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IsoDuffle - Red
Meal Prep Duffle Bag
IsoDuffle - Fuchsia
Meal Prep Duffle Bag
IsoDuffle - Blackout Edition
Meal Prep Duffle Bag


4.9 / 49 review(s)

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Blackout Edition
Booty options
Cuff size
Isolator size

About it

  • 2 mesh side pockets to hold water bottles, wallet, cell phone, etc., 1 side zipper pocket (extendable)
  • Includes: 8 leak resistant meal containers (2) 12oz., (2) 16oz., (2) 28oz., (2) 38oz., 2 ISOBRICKS, and 1 attachable shoulder strap.
  • Front zipper pocket with smaller mesh pockets inside for additional, separate storage.
  • Dimension: 22"x14"x10" (LxWxH)

customer reviews

me and my husband both use one

Review by Bridget Douglas

Rating: 5.0

Mine is fuchsia and his is red. HIS AND HERS

does the job

Review by Kristina Barnett

Rating: 5.0

To and from gym, does what I need it for

good for swim meets

Review by Marie Meyer

Rating: 5.0

Holds all my swim gear and the separate compartment keeps wet stuff from touching dry

Nice Duffel

Review by AdT

Rating: 5.0

All parts of this bag are well designed and executed. I would like it if the bag was a little bigger due to the fact that when you use the meal compartment, almost half of the bag is used up. Other than that small complaint, I love the bag and use it nearly everyday. The bag barely looks used despite the use I get out of it.

its gud

Review by Otto Castellano

Rating: 5.0

is nice bag


Review by 13

Rating: 5.0

Great bag. As a personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder this bag solves the problem of bringing both a gym bag and cooler to work and the gym. Fits quite a bit of food containers and my food stays cold throughout the day; my day starts at 6am and goes to 7pm. It also holds my extra gym clothes, shoes, resistance bands, mini food scale, and much more. Definitely recommend this bag.

Love it!

Review by Abe

Rating: 5.0

I bought it for my husband and he love it!! because can carry all her gym clothes and food at the same time !


Review by JINAI

Rating: 5.0



Review by Ivan Little

Rating: 5.0


Good quality

Review by Otis Neal

Rating: 5.0

Bag seems real durable and the zippers are strong

Me mates think it's silly

Review by Luke Powell

Rating: 5.0

But I love it!

not bad, not great

Review by Ada Fernandez

Rating: 3.0

Just kind of your typical quality duffle bag

Four Stars

Review by Dana Peterson

Rating: 4.0

It works for what I needed


Review by Suzanne Holloway

Rating: 5.0

Luv it

I'm Tough....

Review by RATT

Rating: 5.0

I am a tough cookie when it comes to quality of items, especially training accessories. This Duffle is "insanely unbelievable!!" I first purchased a three meal ISO bag, and had not noticed the duffle. Since I travel a lot I decided to order the duffle bag. The quality is exceptional. The build is fantastic. The pictures do it no justice. The side pocket can hold whatever you need to put in it or more. I've put paper towels, cell phones, small books, keys, forks spoons and knives, and what ever else I want all at the same time. Even on work days when I go to the office... I take this bag now instead of my computer bag because it holds my food, computer, iPad and paperwork; "PLUS" my training gear for after work. This bag is ridiculous! I only wish it had pockets for the Cold Packs. The Cold Packs have slots in the smaller ISO bag but they did not create the duffle the same way. But still and all it keeps your food just right. Great deal!


Review by Nicole Miller

Rating: 5.0


all stars

Review by Annie Wade

Rating: 5.0

space jam


Review by Jesus

Rating: 4.0

Bueno compre este bulto para el gymnasio , no para comidas . El bulto esta bien construido bastande resistente. El area donde van las comidas las uso para poner mis tenis bastande espacio soy size 12 US.Los zipper creo que seria bueno actualizarlos para mas grandes , pero algo buenos que tiene es que tiene garantia de por vida en el zipper. Negativo es que tienes que pagar por envio para la fabrica , seria buena idea que se expandan con tiendas que uno pueda llevar el bulto en caso que se rompa. Pero es un excelente bulto y bien bonito . Creo que los logos serian mejor bordados , no impresos como vienen.Pongo mis dos Protein shake al lado del bulto bien estables no se caen. Una cosa que cambiaria tambien es el strap del hombro los clips no son giratorios y la parte que va en el hombro le pondria la marca bordada IISOBAG.
Pero sobre todo lo recomiendo .
A otra cosa ,le envie varias preguntas a customer service y contestaron super rapido . Son bien responsables AAA+++++ :-)


Review by MCHayashi

Rating: 5.0

I use this to carry animal weapons! For BEAST MODE workouts! Thank you!


Review by Laurie

Rating: 5.0

This bag is lightweight, yet durable... it is roomy enough for everything... the meal compartment can be tucked away when not in use... best gym bag ever... : )

Carries my baseball gear

Review by Mark Abbott

Rating: 5.0

Use it carry all my stuff to games, dirt is hard to get off but no biggy

used as a suitcase

Review by Wendell Manning

Rating: 5.0

went on a 3 day work trip, everything needed fit inside of this bag

nothing bad to say

Review by Carol Johnston

Rating: 5.0


Five Stars

Review by Jimmie Fields

Rating: 5.0

Five stars


Review by TheProteinPrincess

Rating: 5.0

Absolutely love this duffle bag! I bought it for my husband who is a firefighter/paramedic and works 48hr shifts. So it's perfect for him to pack food and all his stuff!

Durable Bag

Review by Manda

Rating: 5.0

Bought this for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift and he LOVES it! He is always on the go and used to bring a duffle bag and cooler to work, but now it all fits in ONE BAG!! This bag is very sturdy and durable!

