Compact 6 Meal Prep Bag

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Price From:


$47.99 - $52.99


• Fully insulated meal management system with additional top storage compartment.
• Compact version of the larger ISOBAG® 6 Meal.
• Shoulder strap, 3 ISOBRICKS and 12 food containers (2-12 oz., 6-16 oz., 2-28 oz., 2-38 oz.)
• Dimensions: 13"x8"x10" (LxWxH)
• Mesh side pockets that are good for storing your wallet, keys, headphones, and other accessories.
• Manufactured in the USA.



The Lunch Box Revolution: The ISOCUBE

When it came to designing the ISOCUBE 6 Meal, we decided to take a more conservative approach. We took on the classic lunch box style, but with better functionality. Demand was high for a more compact ISOBAG®, so we created the ISOCUBE. These food prep lunch bags are smaller and more compact than our original gym cooler bag but hold the same amount of Isolator Fitness containers. The ISOCUBE consists of the base of our ISOBAG® 6 Meal without the insulated side pockets that many used to keep water bottles and a shaker bottles cold. Because of its conducive, compressed size, this gym lunch box is easy to take with you anywhere you go.

  • traditional square lunch box style, with a meal prep bag in mind
  • Mesh side pockets for essentials, shakers, and water bottles
  • Keep the same meal capacity of the ISOBAG® 6 Meal
  • Produce the lightest, strongest, and affordable meal bag

    To stream line this meal prep bag we eliminated the side insulated pockets of the ISOBAG®. By customer request, the ISOCUBE still has 2 side mesh pockets that can accommodate all of your essentials. Now you have a smaller sized meal prep bag that looks like the traditional lunch box.

    Don't let this compact lunch cooler deceive you. Every ISOCUBE 6 Meal carries between 6 and 8 meals that can be stored in the front-loading or top container compartments. The front storage compartment comfortably holds 6 of our large containers (28 oz. or 38 oz.) or 8 of our smaller containers (16 oz. or 12 oz.).

    ISOCUBE lunch box breakdown


    What Comes with the ISOCUBE 6 Meal

  • ISOBRICKS™, Three 12 oz.
  • Two - 12 oz. Meal Prep Container
  • Six - 16 oz. Meal Prep Containers
  • Two - 28 oz. Meal Prep Containers
  • Two - 38 oz. Meal Prep Containers

    Did you know: All of the meal prep bags in the ISO family are the only lunch coolers made in the United States of America. All other bags are sourced overseas.

    Why choose the ISOCUBE 6 Meal bag for meal prep?

    The ISOCUBE 6 Meal offers a compact design smaller than our ISOBAG®. The ISOCUBE’s convenient, compact size allows for easy transport and storage. The compact cooler carries up to 6 meals that can be stored in the front loading or top container compartments. Whether you’re planning a healthy lunch for work, post workout snacks after the gym, or food for your kid’s soccer games, The ISOCUBE is perfect for your everyday meal prepping needs! We are committed to creating Eco-friendly, durable products, which is why our ISOCUBE is designed to withstand regular use and our meal containers are made with BPA-free materials. Each food container can be stacked, is microwavable, dishwasher, and freezer safe. The ISOCUBE offers many of the same features as the ISOBAG®, including a comfortable and convenient shoulder strap, and two side mesh pockets for storage of water bottles, protein shakers, a wallet, cell phone, keys, etc. This compact, convenient bag is great for transporting healthy food and snacks between work, school, and the gym.

    A Size and Style for EVERYONE!
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    Additional Information

    Meal Capacity 6-8 Meals

    Customer Reviews

    Great Meal Bag Review by AGII
    Overall Rating
    I work 24 hour shifts as a paramedic and this bag has been perfect for keeping my meals fresh on shift. Holds a lot of food and is a lot less bulky than some of my coworkers 6pack bags. (Posted on 7/4/2016)
    Perfect size for all-day meal planning Review by Vicki
    Overall Rating
    This bag holds 6 meals and is awesome when I am gone from home all day. The containers and ice packs are perfect! Love the zippered top to hold utensils and napkins. Iso is well-designed so that the containers and ice packs fit perfectly. (Posted on 6/30/2016)
    Best meal prep bag! Review by Annie
    Overall Rating
    I love this bag! I can carry all my meals for the day in it & they stay cold all day. The side pockets are perfect for my shaker & water bottle. Helps me stay on track & take my meals everywhere I go! (Posted on 6/9/2016)
    Excellent made in the USA product Review by Blackmoves
    Overall Rating
    I love this bag! It helps me stay on track with my meals and I look stylist carrying it to work. I love the space and the ability to remove the divider for longer containers. My son likes it so that he wants one for school next school year. (Posted on 4/11/2016)
    Great for on the go. Review by jest
    Overall Rating
    This is the perfect lunchbox for someone who is always on the go. The containers fit perfectly into the bag and allow for the space within and outside of the bag to be utilized to the fullest. It's great not having to worry about putting my meals into a fridge when it's all in my bag. Great investment if you're looking to get serious about meal prepping and staying on a strict diet. (Posted on 4/7/2016)
    Great product Review by Deesle127
    Overall Rating
    I bought this for my husband to use at work. It's very durable, great quality and the containers that are included are made of a thicker plastic so it doesn't feel flimsy. The cooler keeps his meals cold as long as he uses the ice packs. The only complaint is the plastic border around the ice packs makes it hard to insert the packs into their designated spots. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs to pack multiple meals and wants to keep their items fresh for extended periods of time. (Posted on 3/4/2016)
    Awesome Product! Review by Ryan M
    Overall Rating
    Was looking for a small 6 meal prep bag.
    Was definitely excited about finding Isolator's ISOCUBE.
    Has everything I need for storing my daily meals at my desk. The ISOBRICKS keep everything cold all day (even if I forget to close the bag while eating a meal).
    Awesome product, would definitely buy again, and I can't wait to need more products!
    -Ryan M (Posted on 11/11/2015)
    Excellent compact 6 meal lunchbox Review by Mel
    Overall Rating
    This helps me eat healthier on my long days. I appreciate the smaller size and yet holds a lot! (Posted on 9/3/2015)

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