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ISOPACK 6 Meal Backpack

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Isopack - Black/Red & White Logo
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Meal Prep Backpack Blue
Isopack - Charcoal Grey
Meal Prep Backpack Charcoal Grey
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Meal Prep Backpack Fuchsia
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Meal Prep Backpack Yellow
Isopack - Neon Green
Meal Prep Backpack Neon Green
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Meal Prep Backpack Tangerine
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Meal Prep Backpack Mossy Oak Infinity
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Meal Prep Backpack Mossy Oak Winter
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Meal Prep Backpack Desert
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Meal Prep Backpack Navy
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isopack meal management backpack

ISOPACK 6 Meal Backpack

4.7 / 48 review(s)

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Blackout Edition
Charcoal Grey
Light Blue
Light Grey
Military Air Force
Military Desert
Military Navy
Military Navy Seal
Military Woodland
Mossy Oak Blades
Mossy Oak Infinity
Mossy Oak Pink
Mossy Oak Winter
Navy Blue
Neon Green
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About it

The ISOPACK delivers all of the traditional functionality our customers have come to expect from their ISOBAG™, only bigger! The ISOPACK offers ample storage potential with its dual-side food container storage, top storage compartment, up to 15 inch laptop storage, and collection of organizational pockets.

customer reviews

Use for school, perfect

Review by Marcella

Rating: 5.0

Take it from class to class, holds everything I need including food

Worth the money

Review by Ari Palmas

Rating: 5.0

Its a very well made bag I can take it to school and to the gym and even better put my food there all my meal preps and it keeps them cold it has two side pockets for your waters or protein shakes also it has food containers and they can get put away very easy and best part they are reusable all I can say is this was worth what I paid for thanks Amazon

A Bag for Life!

Review by Carm

Rating: 5.0

I was introduced to the Isolator backpack at work from a fellow coworker and fitness enthusiast. After him showing me all the bells and whistles of the bag, sharing how it made his life easier, and met military standards I bought the bag that day. It's been 3 months since receiving the bag and I do not leave home without it! I'm traveling to a fitness competition with it right now! Order this bag and you will not regret it!

Five Stars

Review by Hussin

Rating: 5.0


Repeat customer

Review by Hansen

Rating: 5.0

I will definitely be buying from them again


Review by Levi Chandler

Rating: 5.0

Had an issue with the zipper and they fixed it right away!

It really good! Good quality

Review by Amazon Customer

Rating: 4.0

It really good! Good quality. Its a littel big to carry if you are a small girl like me. But it sits good on your back!

Fabulous Product

Review by JDBrown

Rating: 4.0

This is a wonderful bag. Great for flying and heading out for the day. I love the ice bricks, no liquids mean no issues with security at the airport.

Keeps Cold

Review by Hannah Shaw

Rating: 5.0

Keeps food cold longer than any other bag ive had

Like No Other

Review by Julie

Rating: 5.0

Isolator Fitness back pack is like no other. I am truly blown away by the quality and comfort it provides. I originally focused my search for a cooler attached to a backpack so i did not have to lug a lunchbox, purse and work bag, meanwhile hoping for the best. Then I found Isolator Fitness!!! The containers that come with it are awesome. I meal prep every week and use these as my go to. The ice pack keeps my meals cold all day long. I can easily travel the several blocks to work with 3, 2 inch binders in my back pack, plus my tea and water. The pack is nice and comfortable. This is the first back pack that I feel fits me like a glove. I'm 5ft 4 inches and 142 pounds. ..and oh 47 years young! Worth every penney. You won't be disappointed. ..oh and to be able to pick a fun color? BONUS!! :-) Buy one (or two for a gift)!


Review by Darrin Ball

Rating: 5.0

Git er' done

Did not bring disgrace to my family

Review by Kent Soto

Rating: 5.0

My father saw and didn't ask why I Buy.

Cool bag. Still to small.

Review by Seekwallity

Rating: 4.0

The bag is very good quality and works exactly as described. It keeps my meals cold even in the 100+ degree Arizona heat. My only complaint is that I thought it would be bigger.

Four Stars

Review by Jeanette Day

Rating: 4.0

Four Stars

Says a lot

Review by Ada Chapman

Rating: 5.0

USA made, great quality, fair price.

Great for hiking

Review by Ana Reynolds

Rating: 5.0

I can keep my dirty clothes completely separate from my meals, great idea!

