Isolator Proforce - Size C (11" Unflexed Bicep)

Isolator Proforce - Size C (11" Unflexed Bicep)




Get the workout of your life with the Isolator—a revolutionary workout device that takes your secondary muscle groups out of the equation, letting you isolate your chest, shoulder, and back muscles. With total isolation of these core muscles, you’ll get ripped with half the weight in the same amount of time.

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The Isolator is the fitness tool that put our company on the map. In fact, it’s why we’re called Isolator Fitness.

With the Isolator, professional bodybuilders, athletes, rehabilitation patients, and amputees can enjoy the same workout—and results. We stand behind the product and its results as much as we do the name.

This unique device helps fitness enthusiasts grow and isolate specific muscles. By lifting only half the weight you would normally use, you build muscle in record time. And the best part: less weight means less stress on your joints. No matter your physical condition, the Isolator takes grip and wrists out of the equation for a flawless workout that targets only the muscles you want to work on. You can safely work your biceps and triceps without unnecessary strain—letting you work out longer.

The Isolator gives fitness enthusiasts, trainers, and bodybuilders everything they need to isolate and build their muscles: the Isolator left and right sides, dumbbell holders, carabineers, adjusting straps, fleece cuffs, and a drawstring bag to keep everything organized.

When determining the size for your Isolator, measure the circumference of your unflexed bicep, in the crease where the deltoid meets the bicep. If you measure at a half size, round down. We have enough sizes to cover users between 9 inches and 21.5 inches in circumference, or 22.9 and 54.5 centimeters.

ISOLATOR Features:

• Includes the left and right side Isolator, two dumbbell holders, four carabineers, two 30 in. adjusting straps, two fleece cuffs, the Isolator manual, and a drawstring bag.
• Revolutionary fitness strap design to help you get fit by lifting only half the weight—for the same result.
• Available in multiple sizes to accommodate any user.
• Constructed in the USA for quality you can depend on.

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