Isobag™ Accessories

Create an ISOBAG™ tailor-made for your specific fitness and health goals with our line of Isolator accessories. Replacement storage containers, harnesses for easy lifting, and extra Isobricks allow you to enhance the quality and functionality of your ISOBAG™ meal cooler, ISOPACK™, or ISOMINI™.

We designed our line of meal management bags to bring convenience and organization to your active lifestyle. With meal coolers geared toward fitness enthusiasts and on-the-go professionals, our products and accompanying accessories help you stay fit and healthy by making it easy to store and transport your favorite meals.

Now you can plan ahead, and avoid hunger during busy days using our meal organizers and Isolator accessories—each with a different size to accommodate your changing schedule and lifestyle.


You'll never run out of storage for your health foods with our Isobag™ Food Containers. All Food Containers have a stackable design making them easy to store. They are also BPA-free, and dishwasher/microwave/freezer safe. We offer 12 oz., 16 oz., 28 oz., and 38 oz. food containers to accommodate your food storage needs.


Our Isobricks keep your food fresh and chilled while conserving space. Each of our meal organizers contains specially designed slots for our Isobricks to maximize storage potential and maintain optimal temperature to keep your food fresh all day long—up to 12 to 16 hours. We offer 7 oz. and 12 oz. Isobricks to fit all of our meal management bags.


The ISOBAG™ Harness makes carrying around your meals and fitness clothes a comfortable experience. You wear the harness like a backpack, after you’ve clipped your 3 or 6 meal ISOBAG™ to the base. The straps hook on to where the shoulder strap would go on the actual ISOBAG™.

Whether you go between work and the gym, or you’re exploring the outdoors, you’ll be able to take your 3 or 6 meal ISOBAG™ meal management system with you wherever you go—hands free.


Our ISOBAG™ Sidekick attaches to the top of the ISOBAG™ Harness. The Sidekick expands the available storage in our 3  and 6 meal ISOBAG™ meal coolers.

The extra space is perfect for a pair of running shoes, a set of gym clothes, a towel, or anything else you might need during your busy day running around—or working out.



The Isolator Fitness™ Shaker Bottle is available in 400ml and 600ml sizes, and is ideal for those fitness fanatics who appreciate protein shakes and smoothies pre- or post- workout. A wire-mixing ball inside the BPA-free bottle shakes and mixes your beverage to eliminate clumps.

"Our mission at Isolator Fitness is to help our customers—those who seek to lead active, healthy lives—stay on track with their fitness and health goals. We designed the our line of meal management bags and accessories, to keep your favorite meals organized and safely stored for travel. We believe you should be able to eat well no matter how busy or active your schedule is--and that’s why we do what we do." - Isolator Fitness