Drive Awareness, Increase Productivity and Boost Morale With the Finest Meal Bags Available

More Americans are focused on health and wellness today than ever before. People want to know about GMOs, and superfoods. They want to learn how to not only look better but also how to feel better through diet and exercise. Millions of internet searches about workout plans, diet plans, and general wellness concerns prove that people WANT to be healthy. So what’s the catch? Economics of time. Single income houses are becoming more rare, as the cost of living increases. More people are spending their time working long hours, then coming home to family responsibilities. They are overwhelmed with multitasking to the point where only a fraction of their to do list is ever actually crossed off, and every day ten more things are added. With all of these added stressors compacted on the lives of most American’s it’s no wonder that people are having a hard time finding the time to invest in their health and wellness goals.

Design Your Brand's Bag Online - Have it Delivered in 10 Days

Fortunately as a business owner, you can help your employees to achieve their goals, at least their diet goals, all while promoting your own company. In the long run healthier employees are happier employees, who will keep your turnover rate low and even cost less to insure. And what’s better than keeping costs low, all while advertising yourself to the world to increase awareness and sales? Well, nothing if you ask us. It may sound too good to be true, but trust us on this one, it’s possible. Here’s how… The newest addition to the Isolator Fitness meal management bag line up is a completely customizable bag, designed and made for your company, with your label, and colors. Thanks to MYISO, an online tool that will assist you in designing your own custom bag for your company, your employees can be healthier, your visibility can increase, and best of all you can even sell these bags to your own customers to bring in additional income, and expand your brand.

Step 1: Pick Your Styles

We have six different bag sizes to choose from, so whether you’re looking for a small lunch bag, or a travel duffle we can accommodate your needs. Our ISOMini is the smallest of the bunch and holds one to two meals, and is perfect for office lunches. The ISOCubes come in two different sizes, the three and the six meal. The three meal cube can hold three to four meals, as well as a few snacks and a bottle of water or two. The six meal cube holds between six and eight meals, a few healthy snacks, and up to two water bottles. Both of these options value space efficiency, while still maximizing meal storage space. There are also three larger bags. The ISOBag three meals and ISOBag six meals are similar to the cubes, but each have two additional insulated side pockets which can act as additional meal, beverage, or condiment storage. The ISOPack is the ultimate all-purpose bag that can be used to carry four to six meals, up to two water bottles, and anything else you may need for the day; from laptops and tablets, to textbooks and notebooks, and even hiking essentials. It’s also a great option for flight travel, as it’s the perfect size for a carry on.

Step 2: Design Your Bag's Colors

Depending on the style and size that you choose you can customize your bag to include up to eight different colors including: white, grey, charcoal grey, black, neon green, yellow, tangerine, red, light blue, blue, navy blue, pink, fuchsia, and purple. The ISOMini can be made in five different colors, or coordinating colors, using five different fabric panels. You are able to choose the color combinations for the front, left side, right side, top lid, and meal door panels. With both of the ISOCubes six panels are available for color customization, including the: front, left side, right side, top lid, meal door, and gusset panels. Both of the ISOBags have eight panels that you can choose the color combinations for, including the: front, left side, left lid, right side, right lid, top lid, meal door, and gusset. The ISOPack can be customized using three different colors. The panel options on this bag include the: chassis, upper door, and lower door.

Step 3: Don't Forget Your Logo

Complete your custom look by adding your own company’s logo right in front, on the meal door. Upload your image, and send it on over, after your logo has been approved we’ll screen print the logo directly onto the meal panel for the highest quality personalized look for you and your company.

Fast American-Made Turn-Around Times

When it’s all said and done and the products are complete, we’ll ship them out to you so that you can disburse them within your company as a part of your corporate wellness program, and begin selling them to all of your customers. All that’s left for you to do then, is to sit back and watch as your brand grows. In addition to increasing your market visibility with walking billboards you’ll also be helping your employees reach their health and wellness goals, inevitably saving you insurance costs as well as turnover costs, while increasing their productivity and company morale. What’s not to love?

Well, what are you waiting for? Get started on designing your company’s custom bag now!