time cooking daily.

  • Unhealthy Meals – When you are pressed for time, it is less likely that you will take extra time to prepare healthy meals for you and/or your family, which inevitably results in the preparation of unhealthy prepackaged, or frozen meals instead of the nutrient rich meals that you deserve.
  • Disconnected Family – Spending hours in the kitchen everyday does more than just wastes your own time, it also wastes the time of your family. This is time that could be spent together, bonding, and fortifying important relationships. Unfortunately because food was not prepared ahead of time, and placed into convenient meal prep containers for future consumption, that wasted time could lead to a family that is disconnected from each other.
  • Wasted Money – Meal prep containers seal in pre-made food for freshness days later, so that you don’t have to worry about wasting money on unused or uneaten food. Not having any pre-made food to stock within your meal prep containers often leads to dinners out at restaurants or fast food establishments, which is an unnecessary waste of money, on overpriced, too large portions of unhealthy meal choices.
  • More Stress – So many aspects of cooking can induce stress, from deciding what to cook, to making sure you have all of the necessary ingredients, not to mention the actual preparation and clean up involved. Sitting aside a few hours once a week to do all of this, on a much larger scale and package the results into organized meal prep containers though, takes away all of the daily stress related to cooking.

The solution to all of these problems and more begins and ends with weekly meal prep. It is a solution that is guaranteed to work every single time. By preparing your weekly meals in a few hours, on a single day of the week and storing them in meal prep containers in your refrigerator or freezer until you’re ready to eat them, you will gain hours of free time back into your life. Imagine what you could do with all of that time. The beauty of packing this food into individual servings with meal prep containers is that it’s as if you have your very own stash of the healthiest TV dinners available, for a fraction of the price of overly processed, and sodium laden store bought varieties. The convenience remains the same as all you need to do is pop your pre packaged containers into the microwave and within minutes of getting home you and your family will be eating a healthy, homemade meal. And if you feel like spending a little uninterrupted time at the gym before heading home, your family will never need to call and bug you about when dinner will be ready because with this simple solution, dinner is always just a few minutes away.

Having an abundance of fresh pre made dinners, conveniently packaged in meal prep containers, at your disposal will benefit your life in a few different aspects.

  • Save Money – It may seem like the drive thru dollar menu is a great value, or that all you can eat wing night at your favorite restaurant will save you a ton of money, but in reality both of these dinner choices are a drain on your bank account. Buying whole and healthy ingredients may give you sticker shock at first, but once you come to realize how many different meals you can prepare with those foods, and how many days they will feed you for, it quickly becomes evident that fine dining, fast food establishments, and everything in between is just a huge waste of money.
  • Nutrient Rich Diet – Eating out definitely has it’s perks. You don’t have to cook, and you don’t have to clean; no one has to agree on what they want to eat, and you can all order your own meals regardless of what anyone else is having. But the benefits just don’t seem worth it when you factor in the money spent, and the calories consumed. Especially when you can get all of those benefits from a weekly meal prep, which costs marginally less and will be more nutritious for you and your family.
  • Finally Full – It’s not a strange, or unexplainable phenomenon that the more you eat, the more hungry you feel. This happens because of a chemical reaction, caused by the foods which you’re eating, that triggers your brain to crave more food; not because you need more food, but because you need more nourishment. The only way to finally feel full is to feed your body correctly so that these chemical reactions cease to exist.
  • Less Busy – Saving yourself hours every night by already having healthy meals prepared for yourself and your family gives you back hours to your day. Hours that you can choose to designate to whatever you want. This time can help you to feel less busy in your everyday life; not just because you’ll have significantly less to do, but because you’ll also have more time to complete the necessary tasks.
  • Relaxation – So much of our time is spent stressing out about the future, but by taking time to prepare accordingly for it, we can eliminate that stress and embrace the periods of relaxation that will follow. Meal prep container TV dinners, allow you to focus on your personal needs before the nutritional needs of others.
  • Organizational – Colorful meal prep containers do wonders for improving the organization of your refrigerator and freezer. With seven different colors, including: red, purple, gold, green, blue, orange, and black the organizational options are abundant. Whether each person in the family gets their own color, or a different color is assigned to each day of the week, meal prepping organization has never been easier, or more salient.
  • Productivity – Finding more hours in the day is as easy as preparing meal preps. Once your food is cooked and prepackaged for the week, that daily task is taken off of the table, leaving you with more time to get more important things done. Whether your productivity involves having more time to focus at work, or more time to interact with your family, you’ll certainly find it if you take a little time out of a single day to meal prep for the entire week.