After purchasing this bag for him I was jealous and bought myself a backpack! Can't wait for it ti come in! Highly recommend this bag!

great product

Review by barryb

Rating: 5.0

this is a well built bag, roomy enough for all your gear and food ( i like to have 2 separate bags so i don't carry all my food in the gym) but does have a separate removable food bag inside...quality product, Ive had the isolaterlunchbagaswellforayear,

happy customer

Review by Kathryn Phillips

Rating: 5.0

would buy again, except it a strong bag so I probably wont need to lol

Great bag

Review by Kodeblu51

Rating: 5.0

Moving up from the regular 6 meal, the new isoduffel is even better insulated and has room for all my supplements eliminating the need for a second bag.

So many uses

Review by Julius Stevenson

Rating: 5.0

I use it as an every day bag

carries both my kids soccer gear

Review by Ann Erickson

Rating: 5.0

Can fit all 3 kids soccer gear in one bag. Easy

Nice size

Review by Elaine Stanley

Rating: 5.0

I like the size, I think it's perfect

Gym necessity

Review by Sylvester Salazar

Rating: 5.0

ALWAYS bring it with me

More than enough room

Review by Carol Morales

Rating: 5.0

It's bigger than you would expect

Bring it to the gym

Review by Melanie Byrd

Rating: 5.0

Works perfectly for my routine

Holds everything plus

Review by Janice Porter

Rating: 5.0

You could live through this thing....even in it


Review by BOMBS

Rating: 5.0

This bag is ridiculous! First off, it is bigger than it looks in the picutre (but not overly or obnoxiously big). Second, it stays cold just like the 1,3, or 6 meal bags and the insulated part comes out, and it can be used just for a duffle bag if needed. Tons of room for storage and quality you can truly see and feel! Awesome product!

A bit big

Review by Iris Hunter

Rating: 4.0

Kinda big compared to other duffle bags. Took a little getting used to

Wish there was more colors

Review by Olivia Gibson

Rating: 4.0

I would have loved a blue one but I can settle for blue

4 starz

Review by Tom Baker

Rating: 5.0


used it as carry-on

Review by Helen Ruiz

Rating: 5.0

Was a little worried it might be too big but they let me take it on

Bit large

Review by Clinton Sims

Rating: 4.0

Bigger than my old duffle, not what I was expecting


Review by Christy Mccormick

Rating: 5.0

Love it

great for gym

Review by Geneva Fitzgerald

Rating: 5.0

Thumbs up!

It's okay

Review by Albert Smith

Rating: 4.0

not mind blowing but does the job

Holds all my gym stuff

Review by Luther Wallace

Rating: 5.0

Everything I need and more. Love that you can fold in the meal compartment if not needed


Review by Lonnie Jennings

Rating: 5.0

quality bag

multi use

Review by Sonya Barker

Rating: 5.0

Can be used for just about any carrying need

Five Stars

Review by Miranda Terry

Rating: 5.0

Solid gym bag

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The ISODUFFLE - the ultimate gym bag with a modular meal management compartment

Today's serious athlete understands that training is a 24/7/365 obligation. one unhealthy meal can offset the gains of an entire week. Additionally, a day of missed physical training can throw an entire exercise regimen off-track.

The reason the world records are dropping on many amateur time- or weight-based sports is because athletes have learned that proper nutrition is just as, if not more, important than physical training. The ISODUFFLE was designed from the ground-up to be a staple of every serious athlete. It's a modular meal management duffle that will be the best gym bag you will ever own. Never miss a day in the gym - never miss a healthy meal with the ISODUFFLE.

  • 2 mesh side pockets to hold water bottles, wallet, cell phone, etc., 1 side zipper pocket (extendable)
  • Includes: 8 leak resistant meal containers (2) 12oz., (2) 16oz., (2) 28oz., (2) 38oz., 2 ISOBRICKS, and 1 attachable shoulder strap.
  • Front zipper pocket with smaller mesh pockets inside for additional, separate storage.
  • Comfortable shoulder strap to carry your fitness meal cooler effortlessly.
  • Durable and long-lasting YKK zippers to withstand regular use.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Dimension: 22"x14"x10" (LxWxH)

When we designed the ISODUFFLE, we responded to our customer's requests of:

  • A durable fitness gym bag for men and women that can hold clothing and accessories
  • A modular meal management compartment that can be removed when not needed
  • A duffle bag that can stand up to everyday use - and also handle the rigors of being a carry-on bag for flights
  • A gym bag that can also function as a tote and crossbody bag as needed
  • A sports duffle that is not ridiculously large - both in price tag and size.
  • Keep it lightweight

What resulted was another quality gym bag from Isolator Fitness, the ISODUFFLE. As with all Isolator bags, the ISODUFFLE is made in the USA. It is big enough to handle all your fitness tote needs, while still having room for a 6 meal management compartment. The ISODUFFLE represents the modern athlete's duffle bag - room for meal management as well as clothing and accessories.

Did you know: Over 50% of all of the NFL Teams have an official nutrition policy. This is up from 1 team just 3 years ago. Nutrition is the most important element of athletic recovery. Smarter trainers and head coaches are helping foster this "total athlete" concept, gaining every edge on their competitors.

The duffle includes 8 containers (Two-12 oz., Two-16 oz., Two-28 oz., Two-38 oz.) and Two-7 oz. ISOBRICKS.

As with all our meal prep bags, the ISODUFFLE is filled with innovative storage compartments.

Because of the modular meal compartment, the ISODUFFLE can also function effectively as a: