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CLA + Fish Oil Health Bundle

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CLA + Fish Oil Health Bundle

CLA + Fish Oil Health Bundle

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Fat Burn, Cortisol Control and Wellness Bundle

Fish Oil provide the body with beneficial omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to support good health. This specific mixture of DHA, EPA and Fish Oil provides the body with the building blocks necessary to repair neurological and muscular tissue for mental health and rapid physical recovery. You will feel more positive and energetic once this Fish Oil supplement has become an integral part of your everyday nutritional routine.

This CLA supplement works with your body to increase natural metabolic rates and build and retain lean muscle mass. The unmatched combination of conjugated linoleic acid and NON-GMO safflower oil is essential for heart health as it increases blood flow through vasodilation to shorten recovery time post-workout. You will feel stronger and more fit once taking this CLA supplement becomes a norm in your everyday life.

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CLA + Fish Oil Stack