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"Beats Six Pack Bags in Every Category"


Massive Joe gives a Raw Review of Isolator Fitness's 6-meal and 3-meal bags. He shows you all of the inner workings of the bags including: side pockets, top pockets, front meal management pocket, and convenience strap. He compares the ISOBAG to his previously owned Six Pack Bag(s) and the ISOBAG comes out on top in every category including: Price Point, Containers (quantity and quality), Interior Space, Flexibility, Cooling Power (lower temperatures for longer durations) and overall manufacturing Quality.

Jennifer Uses Her ISO BAG Everyday


Jennifer shows you what's in her ISOBAG and gives you ideas on what you can store in yours. She shows that her 3-meal bag holds up to 4 meals, depending on the size of the containers used. Full shaker cups fit in the side-insulated pocket but she uses half sized cups. The old freeze flat ice packs are shown (new Isobricks can be purchased here) Jennifer suggests keeping your vitamins, snacks, and utensils in the top compartment of your ISOBAG and your condiments in one of the two side insulated pockets.

ISO BAG VRS 6 Pack Bag


Betsy Lane compares ISOBAGS to 6Pack bags. She shows that the physical size of 6Pack's 3 meal bag is the same as Isolator Fitness's 6 meal bag but that an ISOBAG can fit double the meals. She boasts that her ISOBAG is lighter, smaller, carries more, and keeps her food colder than her old 6Pack bag, not to mention American made with better quality products and less likely to break. She raves about Isolator Fitness's meal prep containers ability to stack, and save space and suggests purchasing a Harness and Sidekick to avoid carrying unnecessary bags.

What she fit in the 6Pack bag: 3 Meals, 1 sweet potato, bagged dry oats, bagged protein powder, 2 shaker bottles, salad dressing, and her keys (packing the bag to the brim).

What she fit in her ISOBAG: Everything from the 6Pack bag PLUS four more meals, all of her vitamins for the day, a magazine, napkins, and hand sanitizer (with space left over).

Coach Real Reviews


Coach Real explains why ISOBAG is the best! He loves that his 6-meal bag fits more than just 6 meals. He explains that with 3 places for your ice packs it'll keep your food AND supplements (in 2 insulated side pockets) cold all day. Coach Real shows that the ISOBAG also features a top pocket for vitamins, wallets, and music players. It has 2 convenient straps already but he's purchased the Harness and Sidekick to make travel a breeze with extra storage.


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