Meal Prep Bag and container sale



Fitness Freaks

The Isoduffel and Isopack are perfect for gym-lovers. Their spacious interiors offer more than enough room to hold all of your gym needs as well as all of your healthy meals, snacks, and pre-/post- workouts! Our bags are designed to keep your post-workout food and drinks cold all day so they're nice and chilled after you work up a sweat. Transitioning between work and workout has never been easier!


Abs are made in the kitchen! Without a proper diet, it's impossible to be a successful bikini girl. Meal prepping and a quality meal management bag are essentials in order to keep your diet and body show or beach ready. The Isobag helps take away the temptation of eating poorly when you've got all your own yummy meals packed, so you're never too far from your bikini bod!


Busy mom always on the go, but sick of feeding your kids fast food? With the Isobag, you'll be able to keep healthy food cold and fresh all day so you know exactly what's going into your kid's mouths and your children will never be hungry again. Our Isopack is great if you're in need of extra space for toys, diapers, and other needs in addition to all the healthy snacks your little ones love!


Special Diet Meal Prepping

Eating out is almost impossible if you've got a special diet to adhere to, whether for personal or health reasons. Restaurant temptations are hard enough as it is, but with the Isobag you'll be able to stick to your diet and stay healthy by keeping all your home cooked meals fresh and ready to go. Sticking to your meal plan and diet has never been so easy!

Student Athlete Meal Prep

Morning workouts, classes all day, and afternoon practices make up the everyday lives of college athletes. The Isopack is perfect for any student-athlete looking to avoid grabbing a quick lunch at one of the Student Center's fast food stops. With the Isopack, you'll be able to hold your practice gear, textbooks, and laptop in the backpack and laptop compartments, while still having room for your pre-,post-workout, and lunch in the cooler compartment.


The Isopack is perfect for keeping drinks and snacks cold and fresh while you go on any adventure your heart desires. You'll never have to worry about being hungry at the top of a mountain again! With comfortable, padded shoulder straps, the Isopack can hold anything you need for a day or a weekend on the trails without worrying about it digging into your shoulders.


Men's Weight Loss Systems

Weight loss is a combination of eating right and working out. The easiest way to eat right is to prep your meals ahead of time and have a quality lunch cooler to keep them fresh and cool all day long! The Isobag makes eating right that much more attainable and helps stave off the temptations in the break room. Also, with your first purchase, we'll send you 10 FREE low-carb recipes!

Diabetes Management / Meal Prep

Managing your blood sugar levels will no longer be a stress with the Isobag. The Isobag will help you maintain your diabetes through a healthy diet and taking away the temptations of unhealthy, high sugar foods. This meal management system will hold any food, snacks, and insulin you need to get you through the day.

POLICE, Fire EMT Lunch Coolers

While saving other people's lives, it can be hard to look after your own. We know you work long hours and often times fast food is the easiest option while you're on the job. The Isobag helps take away at least one of the risks of your job by helping you avoid eating poorly by having healthy meals right at your fingertips. The Isobag is designed to keep your food cool and fresh for up to 16 hours, so you don't have to worry about it spoiling in the patrol car, ambulance or fire truck.

Travel Bags and Duffles

Traveling can be expensive; you're already spending big bucks to go on a trip, why would you want to worry about spending even more money on food? All of our bags allow you to pack up your own food so you can save your money on cool souvenirs rather than blowing it on another meal. The spacious Isopack and Isoduffle are perfect for world travellers and backpackers, and each bag is designed to fit as a carry on!

Women's Weight Loss

Abs are made in the kitchen! The best way to lose weight is to eat right, seems like a no-brainer, right? But it's a lot harder than it sounds. The Isobag helps you stay on-track with your healthy eating habits, so you won't be tempted by the break-room traps! All of our isobags are designed to stay cold for up to 16 hours, so your food will stay fresh through work, your workout, and any other errands you have!

Meal Management for Body Builders

Getting your gains and macros has never been so easy than with the Isolator Fitness Meal Management System Coolers. Quality, handmade in the USA, we offer a variety of cooler systems to fit any bodybuilders needs--our Isopacks and Isoduffles will transport you from home to work to the gym in one convenient bag. Our Isobags are strong enough to hold all the meals you'll need while you're away from home.