3 Meal Prep Bag Blackout

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Isobag 3 Meal Blackout Edition

$84.99 - $99.99

$49.99 - $69.99


The Isobag™ 3 Meal System allows you to keep your diet on track by having all your meals organized on the go.


Blackout Edition ISOBAG™

You asked, we delivered! We added an array of colors to our Isobag lineup, and when we asked our customers for their thoughts, we heard an overwhelming want for an all black meal bag. Not long after, the Blackout Edition was born! This generation of Isobags was created with better fabrics and insulation and stronger stitching techniques. The Blackout Edition is our most popular meal prep bag with a black screen printed logo overtop of a black front panel.

Dimensions: 14"x9"x8" (LxWxH)
Weight: 2.5lbs.

Storage features of the ISOBAG™

Contents of ISOPACK


  • 3 - 16oz Meal Prep Containers
  • 1 - 12oz Meal Prep Container
  • 1 - 28oz Meal Prep Container
  • 1 - 38oz Meal Prep Container
  • 2 - Isobricks
  • 1 - Shoulder Strap
  • Features:

  • Front Food Container Storage
  • Insulated Side Pockets
  • Mesh Drink Pockets
  • Top Storage Compartment
  • Includes Meal Prep Containers & Isobricks

  • In-Depth Breakdown of Bag:

    The Isobag consists of a top storage compartment that is great for housing healthy snacks or protein bars, a front-loading compartment for 3-4 Isobag containers, two mesh side pockets, two insulated side pockets, and a comfortable shoulder strap. The Isobag comes with a set of our stackable, dishwasher, microwave and freezer-safe meal prep containers and two of our unique Isobricks, which are designed to keep food colder, longer. These Isobricks, combine with our needled insulation will keep your meal prep cold for 12-16 hours. Isolator Fitness has one of the best warranties in the fitness industry, including stitching, zippers, and any manufacturing defects. Because our Isobags are proudly made in America, we guarantee that they are made with only the best-quality materials by only the highest-qualified workers.

    Dimensions: 14"x9"x8" (LxWxH) Weight: 2.5lbs.

    Keeps Cold for 12-16 Hours* *DEPENDING ON CLIMATE/TEMPERATURE OF ENVIRONMENT* All food containers are BPA FREE, and are Microwave/Dishwasher/Freezer Safe. Be sure to break the seal between the lid and the container before microwaving.

    Meal Management Bag Breakdown

    A Bag for On-The-Go Lifestyles:

    Isobag Meal Prep Bag is ideal for All!

    The Isobag 3 Meal is the best meal bag on the market. It is designed to keep your food fresh and organized while you’re away from home. Our bags are hand-sewn with the best materials so that your Isobag won’t fall apart after mere months of use. With each bag sewn with reinforced stitching patterns, sturdy materials, and triple-checked for perfection, our Isobags will hold up against everyday use and wear and tear--unlike many of our competitors. Staying healthy while on-the-go has never been easier than with the 3 Meal Isobag.

    Perfect for Those Financially- and Fitness- Minded Individuals With Busy Lifestyles:

    The 3 Meal Isobag is perfect if you lead a busy, healthy, fast-paced lifestyle. Attempting to eat healthy on-the-go is difficult and expensive--with the Isobag 3 Meal, you’ll be able to easily, fashionably and confidently carry your healthy meals and snacks with you anywhere you go. If you’re looking to invest in your future health, the first investment you need to make is in the best fitness lunch box-- The Isobag.

    DID YOU KNOW- Limiting eating out to twice per week can save up to $1,232 per year.

    A Size and Style for EVERYONE!
    Isomini meal management system 3 Meal Isobag meal management system 6 Meal Isobag meal management system Isoduffle meal management system Isopack meal management system