Amazing combo

Review by COCO

Rating: 5.0

Love that I can literally fit everything I need on a daily basis in this bag. I have gone from carrying my purse, a tote and my iso bag, to just my backpack. With this, I don't feel like I am constantly fighting with all of my bags!


Review by Kendra Rhodes

Rating: 5.0

I use it anywhere. Goes anywhere just like a regular backpack


Review by Matthew P.

Rating: 5.0

I got this bag as a birthday present and I am a personal trainer and a body builder and having the ability to have my food stay cold and have everything else i need all in one bag is amazing! I love that it's the black out because it just looks like an ordinary back pack. Great product.

Tons of Storage

Review by Chris

Rating: 5.0

Compared to other competitors, this bag provides much more food storage. The containers shipped with the bag can hold more food than most other bags. I have had no problems so far. My meals stay cold all day. The storage for other personal items is also much larger than other bags. Since the food is stored on the bottom you have much more space to hold clothes, shoes, books etc. in the main compartment. I have had the bag for about 3 months and so far it has been a great investment.

Best backpack ever

Review by Mr.President

Rating: 5.0

This is by far the best meal prep backpack money can buy! I am very pleased! I would carry multiple items with me to work everyday. I would carry a regular backpack for items I needed at work. I would also carry my work jacket and a large cooler for all of my meals for the day. Now I only carry my IsoPack everyday. It has room for my laptop, books, and I am also able to snap and attach my work jacket to the side of backpack using the straps. I am also a huge Kai fan so to have his logo on the front is a big daily motivator.

Best backpack I have ever owned

Review by Coloradan1

Rating: 5.0

Has plenty of room, pockets, and amazing insulation. Using the provided ice packs, my food is still cool after up to NINE hours, and after 14 or more I pull the ice packs out and they're still cold to the touch. I'm in college so everything I need from the moment I leave in the morning to when I get home including meal prep, books, laptop, notebooks, pencils, etcetera goes in here. Definitely worth the price.

It does everything and more

Review by E Russell

Rating: 3.0

Backpack, lunch box........Isopack! Im in love with my isopack!!!!

Great bag

Review by Ck

Rating: 4.0

Bought this bag at the beginning of my contest prep iv been using it for about 2 months now and it is awesome. You can fit meals in it keep them cool and even when it's Cramed full of meals the bag it's self doesn't look extra bulky or anything like some other bands do. Good product definitely suggest it to anyone carrying a cooler around.

Great pack

Review by WickedWitcher

Rating: 4.0

Overall, excellent product. Very versatile, and can be used in various situations (work, school, gym) and holds all of your food, protein, water, and than some. My only complaint is that the pack is extremely huge. Too big for someone of my stature (5'2, 130). It makes me look like a turtle lol. But its structure and craftsmanship are fantastic! I replaced the pack due to IsoFitness' well made products and plan to sell the bag strictly due to the size. Will continue to shop with IsoFitness.

It's a decent bag

Review by Laurence Williams

Rating: 5.0

It does what I need it to do

Overall great

Review by Kris

Rating: 4.0

Great storage space my bf loves it and uses it everyday for work and packs his lunch and stays good all day. I have to get myself one!

Wonderful amount of space

Review by Karmi

Rating: 4.0

Love the bag concept. The cooler could be a tad bigger as I am sharing this with my husband during airline travel. We packed 6 meals total, but they had to be small.
The zipper came apart on the laptop pocket, but the company is working with me to fix the issue. Hopefully the issue will be resolved.

Durable Bag

Review by Yolanda Santiago

Rating: 5.0

Im a contractor and I bring it with to every job

Wish I could get 2

Review by Sophie Torres

Rating: 5.0

Would love to have as a regular accessory around campus but I'm a broke college student lol :(


Review by Megan

Rating: 5.0

Great for lots of traveling or just day to day use.

It's ok

Review by Deanna Barker

Rating: 5.0

It's just like a normal backpack with room taken up by a lunchbox.

great bag

Review by flhelt

Rating: 5.0

This is a great back pack it's well made and there is plenty of storage space for all my stuff and plenty of room for my meals! My one and only complaint is that the ice packs only go on top I wish they had an ice pack pocket on the bottom too. My food on top is always kept super cold but as you get to the stuff on the bottom it's warm. That is literally my only complaint about this bag though, it's a great bag otherwise!

Quality bag

Review by Maryann Sanders

Rating: 5.0

Holds together quite well, have been using it for almost a year and it still holds up.

