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Isolator Fitness designed the ISOBAG ™ to be the Ultimate Lunch Cooler—versatile and universal. With its flexible design, the ISOBAG ™ fits your needs with its spacious, on-the-go meal organization. It is the fitness meal cooler that adapts to the demands of your on-the-go health-conscious lifestyle.

To accommodate your busy schedule, we’ve created two ISOBAG ™ variations: the 3- and 6-Meal lunch cooler. Each version includes twice the number of storage containers, letting you swap out dirty ones for a fresh set—saving you prep time during the week.

Created to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts and the rigors of a hectic schedule, the ISOBAGTM provides the organizational capacity to carry your favorite health foods or workout meals with you wherever you go. Our meal management system design withstands regular use and is built to last—making this the last lunch cooler you’ll purchase for years to come.

ISOBAG: The Ultimate Lunch Cooler


The 3-Meal System ISOBAG stores 3-4 reusable, plastic food storage containers, making it ideal for a day or weekend trip. The compact design utilizes stackable containers to maximize storage and organization, making this an ideal companion for the gym. Two interior side pouches accommodate the included Ice Bricks , keeping your food colder, longer.


The 6-Meal System ISOBAG is large enough to hold 6-8 reusable, plastic food storage containers. This fitness meal cooler sports the same design as the 3-meal version, with the addition of a removable middle sleeve and Ice Brick. If you take out the middle sleeve, it’s possible to fit in a larger container—or even a small casserole dish*. This feature turns the 6-Meal ISOBAG into the ultimate take-a-long to any picnic, party, or beach trip! If you’re a regular commuter between the gym and work, the 6-meal cooler offers enough room to carry a day’s worth of meals—no more fast food or time wasted running home for a snack.
* Casserole dish not included


Whether you’re heading out for an afternoon at the gym or you’re packing enough meals for you and your family, the Isolator Fitness ISOBAG is your go-to fitness meal cooler. Thanks to the shoulder strap, it’s easy and comfortable to tote around. And don’t worry about it cramping your style—these lunch coolers come in a variety of colors and styles to match your specific taste.

Dish out your favorite foods in the stackable containers and slide them right into the meal bag. Each meal cooler comes with an extra set of microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe containers to keep you on the go, so you don’t have to worry about running home to do the dishes—not that you’d mind the workout!

ISOBAG™ Features:

• Flexible top handles and shoulder strap provide a secure grip for easy toting

• Top storage compartment on 3- and 6-meal bags provide additional storage for silverware, napkins, vitamins, or medicines

• Zippered, insulated beverage section keeps sports bottles and other drinks cool all day long

• Mesh side pockets create versatile compartments for keys, water bottles, and more

• Available in a range of colors and styles—something for everyone

• Includes up to 3 Ice Bricks made with a non-toxic gel material to keep your stored food colder, 12-16 hours longer. These ice packs have their own designated interior pouch so they don’t take up extra room

• Made with long-lasting materials to create a durable bag that can withstand the rigors of daily use

• Storage containers made with BPA-FREE plastic that is microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe

• Made in the USA

ISOBAG™ is a versatile lunch cooler. Choose from any one of our five styles—and decide whether your active life calls for the 3-Meal System, or the larger 6-Meal System. Each version comes in a full range of colors and styles.

3-Meal System ISOBAG™  6-Meal System ISOBAG™