Personalize Your Meal Prep: A World Exclusive!

Design your meal prep bag online using MYISO, Isolator Fitness's online meal prep bag designer. Customize almost every element of your meal prep bag including panel colors, images and embroidery.

All MYISO Custom Meal Prep Bags:

  • Are 100% hand-made in Reading, PA
  • Come with the same containers, bricks and utensils that ordinary ISOBAGS come with
  • Come with a lifetime warranty on all stitching and zippers
  • Ship in 1-3 weeks maximum
  • Will set you apart from the crowd!

Custom ISOBAG Sale

Choose your bag style below and design your one of a kind meal prep bag

Custom 3 Meal Isobag

Custom 6 Meal Isobag

Custom 1-2 Meal Isomini

Custom 3 Meal Lunch Cooler

Custom Backpack

Custom 6 Meal Lunch Cooler

All sales are final! So make sure you are happy with your design