Kinda modular if youre creative

Review by Gwen Casey

Rating: 5.0

I can hang my skateboard off the side of it by rigging the straps and using the mesh pocket to pin the wheel.


Review by Peter Green

Rating: 4.0

It's ok but the mesh pockets are badly placed.


Review by Monique Brady

Rating: 5.0

Love this backpack, makes travel much easier


Review by Bret

Rating: 4.0

It's a little bit big but it holds all my food for the day and I use it every day. Nice and sturdy, very good quality.

Best all around bag to have

Review by Shad

Rating: 5.0

This bag is great! I can pack my clothes in it right along with my meals. Keeps the food cold all day.


Review by Garry Wade

Rating: 5.0


Nice design

Review by Caroline Coleman

Rating: 5.0

I really like the look and feel. Not overly obnoxious with a bunch of accessories ill never use hanging off of it


Review by Worth the money

Rating: 5.0

Its a very well made bag I can take it to school and to the gym and even better put my food there all my meal preps and it keeps them cold it has two side pockets for your waters or protein shakes also it has food containers and they can get put away very easy and best part they are reusable all I can say is this was worth what I paid for thanks

10/10 would recommend

Review by Chelsea

Rating: 5.0

GREAT bag! I put my gallon jug in there along with everything else that I need for my workouts, plus my lunch for the day goes in the bottom holder. The bag keeps my food cold 8+ hours and the Tupper wear that comes with the bag is great! I'm really happy with my purchase, and knowing that it is made in the US makes it even better. The bag is heavy duty which is nice. And it has so many compartments! Very very pleased.

Great concept, good execution. Just needs a couple of tweaks to be perfect.

Review by David Ballard

Rating: 3.0

Keeps the food cold for hours like it says it does. I can load it up at 10am, and the food will still be cold at 9pm for my last meal. Plus I can put my workout clothes and shoes in the main pocket and 2-3 textbooks in the laptop compartment depending on the size of the book. And for those that may ask there is a zipper encloser for the laptop compartment. I do like the lower zippers being on both sides of the pack because then you have access to all the containers, and don't have to take out the used ones to get to the full ones, or move them around as they're used.

The first issue I have is the mesh cup holders can get in the way of the cooler zippers if there is a shaker or water bottle in them. There is also no form strength to the lunch box area. So the containers are the only thing that will keep the area from collapsing.

Also, and this is my biggest gripe with the bag is the shoulder strap adjustment straps. I tend to keep on shoulder strap adjusted to the way I want it for when it's on my back, and the other one I loosen/tighten when putting the backpack on. The problem I have is that sometimes the strap can end up in the buckle and is a pain to dig out. And this is causing the stitching at the end of the strap to come undone, so it's only a matter of time before the strap comes completely undone. I wish the ends of the adjustment straps were like those on my North Face Surge pack where there is a loop for me to grab at the end of the strap. It's only about 2 inches more of material and would make this backpack a lot better in that regard.

10/10 would recommend

Review by Chelsea

Rating: 5.0

GREAT bag! I put my gallon jug in there along with everything else that I need for my workouts, plus my lunch for the day goes in the bottom holder. The bag keeps my food cold 8+ hours and the Tupper wear that comes with the bag is great! I'm really happy with my purchase, and knowing that it is made in the US makes it even better. The bag is heavy duty which is nice. And it has so many compartments! Very very pleased.

its nearly perfect..

Review by david m patterson

Rating: 3.0

made in the usa.. so its a worthy buy.. its nearly perfect... only cons is the mesh cup holders are so low they get in the way of the lower zipper.. and the lunch box area has no form strength..your food containers are the only thing keeping it from collapsing.. i hope the makers soon offer a smaller version.. i use this for my work and dont need one this big.. but yes.. this is the best combo cooler backpack i have ever seen.. coworkers are jellos.

Great Excellent build quality

Review by Jim

Rating: 5.0

I'm starting college and I knew I'd want to start taking my meals with me for after my workouts and just for being on campus, the Isopack took care of both of those needs. It can hold everything I need for school and I can easily fit 4 meals into the bottom compartment. My only complaint is that my laptop barely fits into the holder (and it isn't a huge laptop). Other than that, this is a great product.

