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Isolator Proforce Edition

The Isolator is a revolutionary lifting device that isolates your chest, back and shoulder muscles without using your hands or secondary muscle groups.

The Isolator is designed to enhance your training if you have a broken hand, a hand injury or if you don’t have hands. This product is made from Military Spec Webbing and is designed to last many years.

If you are an individual with different sized limbs for any reason (Amputee, Muscular dystrophy, etc.) or you are just unsure if you might need 2 different sized products, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact us at where our team will help you put together a customized kit.


Proforce Sizing Video feat. Lindsey Spitler

Putting on The Isolator

Isolator Chest Exercises

Isolator Back Exercises

Isolator Shoulder Exercises