    Additional Information

    Meal Capacity 3-4 Meals

    Customer Reviews

    Love my ISObag Review by colores
    Overall Rating
    Absolutely in love with my limited edition black out ISO bag. The three container compartment is perfect for tiny little me. I recommend this bag to everyone. My coworkers are all envious of my bag and I foresee everyone at work with this bag. (Posted on 7/14/2016)
    Great Review by Jack sparrow
    Overall Rating
    I use my isobag everyday to pack breakfast and lunch for work! Love it! (Posted on 6/30/2016)
    Awesome Product and Excellent Customer Service Review by Suzi C
    Overall Rating
    Absolutely love my iso bag, and the blackout is so sleek. It's the perfect bag for me as a nurse, where I can pack all my meals, drinks, extras, and even my nursing supplies. I was caught between the 3 meal bag and the 6 meal, but the 3 meal is more than big enough for everyday use (although the 6 is still an awesome deal and great for travel). I had one very small issue with one of the lids and the Isolator Fitness immediately responded, pulled some strings and helped me out! Great company. (Posted on 5/9/2016)
    Awesome Lunch Bag Review by Polish Prince
    Overall Rating
    Excellent product. Perfect amount of storage for 3 meals, top compartment adds extra space for additional items and side pouches are perfect for shaker cups. Ice packs fit perfect and keeps my food cold for my entire 10 hour work day. Material and Zippers feel like high quality. I could not dream of a better product and use it every day. Better than what I expected. (Posted on 5/3/2016)
    This Bag Goes with Me Everywhere!!! Review by Masheli
    Overall Rating
    I love that this bag can hold up to 4 drinks. 6 days a week, I carry Pre workout, water, and a protein shake to the gym. I use one of the out drink compartments for my sunglasses case and lip gloss. I carry my rice cakes in the top portion, and of course, I carry a few meals in the middle compartment.
    The ice packs are great and keep items cold at least 5 hours; thats about how long I've needed/experienced.
    Oh and I lOVE the blacked out look!
    (Posted on 4/3/2016)
    Great product Review by JCook
    Overall Rating
    Quality of the product is second to none. If they were a tiny bit cheaper I would buy a couple more for friends and family. I love mine (Posted on 4/2/2016)
    So far, so good Review by Ben L
    Overall Rating
    Using this to replace a lunch box that I had for 8yrs. This box/bag has many great features. It's made of strong material (inside and out). It also has good zippers, good compartment layout, and a good shoulder strap. The bag has plenty of space. I have switched up my bottles to fit the bag...which is no big deal. The side compartments will accommodate two 32oz. Nalgene bottles without any issues. Taller shaker type bottles won't allow for zip closure. The netted pockets are roomy, and can carry those type of bottles. The top compartment is handy as well. I use it for my supplements, and misc. stuff. Overall, I'm completely satisfied with this purchase. The bag is great! I'm looking forward to having it for quite some time. (Posted on 3/28/2016)
    Dinning in style Review by thefitangel
    Overall Rating
    I recently purchased my own Isobag 3 meal blackout edition after buying one for a friend a few months ago. I travel with work and school and needed something more substantial to hold my food and this bag does the job! Keeps my food cold and portion controlled. The extra pockets and storage is great too. I'm a big fan of the blackout look too. Thanks! (Posted on 3/22/2016)
    5 Star Quality Perfect Review by Rob
    Overall Rating
    This bag is amazing. The quality is top notch. Keeps my food cold the entire day just about. Side pockets are great for fruit or a water bottle/drink of some kind. My only issue with the bag is that it was a little bit larger than I expected. Because of this, I am going to buy one of the small ones since I only use this as a meal holder for work. Still giving 5 stars though because the bag is great! (Posted on 2/16/2016)
    Amazing Review by Scohee
    Overall Rating
    I bought this bag for my husband and he loves it! (Posted on 1/28/2016)