Peggy like

Review by Peggy Cunningham

Rating: 5.0

Love my bagg

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Introducing the Finest Meal Prep Backpack - The ISOPACK 6 Meal Backpack

Contents of ISOBAG 3 Meal

The ISOPACK contains a zippered laptop pocket, a meal cooler system in the bottom built to hold up to 4 of our largest containers, and a full-sized backpack compartment. This meal management backpack is perfect for holding your fitness and hiking equipment, as well as anything else you could possibly need while you’re on the trail or at the gym.

The ISOPACK holds up to four BPA-free, leak-resistant meal prep containers that store in an insulated alcove. A hidden front zipper pocket accommodates two ISOBRICKS to maintain an ideal temperature without taking up precious space. These ISOBRICKS will keep your food cold for 12-16 hours.

Designed for longer trips and those with a busy schedule, the ISOPACK delivers a meal management system far superior to any other meal cooler bag. With ample space, you can easily store your gym clothes and laptop, along with your daily meals. Your days of carrying three bags around are over!

Why carry 3 different bags with you for work, the gym, and your meals--when you can have the best of all worlds with the ISOPACK 6 Meal Backpack? The ISOPACK is the ideal soft cooler gym bag that is spacious and extremely comfortable to carry that is optimized for organization. The ISOPACK backpack provides room for all of your daily essentials- including a laptop compartment.. This is a 3-in-1 backpack for your meals, spare clothes, and laptop or tablet.

Meal Management ISOPACK Features

The ISOPACK features an insulated meal compartment that can hold 4 of our largest 38 oz. containers, or 6 16 oz. meal prep containers. We use double the insulation, to provide the best chilling environment for your food. You can access your food from either side of the ISOPACK.

Need safe laptop storage? The ISOPACK features a padded laptop compartment that can hold up to a 15" laptop. Secured by top quality YKK Zippers, you can rest assured that your laptop will stay safe in its compartment.

The main storage compartment on the ISOPACK is quite large. It has enough room for books, files and/or a change of clothes. Because it was designed from the ground-up to be a backpack - you'll have all the room you'll need for your belongings.

ISOPACK the ONLY USA Made Meal Management Pack

The organization pocket features 9 separate organization pockets and patches including a self-contained zipped mesh pocket. Keep your tiny belongings organized in the ISOPACK organization pocket.

The ISOPACK accessory pocket is perfect for electronics, keys or anything you access frequently. It features a separate webbed pocket to protect electronics from excessively moving around in the pocket.

The side mesh pockets are great for drinks or shaker bottles. They share the same seam as the main compartment, so they are very securely affixed to the bag.

Contents of ISOBAG 3 Meal
  • Holds 4-6 well portioned meals
  • Includes 8 meal storage containers: two 12 oz., two 16 oz., two 28 oz., & two 38 oz.
  • Includes two ISOBRICKS to keep your food cold for up to 12-16 hours.
  • Includes a hidden insulated front pocket to store your ISOBRICKS to conserve space.
  • Main backpack storage area to accommodate clothes, books, and other essentials.
  • Additional pockets to provide added value, including room for your laptop.
Contents of ISOBAG 3 Meal
  • Comfortable shoulder straps to carry your fitness meal cooler effortlessly.
  • Durable and long-lasting YKK zippers to withstand regular use.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Dimensions: 14 in. x 10 in. x 21 in.
  • Interior Cooler Dimensions: 12 in. x 8 in. x 6 in. - Weight: 5  lbs.
  • Fully insulated meal management system made in the USA.


Contents of ISOBAG 3 Meal
Contents of ISOBAG 3 Meal

Design your ISOBAG online

Testing Half Div

Contents of ISOBAG 3 Meal

Trail Ready: The ISOPACK is an Excellent Hiking Backpack

Iso Back Pack is great hiking and outdoor adventures

The ISOPACK is also perfect if you love to spend time outdoors. It has been built to withstand regular use and the weathering of an active lifestyle. This gym backpack with food storage is ideal for use on hikes or hunting and camping trips. The ISOPACK lets you store your healthy snacks and foods in an organized fashion with our stackable food containers. In the backpack compartment, there’s enough room to fit anything from extra clothes to school books or anything you might need to traverse the trails at your favorite park!

Used & Ideal For

ISOPACK 6 Meal Backpack is ideal for All!

Used By

  • Fitness, health conscience dieters
  • Athletes
  • Gym-goers pre/post workout meals
  • Bodybuilders
  • Hunters
  • Hikers

Ideal For:

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Carrying of workout gear + food requirements.
  • Day trips
  • Excellent hiking backpack - Side straps make it modular