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Before the sun rises, you’re out of bed dressed in your workout clothes. You head outside or to the nearest gym to partake in some early morning cardio to get your blood pumping and your energy levels up. When you’re finished with your routine, whether it’s running, biking, swimming, or any other cardio focused workout, you shower and dress for work, without picking up any free weights or touching a single weight machine. Sound familiar?

We’ve talked about the importance of a healthy diet, and of a generalized workout routine. But now it’s time to talk about why strength training is specifically important to achieving your fitness goals. Everyone has their own favorite gym activities, even if the gym isn’t your favorite place. But it’s important to step outside of your cardio comfort zone and focus on exercises that may not be all that enjoyable to you, like strength training.


According to sports nutritionist, Rebecca Scritchfield, eating the right meal around your training is vital to your progress. In fact, nutrition has a significant impact on your results. Researchers have found that what you eat before, during, and after a workout session can make the difference between achieving your workout goals and falling short. This article provides a comprehensive overview of what to eat before a workout to optimize how your body burns fat and builds muscle.


Nutrition accounts for about eighty percent of your overall health, which means that maintaining a healthy and well balanced diet is exceptionally more important to your overall body composition than exercise. Of course that’s not to say that exercise does not hold value, it simply means that without the proper nutrients, no amount of exercise will ever give you a tight and chiseled body. Bodybuilders understand this concept better than anybody which is why they spend so much of their time and energy on making sure that they are only fueling their bodies with the very best and natural ingredients. Since building muscles takes an incredible amount of energy those who bodybuild for a living (or even as a hobby) must often eat much more often than the average person.


When it comes to fitness, it’s pretty obvious that nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. But what may not be obvious to the average observer, is that fitness is influenced significantly more by nutrition than it is by exercise. The split is about 80/20. No one knows this better than athletes and bodybuilders, who spend their lives perfecting a balance between their nutritional intake and their physical activity levels. This is why a bodybuilding food bag has a specific look and design to it. The average lunch box holds about enough food for one lunch, and maybe a couple of small snacks, but a bodybuilding food bag has the potential to hold up to eight meals. With the amount of physical exertion that a bodybuilder puts out, they have to fuel their body more often, and with more calories than the average person, so having constant access to enough meals to last them the day is crucial to their success.