    Great!!!! For on the go meals !!!!! Review by Neli26r
    Overall Rating
    I LOVE my ISObag.... great for on the go! Has helped me stay on track with my meals !! (Posted on 1/8/2016)
    Totally exceeded expectations Review by Clifton
    Overall Rating
    I could not be happier with my Isobag! I work ten hour shifts and it is perfect for that. I have meals and supplements always ready. It is the huge reason why I'm staying on track with my fitness and weight loss goals. I've already recommended to several people. (Posted on 1/7/2016)
    Best Meal Prep Carrier Review by Ajaye J
    Overall Rating
    Love everything about this product. Also purchased the harness and mini duffle bag. Makes planning my day easier. (Posted on 12/13/2015)
    Everything I wanted Review by T
    Overall Rating
    I really enjoy using my Isobag. It is able to hold everything I need and then some. (Posted on 12/1/2015)
    Best one in the industry! THE one to have! Review by Nitro2016
    Overall Rating
    I live in Az & this one really works great! Very nicely made. I just wish it had a magazine pouch on the back! (Posted on 11/25/2015)
    You cannot go wrong with this bag! Review by Mviands23
    Overall Rating
    When I received my bag I was stoked! This bag not only met my expectations but exceeded them, this is coming from a picky person. My isolator bag fits both of my blender bottles ( different sizes) and my sports mixer . I'm always prepared that way i can stay on track and not be tempted with un healthy choices . (Posted on 11/11/2015)
    Five Stars Review by Melissa
    Overall Rating
    Love this bag! (Posted on 11/2/2015)
    Five Stars Review by Sarah
    Overall Rating
    Perfect bag!! Love it and would recommend. (Posted on 11/2/2015)
    Excellent bag Review by Parker
    Overall Rating
    Excellent bag to carry my food prep containers. Great quality (Posted on 11/2/2015)
    Best meal cooler bag on the market! Gotta love the BLACKOUT look! Review by Connie
    Overall Rating
    Has a lot of great features including two protein shaker slots, two side pouches and a top pocket which are all insulated. Also comes with a plethora of meal prep containers and Ice packs for the bag. I really like the size and the low key look as well as its ability to keep my prep food cold on work days and travel when I need to move my food on a long car ride. Even for traveling you can load your whole foods purchases straight into your bag at the store and be set for a day or two without worrying about losing your gains. This is the best option on the market no doubt, and who doesn't like the blacked out look of the special edition. (Posted on 11/2/2015)
    Worth every penny! Review by Nicole
    Overall Rating
    I love my Isobag! When I ordered, I was nervous that the 3 meal bag would be too small, but it is a lot bigger than it appears in photos and is the perfect size to get me through the workday and then some. The containers are awesome and make meal prep more fun with nice presentation. I have not used mine with the ice packs, but find that when I store it in the work fridge all day, any leftover food is still nice and cold when I get home after the gym (the insulation seems high quality). The bag itself feels nice and sturdy- particularly the handles. I highly recommend this product! (Posted on 8/28/2015)
    Great bag, 99% satisfied Review by Jason
    Overall Rating
    I really like this bag. It was a little bit smaller than I expected which was actually a good thing. It's too bad they didn't put another object next to it in the picture so you could tell. I'd compare it to the length of an NBA player's shoebox, and twice as high. It is very sturdy and has kept food cold. The containers are great, they snap into place all around the top (not just at the corners), although I was nervous at first they'd be flimsy. The only thing I would change, if I could, would be to make the side water bottle pockets as tall as the middle part of the gab. I have a few Cyclone Cup Shaker Bottles and while they fit just fine inside the pocket and I'll still use the bag to carry them, the bottles are just slightly too tall to zip those pockets closed.

