Pack Your Meal Prep Bag With Confidence

A weekly meal prep occurs when you carve out a few hours of a certain day of your week to plan, shop for, and cook all of your meals for the following week. In a fraction of the time, and for a fraction of the cost, you prepare meals that are more healthy and satisfying than those you might whip together after a long day at work, and certainly better for you than a meal you would go out for. Check out our meal prep ideas if you’re having trouble deciding on fun and healthy recipes to make.

The most convenient aspect of meal prepping is that you always have your lunch and dinners cooked and ready to go when you get hungry. There’s no more excuses for eating unhealthy foods because they’re ‘faster’ or ‘cheaper’; because there’s nothing faster or cheaper than a home cooked meal already stocked in your refrigerator. It’s easy to run out of time in the morning when you’re getting ready to leave for work. When that happens, it’s likely that you’ll skip breakfast and eat out at a fast food dive or convenient store for lunch, unless you already have your meals made and ready to grab and go.

mealprepeasyWhen you know that you’re going to be away from home for the majority of your day, or even just long enough to require one meal, it’s imperative that you plan for success and pack for satisfaction. Not everywhere you travel to will house a refrigerator that you can use to store your meal prep, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring your healthy food with you wherever you go. It just means that you’ll have to bring your own refrigerator. No, not a real one.

The meal prep bags we design are the next best thing to a refrigerator and thanks to their lightweight design, you’ll be able to conveniently carry them with you wherever you go. They have been expertly crafted to provide intense cooling capacity that keeps your food out of the food temperature danger zone for up to 16 hours at a time. This means that anyone, no matter who they are, what job they have, how long they are away from the house, or what kind of specialty diet they are on, can find value in this product. From the kindergartener whose parents don’t want him to consume the heavy calorie laden foods from the cafeteria, to the bodybuilder who requires 6-8 meals per day to perform at his peak, these meal prep bags provide benefit to anyone who uses them.

While maintaining a healthy level of fitness and nutrition is important in civil service positions, being on patrol and away from the station for such long periods of time doesn’t bode well with a healthy diet. Police officers and military personnel alike often find themselves either overindulging on snacks throughout their shifts, or they realize at the end of a long day that they haven’t yet eaten. It’s not often that they’ve forgotten but rather that they didn’t have time for, or access to, a decent meal during their shift so they just made due with what they had. Civil service workers often have to be careful about logo displays on their personal properties are frequently forbidden from having any type of brand show on their belongings. The black-out edition meal prep bags disregard the corporate need for a discernible logo in exchange for a more meaningful contribution to the community. These bags provide police officers and military members, who cannot display logos while in uniform, with a healthy solution to their dietary scheduling conflicts.

meal-management-bagSince these lunch boxes come in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors it’s easy to find one that fits your personal style. Whether you’re a fitness junky and you need a duffle bag that can handle all of your gym clothes with separate space for all of your meals; or a busy college student looking for a backpack that can carry your food and your books without weighing you down, there’s a style made with your specific needs in mind. Of course there are also meal management bags that have no other frills or additives included and they’re even available in sizes capacities ranging from 1 meal to 8 meals so that no matter what your nutritional goals are or where you’re going, you can always stay on track with your diet.

When you have special dietary needs or restrictions, simple things like leaving the house for the day become a chore. You need to plan out stops throughout your day where you’re sure their menu coincides with your eating habits, or else you need to pack your meals yourself. While packing your own meals is obviously a much easier choice, it wasn’t always a viable option, because most nutritious food needs to be kept cold. Traditional lunch boxes don’t provide the kind of cooling capacity needed for an entire day away from refrigeration. Isolator Fitness meal prep bags on the other hand, provide the long lasting cooling capacity needed to withstand whatever challenges you throw at them for up to 16 hours.

Pack confidently when you pack in your iso meal prep bag, knowing that no matter what you put in it, or where you take it, your food will remain unspoiled and delicious. Staying on track with your nutrition and remaining dedicated to your health isn’t a fad and your bag shouldn’t be either. It should have the strength of manufacturing to stand up to whatever torture you put it through, while remaining a personal expression of yourself with your color and pattern choices, which are both feats that your Isobag will have no problem achieving.

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