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Because Healthy Workers are Productive Workers.

In any business, the most valued assets are the employees. Isolator Fitness makes it easy for companies to bring a turnkey, healthy lifestyle culture to businesses of any size. Through specially designed products and services, keeping your employees healthy and productive has never been easier.


A simple equation: Nutrition resources, fitness tracking and professional fitness/diet guidance


Isolator Fitness is passionate about helping people lead a healthy lifestyle. As a business owner or manager, you can put this passion to work for your organization. Our core offerings revolve around 3 core wellness principles.


Fitness & Nutrition Apps

Corporate Wellness APS


Isolator Fitness provides fitness and nutrition apps for your employee's wellness and fitness tracking. Our ISOTRITION™ app has been lauded as the most comprehensive nutrition app available. All apps interface with either the Apple iWatch or FitBit line of wearable fitness trackers.


Corporate Wellness APS

Our Isotrition™ app helps employees manage their nutrition

Meal & Nutrition Management

Corporate Wellness


Isolator Fitness is the world leader in meal and nutrition bags. Our meal bags help keep employees eating healthily and on schedule. For our Corporate Wellness customers, we are able to design specialty bags that showcase your company's color theme and logos.


Custom Meal Prep Bags With Your Company Logo

Custom meal bags with your company logo

Professional Guidance

trainers and dietitions - corporate wellness


With a network of over 500 personal trainers and registered dietitians, Isolator Fitness can provide your company with personalized fitness and diet guidance - no matter where you are located. Our network of professionals spans the globe, which means that personalized, attentive service is always nearby. 


Isolator Fitness Trainers and Dietitians

Personal service and attention from our network of trainers and dietitians

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