    I considered the 6 Pack Bag and watched various YouTube videos about both. I thought the abs on the 6 Pack Bag looked cheesy, and unlike this Isobag it wasn't made in the U.S.A. Very happy with this purchase. (Posted on 8/25/2015)
    My Isobag 3 Meal System Review by Larry
    Overall Rating
    This bag exceeded my expectations !!! It's durable, stylish, and hold enough food. The container are perfect for nests and salads. I get compliments daily.. (Posted on 8/25/2015)
    Love Review by Laisha
    Overall Rating
    Perfect bag for competitors or anyone who meal preps. I was able to fit 6 meals in this 3 meal bag. (Posted on 8/4/2015)
    AMAZING Review by Kristy
    Overall Rating
    This bag is amazing and holds all of the meals I need for the day to help keep me on track!! (Posted on 7/17/2015)
    quality lunch bag Review by Jon
    Overall Rating
    The Isobag 3 meal system is a high quality meal delivery and storage system. It includes a good number of food containers so you can have meals prepped for a few days before having to clean and ready a new container. The fit and finish of the Isobag is top notch. No thinly made walls like some superstore brands. It could even be used for long road trips or couples lunch cooler of small family picnic bag. Also comes with two freezer packs to keep things cold.

    It's an expensive lunch bag...but its quality. I figure it'll last longer than the 3 $15 lunch bags from Wally World that ended up separating at the seams after a couple months use. (Posted on 7/13/2015)
    Made with strong material Review by Luis
    Overall Rating
    The bag look like made with strong materials but the bowls for food are thin and little. Also look smaller than the pic. It is a bit expensive for what I was expecting. (Posted on 7/7/2015)
    ISO Review by Victor
    Overall Rating
    great bag , came with everything it was supposed to
    showed up in great shape and great time (Posted on 6/22/2015)
    Fantastic!! Review by Kevin
    Overall Rating
    My daughter had been looking for a lunch box that would better suit her needs as a body builder. She had been looking at the Six Pack bags, and was very impressed with the quality of the Isobag! Works well with her meal plan, and a little less expensive than Six Pack. The containers that come with it are a little thin, but we haven't had any breakage issues thus far. (Posted on 6/9/2015)
    Perfect for me! Review by Jake
    Overall Rating
    Being a med student who also bodybuilds/runs/does tris this is the perfect accessory for those long days on campus when I get tired of cafeteria food (especially since the food isn't that healthy.) It lasts me all day long until I get back to my apartment. Unlike some of the other reviews, I have not had the ice packs leak and I've had this for six-months. Overall I would recommend this to anyone who is health conscious. Also, my friend bought the other more expensive brand, 6 Pack Bags, and this thing holds its own any day of the week! He regrets spending the extra $30 on his 6 Pack Bag. In short, GET IT! (Posted on 6/8/2015)
    Isobag 3 Meal Review by Diana
    Overall Rating
    Even though it's the smaller version, I'm still able to pack all my meals in for the day! LOVE IT!! THANK YOU! (Posted on 5/11/2015)
    love love love Review by Phaedra
    Overall Rating
    being a busy trainer and dietitian this made my food prep easy and food stayed cold all day 24hours have started to stock at my gym for my clients (Posted on 5/6/2015)
    LOVING IT! Review by Karyl
    Overall Rating
    Wow I totally love this Isobag! It keeps food cold. Plenty of compliments and so far happy with this product! (Posted on 3/9/2015)
    just what i needed Review by Tammie
    Overall Rating
    It's perfect for what I need, plenty if room for my meals and beverages. I use extra ice packs so my food stays colder longer. It's great! (Posted on 2/17/2015)
    Great bag! Review by Roger
    Overall Rating
    This is great for a day. I eat 6 meals a day and use their 6 meal bag if I am going to be gone longer than a day. I love this bag to take to work for lunch and snacks! High quality & looks great. (Posted on 1/19/2015)
    meal planning Review by Brian
    Overall Rating
    Very functional, however the shoulder strap was broken when I received it (Isobag promptly sent me a new strap)... The meal system does allow you to stay on track with your nutritional program...a must if you are serious with a training regimen! (Posted on 10/16/2014)
    great quality Review by Paula
    Overall Rating
    Love it! Extra containers & lots of space. Well made & light weight. Keeps food COLD all day with ice packs. (Posted on 10/10/2014)
    best lunch box ever Review by Brenda
    Overall Rating
    I love everything about this bag! It's the perfect size. It keeps my food cold although I did buy extra cool packs just in case. It sits nicely on my shoulders when transporting (my other bag slid off all the time). The outer mesh pockets are great for my water thermos and travel coffee mug. (Posted on 10/8/2014)

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    Isolator 3 Meal Bag


    • Country of Origin: USA
    • Dimensions: (LWH) 14" x 9" x 8"
    • Insulation: High Density Needled Insulation. R Value = 2.3
    • Food Containers: 6 (4 Different Sizes)
    • Meal Capacity: 3-4
    • Cooling Capacity: 12-16 hours
    • Side Pockets: 4 (2 Insulated, 2 Mesh)
    • Weight: 2.5 lbs
    • Warranty: Lifetime Zipper and Stitching

    Fitmark Shield


    • Country of Origin: China
    • Dimensions: (LWH) 12.5" x 8.5" x 9.5"
    • Insulation: Parcel Foam
    • Food Containers: 5
    • Meal Capacity: 5
    • Cooling Capacity: up to 8 hours
    • Side Pockets: 2 Mesh
    • Weight: 3.4 lbs
    • Warranty: Materials & Manufacturing

    6 Pack Originator 300


    • Country of Origin: Vietnam
    • Dimensions: (LWH) 17" x 9" x 11"
    • Insulation: Parcel Foam
    • Food Containers: 3
    • Meal Capacity: 3
    • Cooling Capacity: 8+ hours
    • Side Pockets: 2
    • Weight: 5.0 lbs
    • Warranty: 1-Year Limited