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The BEST weight-lifting straps in the world! Made in the USA. ISOGRIPPS™ lifting straps can take your training to the next level. They are comfortable, durable, and affordable!

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ISOGRIPPS™ are the ultimate all-in-one lifting grips that replace powerlifting hooks, lifting straps, gloves and even act as a callus guard.

You never have to worry about sweat and moisture with the no-slip grip. Say goodbye to chafing and blisters forever!

ISOGRIPPS™ is a life changing tool for those who suffer from tendonitis, arthritis and carpal tunnel, as well as those with limitations due to a finger amputation.

ISOGRIPPS™ enhance all movement and exercises while allowing you to isolate your target muscle.

ISOGRIPPS™ are not limited to weight training. They can also be used in any capacity such as:

  • carrying a heavy bag or suitcase
  • a filled wheelbarrow
  • a paddle when canoeing/kayaking
  • holding onto the rope while water skiing


ISOGRIPPS™ are designed to support your grip by evenly distributing the weight. When properly worn, the ISOGRIPPS™ will not cause any pain when in use. It is important that they fit securely; not tightly. Each grip is clearly marked with a tag indicating left or right wrist.

Select from these 4 sizes:

  • SMALL 5.75-6.5 INCH WRIST
  • LARGE 6.75 - 7.75 INCH WRIST
  • X-LARGE 7.75-8.75 INCH WRIST


  • Made in the USA!
  • Military Grade Velcro hook, Military Spec Webbing
  • USA manufactured Neoprene - (to give the ISOGRIPPS™ the best functionality available in the market.)

If you are an individual with different sized limbs for any reason (Amputee, Muscular dystrophy, etc) or you are just unsure if you might need 2 different sized products, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact us at where our team will help you put together a customized kit.

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