Custom Backpack

You Are Unique, Your Meal Bag Should Be Too

Imagine being able to design your fitness meal bag in your choice of fabric color. MYISO is Isolator Fitness's online bag build and customization tool. You are special and now you can reflect it with a custom design of your choosing.

How Does It Work?
All of our bags are made of “panels.” Normally, we would pre-select standard colors whereas in MYISO, you select the color of the panel that you want. Want monogramming or embroidery? No problem, with MYISO you can easily add your name to your design.

How Long Does It Take?
Bags ship within 10 business days after they are ordered.

How Much Do They Cost?
We tried to keep costs as low as possible. MYISO bags are 20% more expensive than our standard ISO designs. Remember – you are commissioning a hand-made, quality piece of merchandise to be made for you and nobody else.

What Designs Can I Build Online?

MYISO will initially launch with the


And Soon To Follow:

  • Kids Backpack
  • Adult Backpack
  • The World's Best Baby Bag!

Can I Put An Image On My Bag?

Yes-- for an additional $30 charge, Isolator Fitness can put images on designed panels of your Isobag.

What About Text and Embroidery?

No problem – you can even set your text, font choice and color within MYISO.

What Is The MYISO Contest?

To kick off the launch of MYISO, we will be launching a contest with the following categories (USA Only)

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So, When Is It Launching?
We are wrapping up our final rounds of testing and will be launching the contest by 3-18. Follow us on any of our social media channels to be alerted once MYISO is ready to roll!

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Custom Backpack