Meal prep containers are a vital piece of the puzzle and one that you’ll be lost without. There are those that will tell you that different containers are significantly better for different situations, but the truth is that if you buy a set of quality, durable, and affordable meal prep containers you’ll be set. You might be asking yourself “What does the container matter?” and lucky for you, I have the answer. Take a look at the chart below and see if you have a preference of which meal prep container you’d rather eat from.

North American Made Made In China
Eco-Friendly Wasteful
Reusable Disoposable
BPA Free Health Hazard
Space Efficient Bulky
Microwave, Dishwasher, Freezer Safe Unreliable
Virgin Polypropolene Unknown Reusable Products

North-American MadeThe proper meal prep container can make or break your preparation habits. Investing your money in cheap, poorly made containers that fall apart after only a few uses could discourage you just as much as buying expensive bulky containers, that don’t fit into your lifestyle, or your kitchen. The best containers will not only match your own personal needs and desires but will also match the qualities present in Isolator Fitness designs, so be sure to do a little research before you buy.

When you buy a meal prep container that has been made in North America, you’re getting a guarantee that the product is compliant with a higher caliber of safety requirements than those that are made in Eastern countries such as:

  • China
  • Korea
  • Taiwan
  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia

Buying Isolator Fitness meal prep containers also means that you can be sure that the plastic in which you’re storing food that will eventually be put into your body is:

The plastic that we use is lighter, and thinner than other products, ensuring that we do not waste any precious resources, but also strong enough to stand up to everyday use, because they are infact intended to be used every day.


These meal prep containers are designed and built to be used every single day, to be tossed between, freezer, refrigerator, meal prep bag, microwave, sink, and dishwasher all in the course of the day and to be ready to face it all again the very next day if necessary.


BPA, otherwise known as bisphenol A., is an industrial chemical that is found in certain food and beverage plastic containers. It is possible that the BPA chemical can cause negative health effects related to the brain, prostate gland, and behavior of fetuses, infants, and young children. It is also possible for this chemical to seep into the food or beverage which are held within containers containing it, which is why buying BPA plastic is vitally important to the health of your family.


Undertaking the task of meal prepping for a single person can result in the use of as many as 40 meal prep containers in a single week (depending on how frequently a person eats, and how many meals they’ll be meal prepping ahead of time). For an entire family, that number can become quite a bit larger. Investing in space efficient meal prep containers is important to ensuring that they will all fit in your freezer, fridge, and cupboards.

Microwave, Dishwasher, Freezer Safe

Freezer storage capability is essential. Having a product that can keep your food fresh in the freezer, without worrying about cracking, or breaking of the plastic, or freezer burn on the food is key. It is especially convenient to have these same containers be microwave and dishwasher safe as well, so that from storage to clean up, you’ve only dirtied, and have to clean, one container.

Virgin Polypropylene

Recycled polypropylene brings with it a host of problems, including the fact that it’s never guaranteed that the plastic used to make your new food containers, hasn’t previously been used for things like lawn furniture, or storage pails. These recycled products can be rather dirty and thus contain trace amounts of these contaminants, that are then transferred to your plastic meal prep containers. Buy virgin polypropylene plastics for your food containers and you won’t have to worry about what toxins may be lurking in, on, or around your meals. The most important quality your meal prep containers need to have is being made from virgin polypropylene. Everyone loves recycling and recycled products because they are good for the environment, but when it comes to the container that is going to hold food items that you plan to ingest, you need to make sure it’s not made from a recycled plastic.

Did You Know:

Products made from recycled plastics often come from unhygienic and unsafe recycling sites. ( These sites are often the homes of millions of bacteria that cause the spread of diseases and cause infections. These toxins are often captured within the recycled materials found there. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like a place I want my mouth anywhere near! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for recycling. In fact, my outdoor chairs are made from recycled plastic materials, but then again I don’t store food on my outdoor chairs…

The facts are in. Meal prep containers MATTER! Everything about the container matters, from the materials used to make it, to the manufacturing process, the sites on which they were constructed, and which countries those manufacturing plants happen to be within. All of these factors go into determining the quality and dependability of the meal prep container that you’re about to buy. Make sure that you know your facts, about your containers before you buy, because these facts have the ability to affect your health and safety, as well as the health and safety of your loved ones. Buy quality, sustainability, and Eco-friendly when you buy Isolator Fitness.

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