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Isolator Fitness has now made reaching your fitness goals easier by creating The Gallon/Jug Combo.

The COMBO is designed to fit one ice brick keeping your water cold for up to 12 hours, a sleek comfortable shoulder strap, and a padded mesh side pocket for your phone or a small wallet.

 The Jug also features one full side zipper enclosure ensuring your beverage stays at a cool drinking temperature and secures your gallon size container during use and travel.

ISOGALLON holds up to a gallon of liquid in a reusable BPA-FREE plastic which allows you to quench your thirst knowing that you are free of chemicals.

ISOGALLON has a built in handle which allows you to carry with ease and is more durable than a regular milk jug. ISOGALLON also has a screw cap that securely fastens to ISOGALLON. 

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