Meal prep is for the health- and weight-conscious, and those committed to their fitness goals. We created our meal management bags to accommodate your busy schedule. ISOBAG™ meal coolers, ISOPACK backpacks, and ISODUFFLES allow you to easily organize your meals and manage your health, weight, and fitness goals. All bags are handmade in the USA


Our assortment of organizational bags makes planning your meals effortless.

ISOBAG™ meal coolers come in a 3-meal and 6-meal version, ideal for a full workday or a day/weekend trip. We’ve designed various sizes of the ISOBAGTM, along with our other bags in the ISO line, to accommodate all of our customers—from a family of four to general outdoors lovers and fitness enthusiasts. The ISOBAG™ features insulated storage compartments and a convenient front-loading system. Each of our meal management bags includes insulated compartments in addition to specially designed pockets to hold Ice Bricks that maintain an ideal temperature for 12 to 16 hours.

The ISOMINI™ is a smaller version of our ISOBAG™. The ISOMINI™ is great for those 1-2 meal days, great as a kids lunch box, or taking a quick trip to the store!

Isolator Fitness offers meal management bags in a variety of colors and patterns.

Our selection of styles offers something for everyone, including service men and women, the outdoors enthusiast, or the busy professional on the go from work to the gym. The range of available color combinations and patterns speak to a variety of users, making our ISO line of meal management bags versatile and stylish. Do you enjoy the occasional hunting trip or camp out? Try the Mossy Oak Edition!  Are you a service man or woman, or do you simply have an appreciation for the military? Pick up a Military Edition ISOBAGTM for yourself.


Isolator Fitness offers a line of accessories to enhance your meal management options, letting you customize your storage to suit your specific needs. The variety of Isolator Fitness accessories lets you enhance your ISOBAGTM to accommodate your active lifestyle needs.


The ISOBAG™ Harness conveniently clips to your 3- or 6-meal ISOBAGTM, transforming it into a wearable pack that is comfortable to carry. It’s ideal if you lead an active life or plan to tote it around for extended periods of time.


The ISOBAG™ Sidekick lends new storage potential to your 3- or 6-meal ISOBAGTM meal cooler by providing a secondary compartment, ideal for a spare change of clothes, a towel, shoes, or anything else you might need on your busy day out and at the gym.


Our Food Containers come in additional sizes to mix up your meal plans. And now you can store your home leftovers in our BPA-free food containers that are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.


The Isobricks keep your stored food chilled for 12 to 16 hours. When used with your meal management system, they fit into specially designed pockets to maximize available storage space.