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GIA Wants You To Stay on Your Nutritional Track


Gia Macool from Coolfit TV stresses the importance of staying on track with your nutrition and suggests the ISOBAG as a way to help you do that. She suggests meal prepping ahead of time and packing your meals in the containers that Isolator Fitness provides with the purchase of all of their ISOBAGs so that they are ready to go everyday. Gia goes over the organizational properties of the ISOBAGs many compartments that carry supplements, water, shaker bottles and more, as well as what's included in the purchase of the bag including: meal prep containers and ice packs.

Glutes "N" Glam Loves Her ISO BAG

Glutes N Glam shares her opinions of her year and a half old 3-meal and 6-meal ISOBAGs. She takes one with her whether she's running errands, or traveling. She explains that they both conveniently fit both under the seats of an airplane and in the overhead bins so that it's easy to carry on your meals and keep them cold and close during travel. One of the features that she is most impressed with is the inclusion of meal prep containers that are: microwave safe, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, BPA free, lead free, compact and stackable.

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